We Could Be Heroes – Those Dancing Days Interview

"Hitten" By Those Dancing Days "Action Man" By Those Dancing Days I was first alerted to Swedish pop sensations Those Dancing Days some 20 months ago by the gentlemen who run Tack! Tack! Tack!, a club night, specialising in Swedish Indie, pop and dance music. From the first moment Those Dancing Days infectious tunes found... Continue Reading →

The Way It Is -Nicole Atkins Interview

"Love Surreal" By Nicole Atkins And The Sea "Together We're Both Alone" By Nicole Atkins And The Sea New York based chanteuse, Nicole Atkins' full length debut"Neptune City" is a luscious, brooding album that challenges your expectations, and takes the listener on a breathtaking musical journey, stopping at some unexpected places en route. Literally, in... Continue Reading →

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder – The Molotovs Interview.

"Hills" by The Molotovs "One Up On Me" By The Molotovs First things first, The Molotovs are not, as the name may allude, a band who deliver a crude, noisy incendiary racket. They are in fact a band who create a sophisticated cocktail full of doomed grandeur, delicious debauchery and “sweaty little tragedies,” residing somewhere... Continue Reading →

Viva Glasvegas-Glasvegas album and gig review

"Lonesome Swan" By Glasvegas Alan McGee has described them as “the greatest Scottish band of the last 20 years,” Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand was recently quoted, reiterating,almost word for word McGee’s sentiments, a case of great minds think alike? Or fools seldom differ?  It's is great debut of that there is no doubt, although... Continue Reading →

Forbidden Fruit – Katie Herzig Interview

Original photography by Caleb Chancey "Hologram" By Katie Herzig "I Will Follow" By Katie Herzig Billy Bragg’s guitar apparently said“sorry," Woody Guthrie had “this machine says kills fascists” emblazoned on the side of his guitar whilst Nigel Blackwell of Half Man Half Biscuit had a another slightly more domestic for his guitar which had “this... Continue Reading →

The Great And The Good -Emmy The Great Interview

"Where Is My Mind?" By Emmy The Great "Easter Parade" By Emmy The Great One musical term that often baffled me was “Anti-folk,” what did it mean? Some sort of misanthropic music performed by heavily tattooed shouty chaps who railed against us normal folk? However upon listening to music labelled “Anti folk” I was pleasantly... Continue Reading →

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