Von Pip Interviewed Shocker !

Well the tables have been turned on The VPME as those nice people at Record Of The Day (the music industries top weekly in house magazine,) have interviewed Mr Von Pip (as an “influential” blogger no less!)  You can read the interview by clicking the link below. Chuckle, as he is prodded, probed and reveals his deepest and most shocking secrets (or not.)

Click link below

VPME Interview

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  1. Rob Dobbs · November 27, 2008

    awesome man but wtf is up with that picture of Axle Rose on the second page? It scared the eyelashes off my face!

  2. Fran · November 27, 2008


    (aka well done)

    How does it feel to see a photo of Axl Rose next to this interview?

  3. Anna P · November 27, 2008

    An interesting read.

    Well done Mr. Von Pip.

    I once got interviewed by the police, but got off with just a caution.

  4. Natasha · November 28, 2008

    Well done VPME, you care about music and you deserve to highly thought about


  5. Lord Vas · December 5, 2008

    Fame at last! 🙂 Congratulations.

    • vonpip · December 6, 2008

      Yes indeed, whatever next ? Breakfast probably…….

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