Over The Rainbow- Run Toto Run Interview

Myspace "Plastic Gold" By Run Toto Run As band names go Run Toto Run is a pretty darn good name. It conjures up imagery of magical places far far away from home, of plucky little characters escaping the clutches of green hued evil doers who are wont to cackle "I'll get you my pretty". Yes... Continue Reading →

Light The Fuse -We Were Promised Jetpacks Interview

"Quiet Little Voices" By We Were Promised Jetpacks Myspace People tell me that choosing a band name can be quite a difficult process. However as a former member of a thrilling musical ensemble I actually found bestowing a collective name upon our venture the least of our worries, our problems derived from an acute lack... Continue Reading →

Fully Loaded- Levelload Interview

LEVELLOAD INTERVIEW 2009 ...Having decided on the name Levelload they set to work to write punchy, edgy pop and their first collaborative effort "Palookaville" was quickly picked up by the discerning ears of John Peel and played on Radio 1 - not bad for a first effort. Thus inspired, they quickly released a follow up single the acerbic "HND In RNR" which immediately created a stir and possibly put a few noses out of joint within various London fashionistas.

The Horrors-Primary Colours-Is It Really That Good ?

Cast your minds back, if you will, to those far-off innocent times shortly before the NME decided that Glasvegas were the bright shiny future of pop music and then began their inexorable and undignified climb up James Allan's fundament. There was a brief period of time when said publication tried to put forward The Horrors as the latest guiding beacon for a lost generation of pop kids, and somehow it all sounded so right on paper to begin with. Some holy hallowed names were invoked in the process: they were the skewed warped voodoo ju ju of the The Cramps, the white-knuckle rollercoaster ride through Hades of The Birthday Party at their hellish narcotic peak, the sexed-up whiskey priest sinners of The Gun Club. Throw in the strychnine-soaked sixties garage trash of The Sonics and that, said the hacks, was The Horrors in a nutshell. Good God, we all thought, that sounds amazing, what could possibly go wrong?

Music News w/e 17/04/09

This week ....win Damien Hirst  Original Art Work, The Hours, The Von Bondies,Cutaways, Rose Elinor Dougall, Moby & David Lynch,  Howling Bells, The Lights, Catherine A.D. and A Fair Few FREE mp3's. ___________________________________________________________ THE HOURS & DAMIEN HIRST Damien Hirst, the most successful British artist of his generation, is working with his friends The Hours:... Continue Reading →

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