2008 has been a strange year, and one I’ll generally be glad to see the back of. I guess in global terms it’ll be defined as the year of Obama and the year those gung-ho laissez-faire capitalists decided that actually state intervention is actually a jolly good idea after all. They think it only fair that whilst profits are privatised, losses really should be socialised. Suddenly the shrill bleating about the mythical “nanny state” or” letting the market decide" from dullards who subscribe to the Daily Mail’s paranoid right wing hysteria has been inexplicably silenced. 2008 has seen the biggest government intervention and nationalisation in recent economic history, purely for the benefit of the rich and the well connected..... However musically there have been some great moments so without further ado here are The VPME 2008 Awards.........

Merry Christmas

Illustration  Mister Lion Thanks for your support in 2008.  Too many to mention but Mark the tall man, Paul T and Ad, Laura, Ollie, Neal, Chris, Elz, Fran , Nicole, Julia, Simon, Rob Dobbs, Neil at Planting Seeds, Jim And Julie Reid, Saint Rachael, John Moore, Dave (pronounced Siadwell ), Emma, Miki, Emma, Phil, Kerry, ... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Message From Dogwood!

Renowned social commentator,  style guru and the VPME's "Common Sense Tsar," Oliver Gordon Dogwood,  joins us for a seasonal exclusive and airs his views on, amongst other things, the world wide Harry Webb.... Settle might learn something..... Dogwoods Christmas message..... "There’s a time and a place for Cliff Richard apparently – not in my... Continue Reading →

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