New Logo By Mister Lion


We have a fantastic new logo for the VPME, designed by illustrator and all round genius Mark Standbrook (aka Mister Lion), a man who made Mr Von Pips drunken vision a reality and which you can see in all it’s glory at  our new web page and portal to the VPME here

For those who are a little short sighted there’s a hi-res version below see how many guests in the carriages you can identify. For more of Mister Lions wonderful work just direct your mouse here

Hi Res version click thumbnail 



  1. Jezza · August 31, 2008

    very very cool, ok so ive got Jarvis, Mozza,Joe Strummer? Joey Ramone Debbie Harry erm Miki Berenyi so who are the rest

  2. Fran · August 31, 2008

    I asked for the full list of the people portrayed, and I felt bad after failing to spot two of my all-time favourite musicians. Shame on me, I blamed it on the hi res version. :-[

    Von Pip, apparently your eyes are very… blue.

  3. vonpip · September 5, 2008

    Blue in a Hollywood Christ-like way, I’ve been told

  4. Rev Cakes · September 13, 2008

    A most life-like `tache on von Pip

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