Dogwood Investigates ..The Trouble With Girls Aloud

In a new regular column Cheambeat Communications Radio presenter Oliver Dogwood joins us to investigate all that is wrong with pop. This months conundrum is .."the problem with Girls Aloud"....over to you Dogwood.. Hello Dogwood here Settle down, Now, for those of you that know me, you will be aware that my arch nemesis is... Continue Reading →

Album Of The Month- January09 -Howling Bells “Radio Wars”

"Into The Chaos" By Howling Bells All hail the first great album of 2009 ! Howling Bells are back with a follow up to their stunning 2006 debut. Their latest album “Radio Wars” sees the band expanding their sound and moving forwards, yet still managing to retain the key elements that made their first album... Continue Reading →

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