Liverpool Sound City Music Festival 2009

Liverpool Sound City Music Festival 2009 Liverpool’s Sound City Festival, still only in its second year is already being talked about as a possible future rival to Austin’s SXSW.  This year the city played host to over 400 artists performing in more than 30 venues across the city.  My mission was simple, to bend space... Continue Reading →

Here’s…Jonny!! Jonny Cola And The A Grades Interview

"Shooting Up" By Jonny Cola & The A-Grades Free Exclusive Downloads here -Right Click Save as (Shooting Up & Disappearing Act Hellbent & Leather Remix) Myspace Jonny Cola & The A-Grades have been making waves in London since late summer 2008. They have performed live sessions for Resonance FM and Earwax Radio, played high profile... Continue Reading →

The Wonder Stuff Live Livepool 16/05/2009 “The Eight Legged Groove Machine” Anniversary

"Unbearable" (Live) By The Wonderstuff Back in the late 80's, the Indie scene had lost its sense of humour, it was full of pale, miserable tortured young poets who wore long Macintoshes and hid beneath their fey, floppy fringes in a look that seemed to combine a maudlin  Colombo with Brideshead Revisited.  Their music alas was... Continue Reading →

Gimme Some Truth- Kids Love Lies Interview

Kids Love Lies were recently described by the NME as "Tweecore/power pop/pop-punk" -Pardon ? Apart from over use of the word "pop" what does that even mean? "Tweecore", I assume is the polar opposite of hardcore, indeed the definition of "twee" means "Overly precious or nice" so lets throw that one out of the window straight away eh? Now then, onto power pop, pop punk ? A description that seems to be given to anything that is melodious but has a rather spiky attitude, yes ? Is it both punk and pop? However punk was surely the antithesis of "pop music" as we knew it and correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't recall the Pistols singing "Anarch-twee In The UK", although admittedly, John Lydon has since developed a disturbing penchant for all things twee-d.

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