Going For Gold- Dan Smith Interview

If pop music's death rattle is ever recorded, I have no doubt it would be packaged and labeled simply "Robbie Williams- "Rudebox" ” or "U2's latest, lamentable offering would surely have induced in Van Gogh, an overwhelming desire to hack his remaining ear off, in an act of mercy to spare his senses from further punishment" or even “This is what it would sound like if Beth Ditto found herself trapped inside a telephone box with a hyperactive kangaroo called Mister Roy ”, would all give the reader an insight into how the reviewer felt. Comparisons are also used to contrast a new artist with something familiar, giving the reader a reference point from the past. eg/ " imagine Debbie Harry in her prime, covered in sugar, wrestling with The Go-Go's in a vat of honey, yes it's that sweet", and I’m certainly not one to buck the trend. So when I tell you that new artist Dan Smith, sounds like the lovechild of Ben Folds and Tori's Amos or that if Reina Spektor had a brother, who went to University in Leeds and maybe briefly dated Kate Nash, then Dan Smith would be that brother, you might get a sense of what Dan Smith is about.

Dogwood Investigates..The Trouble With Prog Rock

Hello Dogwood here Settle Down When I were a young buck, strutting my C&A suit down Preston Precinct sidestepping the suedeheads, bootboys and northern soul patrol, I would sometimes stumble upon another sect. This lot went round in Army surplus great coats, flared jeans and turtle neck sweaters. They would be reading Carlos Castaneda or Tolkien and under their arm would be a selection of long-players bearing bewildering names such as Hatfield and The North, Blodwyn Pig, Barclay James Harvest and Argent.

Eggstra Special-Lizzyspit Interview

“Oi Cowell” have a listen to this, but beware it might confuse you; it contains something that you’re not really that well acquainted with, yes that’s right, REAL talent. Sorry Simon, but there’s nobody murdering “Hallelujah” here, or warbling the “I Will Always Love You” type standards that provide the oxygen of life for your lamentable variety show “The Crap Factor” . This is an alien concept to Simon, a man who lives in a creativity vacuum, but here we have a young lady who plays guitar and writes her own songs. somebody who possesses an exquisite, soulful voice, full of charming innocence, uncontrived quirkiness and youthful yearning. But don’t mistake innocence for naivety, Lizziespit is nobodies fool,

Seinking Ships Featuring Miki Berenyi

When the news surfaced that Lush's Miki Berenyi was guesting on Eric Matthews and Christopher Seinks project, "Seinking Ships", there was much rejoicing in the VPME office. Since Lush split Miki's appearances have been few and far between, partly due to her disillusionment with the record industry ( Miki: "I’m like Les McQueen in The... Continue Reading →

Looney Tubes! Warner Brothers Vs YouTube

Corpy Pig By Mister Lion Many Youtube users may have noticed that their uploaded videos featuring their favourite bands music have been mysteriously disappearing from the popular on-line video sharing site. It appears that this is due to negotiations between YouTube and Warner Brothers breaking down over the thorny issue of music licensing,copyright infringement and... Continue Reading →

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