The Jesus And Mary Chain- Nick Sanderson Tribute Night 27/10/2008

"Life's Too Long" By Earl Brutus “It should be great night for a great person” said former Lush and current Mary Chain bassist Phil King. And it was. It was a night to remember and a night for remembering.  When Jim and William Reid heard the sad news that their friend and former Mary Chain... Continue Reading →

One Man Bond-James Bond- Quantum Of Solace Special

Welcome to our VPME James Bond extravaganza, Mark Standbrook (wearing his Omega "Planet Ocean" James Bond watch, whilst sipping Zero Zero 7 coke) investigates the fascination with Bond and its links to pop music by way of the world famous "Bond Themes"................ "He's back. Still bruised and a bit knackered from all that gritty exertion... Continue Reading →

Rage Against the Tantrum-Thomas Tantrum Interview

"Swan Lake" By Thomas Tantrum "Blase" By Thomas Tantrum Thomas Tantrum is not a character in a Horrid Henry novel, which will no doubt come as a relief, I’m sure you don’t fancy sitting through a review of Henry’s gormless adventures alongside his charm free pals, Perfect Peter, Moody Margaret, Brainy Brian and Rude Ralph.... Continue Reading →

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