Going Places -Jose Vanders Interview

"Faces Going Places" By Jose Vanders Londoners are famous for having a good old knees up around the “old Joanna” (piano) with their “china plates” (mates). In fact if you were to believe the portrayal of Londoners as painted by “comedic” screenwriter Richard Curtis you’d probably expect to walk into a London pub and be... Continue Reading →

Red White And Blue Peter ..And What Will Be Left Of Them

“Come With Me ” By And What Will Be Left Of Them The Band : And What Will Be Left Of Them The Line Up : Red White -Vocals, Blue Peter -Vocals /Guitar, Chris Wemyss-Drums, Matt Pooler- Keyboards, Joe Beech-Bass If you say the word “Worcester” people will immediately shout back “Sauce”, thats a fact.... Continue Reading →

“Hidden Depps” ..Pete And The Pirates Interview

"Mr Understanding" By Pete And The Pirates Well, well, well, Radio 1's head of music -George Ergatoudis has rather belatedly declared he wishes “to f***ng stop “pop” being a “dirty mutha f***ing word". Hmmmm?.. not the most original statement is it? What's that you hear? Ah yes it's another bandwagon Radio 1 are belatedly attempting... Continue Reading →

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