Music News W/E 28/08/2009

This week, Oasis are No-asis, Ipso Facto become  Split-so Facto,  Mumford & Sons, The Candle Thieves, Lisa Mitchell/Newton Faulkner Guest List Competition, Lulu And The Lampshades, Katsen, Phil Cooper and Sick!

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Stop Crying Your Heart Out -Noel Leaves Oasis (again!!)

Noel Gallgher has released this statement on his official website:
“It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer. “Apologies to all the people who bought tickets for the shows in Paris, Konstanz and Milan.”

Rumours that Noel has quit the band to play his famous look-a-like, Parker from Thunderbirds, in the new film “Thunderbirds Are G.A.Y.” have not yet been confirmed.   A statement, doubtless consisting simply of “Yus, M’lady”, may well follow … news leaks out…. little by little…..

Parker, From Thunderbirds, in his car

Noel Gallagher, from Oasis, in his pomp


Spiltso Facto-Ipso Facto Call It A Day

Sadly Ipso Facto are to calling it a day.  A band we  loved and really did think had amazing potential are expected to make an official annoucement at next weekend’s Offset Festival in Hainault Country Park( more here). We will keep this short as it’s incredibly difficult to type when one cannot see the keyboard through the bitter sting of tears…

However we wish them all the very best in their new ventures……We will miss them.

Ahhhh what might of been

“Six And Three Quarters “By Ipso Facto


Mumford and Sons

Mumford & Sons have unveiled the hugely-anticipated video to their brand new single ‘Little Lion Man’. ‘Sigh No More’, Mumford & Sons debut album, is released on 5th October through Gentleman of the Road/ Island, whilst  ‘Little Lion Man’ is released the week before on 28th September. They just get better…..and better ..

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The Candle Thieves – The Sunshine Song

The Candle Thieves arrive, peering at the light at the end of the tunnel, through half empty glasses, yet still somehow manage to find that elusive silver lining, all within their joyous debut, “The Sunshine Song” taken from  ‘The Sunshine EP’ out September 14th.  Pure pop brilliance.


Order the CD or download


Competition Time

Lisa Mitchell/ Newton Faulkner

25th October: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, two guest list places up for grabs

We have two special guest list places up for grabs for the first person who emails me before 5/09/2009 and manages to make me chuckle with inbridled mirth, oh, and possibly tells me the name of Lisa’s debut album. Wonder who’ll win ?

Lisa Mitchell “Coin Laundry”

Newton Faulkner “Is This It?”


Lulu & The Lampshades

‘Feet To The Sky’

7” Released 26th October 2009 (VP Records -Voga Parochia)

Digital Release 18th October 2009

Quirky folk rockers Lulu & The Lampshades release their debut single ‘Feet To The Sky’ his October. ‘Feet to the Sky’ is a beautiful ode to escapism, perfectly capturing the delirious joy of wrenching yourself out of tedious routine and throwing yourself into something new – quite fitting for a tune written whilst cycling to Paris on a whim.  At 4am.  On New Year’s Eve. As you do …

On Myspace


Katsen- “It’s Hertz”

Katsen are the electronic pop duo of Chris Blackburn & Donna Grimaldi.

Donna and Chris became friends in 2001 while selling clothes at a craft market in Brighton. Donna’s brilliant mixtapes, with their bold collage covers, caught Chris’ attention and fired his imagination. For for the first time, after playing two-fingered synth in various bands, he’d met someone with the tastes and talents to compliment his own.

Chris: “We’d get together to listen to records and, after exhausting Donna’s extensive and very cool collection, we’d get out my synths and toy keyboards and create our own sound long into the happy night.”

Interrupted only by Donna running away one summer to join the circus, and Chris teaching acting to ballet dancers, Katsen songs began to form, taking cues from 50s chic, 70s krautrock and the sharper edges of 80s pop.

Following on from cameo appearances in compilations such as “Bot POP” (Happy Robots) and “Electronically Yours Vol.1” (Undo/ EMI), “It Hertz!” is the full-length offspring of Katsen’s eight-year partnership; the love of the square wave and all things Casio.

“It Hertz!” is available now to pre-order on CD in a gatefold digifile with immediate digital download from

Free Download-only single “Let’s Build A City”

“Let’s Build A City” is available now as a free-download from Thee SPC website, So go and get it!

Katesn-“Let’s Build A City”


Phil Cooper-999

On the 9th Sept (09/09/09) Phil Cooper the singer/guitarist/songwriter for indie band The Haiku will be recording 9 songs, starting at 9am and aiming to have the album released at 9pm.  All money raised by the album will go to charities that support the emergency services.
There’s a lot more happening along the same theme too!

The Challenge

  • Phil will record 9 brand new songs on 9th Sept 2009
  • He will start recording at 9am and the album will be available to download at 9pm (that gives pretty much 1 hour 20 minutes to record, mix and master each song)
  • All the songs will be written in the first 9 days of September
  • All the money made will go to charities that support the UK emergency services (because of the 999 connection)
  • On the day, there will be a live webcam running, so you can keep up with the progress of the album.

History of the Project

The 9 Album started life as a vague suggestion on The Haiku website.  Phil casually mentioned that he’d had an idea to record 9 songs between 9am and 9pm on 9th Sept 2009 (09/09/09) and asked for feedback. Well feedback came and was very positive, so he posted the same thing on his MySpace blog, which also received good feedback as well as a few good suggestions. And now here we are, the idea has been developed and a new website has been set up specifically for the project, which is gaining momentum every day.

For more info, please go to

Phil on Myspace


And in local news …WE ARE SICK!!!

Friday, 04 September 2009 at 09:30

The Magnet, 45 Hardman Street, Liverpool United Kingdom

But don’t worry put your Tammy Flu to one side, there’s no pandemic here ( or as we call it “ The Daily Mail induced Panic-demic”) However The VPME  and our chum JK  are definately “Sick” .

“Sick!” is  a new musical venture based in Liverpool !! The presciption reads thus …..take 4 of the best up-and-coming live bands  each  more than capable of  headlining  in their own right and intersperse the evening  with genre traversing, decade hopping cutting edge Indie to classic anthems ..and you have a seriously sick night ….heck if we feel slightly giddy we might even DJ later on!

On Facebook


The bands


Strawhouses musical influences are diverse; from the melody kings of Radiohead, REM and U2, to the tribal beats of Killing Joke, to the darkest moments of Joy Division and The Smiths.

Fake Union:

Fake Union make thoughtful music and produce songs that are edgy and uncomfortable Imagine Howard Devoto’s nephews with a Mark E Smith obsession

Rachael Dunn:

“Rachael Dunn dazzles with warm, sweet, intoxicating vocals and gorgeous insightful songs.” Jade Wright – Liverpool Echo

Coma –  folk from the Zanzibar Club might recognise them 😉

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A Sense Of Wonder- Lisa Mitchell Interview

“Neopolitan Dreams” By Lisa Mitchell

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To quote Clint Eastwood “opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one” and should you voice an opinion about certain bands or singers, you may find the online loony brigade beating a hasty path to your virtual door. Your inbox can on occasion, be overflowing with messages of “goodwill” from people whose eloquence is possibly less admirable than their passionate, dare I say frenzied, dedication to their cause.  Their demented ratings can range from the disturbing “I hope you get cancer” to the mildly amusing “OMG U R like, so stooped and retardeered…” to the bizarre “You must be, like, visually deaf or somethin’,  so I WILL TYPE SLOWLY”. You may therefore forgive me if I regard emails from companies telling me my “member may be an inadequate fit” lest I purchase “Raging Throbber” pills or the inevitable requests from deposed Nigerian dictators who respectfully wish to transfers monies from Burkina Faso forthwith, as manna from heaven.

Sorting through your email messages and separating the wheat from the chaff can be an onerous task, but amongst the badly written missives, the rantings of the socially inadequate and the ubiquitous “nob spam” there is still the reward of the occasional gem. It was in fact via the medium of email that I was alerted to Lisa Mitchell’s debut album “Wonder”. In no time at all I was enraptured and comparing 19 year old Ms Mitchell to the likes of Laura Marling and Emmy The Great, both writers of immense talent and who possess a lyrical maturity way beyond their years. “Wonder” may initially come across as a dreamy, languid, collection of songs full of  melody and suprisingly subtle , “impossible to stop humming”, hooks, but scratch the surface and the intelligent lyrics reveal underneath the almost almost fragile vocals, a fierce and often dark heart. Last years quirky debut single ‘Neapolitan Dreams’stems from a parting of two people,” explains Lisa “obviously me and someone else, but then it moves into a place of like, not having such a clear idea of where you’re headed. Then when the refrain comes in, the ‘ba-da ba-das’, it’s like saying ‘there’s so much going on, but hey, fuck it, we’re just gonna have fun’.” The single, which was featured on the recent Surf advert, received 1.5millon plays on Myspace and 500,000 plays on Youtube whilst selling over 15,000 copies in the UK alone; and all this before the track had even been played on the radio.

We spoke to the girl who, at sixteen turned her back on a crappy record deal in order to produce and write music on her own terms and produce something that reflected her views, feelings and values…the result being “Wonder” ……….looks like she made the right choice!

VP:  When did you first start to write songs, what was the motivation, had you always had a habit of writing down your thoughts?

LISA: I wrote my first song in our garden shed when I was eleven. It was called ‘Swallow,’ as in the bird. It went: ‘Say, “swallow” and I will fly to you. Say “hello,” and I’ll say “hello” too but say, “follow” and I will follow you.’ How cute was I? I think it started from having the urge to be heard and from wanting to share my thoughts. I like to write down my ideas so I remember them for a quieter time if I’m busy or with other people.

VP:  You tend to find that a lot of singer songwriters were exposed to music at an early stage in their upbringing…was this the case with you, are your family big music fans?

LISA: Dad’s music taste is instilled in me. He loves The Velvet Underground, Dylan, Cat Stevens, Neil Young and so on, so I love them too and they almost certainly influence my writing at times.

VP:  What sort of things inspire you to write, is it through personal experience, observation, or a mix of fact and fiction?

LISA: The sorts of things that inspire me are beautiful days, terrible days, heart ache, confusion, nostalgia, other people’s songs, happiness, boredom.

VP:  Your debut album “Wonder” has just been released did you enjoy the recording process?

LISA:  My album came out a few weeks ago. It feels quite surreal! I’ve been working on it for some time now so the last few weeks it has felt like it surely must’ve been out for a while.

VP:  You were born in England and moved to Australia when you were three, would you ever consider making England your base (like fellow countrymen and woman Howling Bells) or is the weather a little too inclement here?

LISA: I love England! I’d definitely consider it for my home one day but right now I’ve got far too many places that I want to see to be setting up camp in one place. ‘Nomadic,‘ I believe they would call my living style.

VP:  Which female artists do you most admire and why?

LISA: I admire Regina Spektor’s ingenuity in her writing. Her original thought is delicious. Have you heard the song, ‘Laughing With,‘ on her latest album? What a concept. ‘No one laughs at God in a Hospital; no one laughs at God in a war.’ True, no? I like morbid thought like that. I think it has a safe place in songs – the sonic positivity takes the edge off it.

VP:  What have been your musical highlights of the year so far?

LISA: My highlight so far for this year was playing Glastonbury music festival near London a few months ago. It must be all down hill from then mustn’t it?! Oh no! I’ve already peaked! I signed to RCA records in London at the start of the year and they’ve been amazing to work with. I did a support for ‘Whitely’ an Australian boy which was a bit of a milestone as well!

VP:  How are you planning to spend the rest of 2009?

LISA: I’ll spend the year playing lots of shows (Australia and the UK!), talking to journalists, moving houses, wining and dining, driving my Kombi van to the beach, going to the Australian summer festivals and hopefully exploring new cities around the world.

VP:  Do you get nervous playing live? Do you have any strange pre-gig rituals?

LISA: Being nervous is so distracting! No, I don’t bother with that anymore. Pre-gig we muck around backstage and be silly or serious depending on the weather.

VP:  Five words to sum up your mood today. ….

LISA: Tired, sore tummy, calm, creative, curious.


On Mypsace

Official site



“Coin Laundry” By Lisa Mitchell

‘Welcome To The Afternoon’ EP Launch

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Music News w/e 14/08/2009

The Bookhouse Boys, Theoretical Girl, Flamboyant Bella, Mumford & Sons, Paloma Faith

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You pick up some interesting passengers as driver of a pop express….  and here are some new releases from former interviewees

The Bookhouse Boys

We love the Bookhouse Boys and they release the final single “Shoot You Down” from their magnificent eponymous debut album. It’s a song which crackles with sexual tension and sees singers  Paul Van Oestren And Catherine Turner locked in a kind of love/hate lyrical  tango, prowling the dance floor spitting out lyrics such as ““I give up the world for you/Now I open my doors to you/I’ll take off your skirt for you/And bury my dirt in you”. It’s sexy as f**k and is available on blood red vinyl or from I-tunes here


Bookhouse Boys interview


Theoretical Girl

Theoretical Girl releases her debut album “Divided” on 17th September 2009 . It’s an album full of bittersweet melodies which details tales of heartbreak, loss and jealousy which vear from the undertated to the full on rage of new single Red Mist

You can pre-order it from Amazon **HERE**

Or from Rough Trade **HERE**

Or straight from her label **HERE**

You can get signed copies from Record Store **HERE**

On Myspace

Theoretical Girl Interview


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Flamboyant Bella

FB release their first single , proper,Get A Reaction” on 21st September 2009 , a bubbly, synth driven floor filler, that finds the band getting funkier than Huggy Bear doing the funky chicken to Funkadelic at the Funky Buddha. It picks you up by your lapels and propels you around the dancefloor  at breakneck speed and then lets go leaving you crumpled in the corner, broken and breathless, ….here’s the video..


Flamboyant Bella interview


Mumford & Sons

Following three limited edition 10″ EPs through Chess Club Recordings, Mumford & Sons announce details of their eagerly anticipated debut album, and a special live event to premiere their new video.The debut album, ‘Sigh No More’, will be released through Gentlemen Of The Road/Island Records on the 5th October.  The album was produced by Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Bjork) at Eastcote Studios in London during the Spring.

‘Sigh No More’ will be preceded by a new single, ‘Little Lion Man’ on the 28th September (already declared by the  excitable Zane Lowe as the ‘Hottest Record In The World Today’ on Radio 1), and Mumford & Sons have also announced a special video premiere of this new single in London on the 24th August at The Borderline.  Alongside the premiere of the video, the band will be performing an intimate live show.

Tickets are on sale now from for £8.

Mumford & Sons will head out on a full UK tour throughout September and October to coincide with the releases:


Mumford & Sons Interview


Paloma Faith

Our chum Paloma releases her debut album “Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?” on September 29th 2009, (pre-order here) she combines originality, drama and being a bit bonkers into something rather timeless….Here’s the video for her new single “New York”


Paloma Faith interview

Nicole Atkins and The Black Sea

Here’s a new live song “Cry, Cry, Cry ” by the fab Nicole Atkins which we are featuring for no other reason than we want her to come over to England.

Video by one man-gig machine Dave Crowmell


Nicole Atkins Interview

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Heartbreaks And Razorblades-Miss Derringer Interview

“Bullet Proof Heart” By Miss Derringer

Free Miss Derringer download , “Black Tears” Here

Miss Derringer are;

Liz McGrath (vocals)
Morgan Slade (guitar)
Sylvain de Muizon (bass)
Cody James (drums)
Ben Shields (lead guitar)
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When you come across a band like Miss Derringer comparisons are inevitable. But worry not, for that’s not always a bad thing, especially if you’re being to compared to the likes of legendary female fronted groups such as Blondie, the Ronettes and the Shangri-Las.  Miss Derringer don’t contrive to hide their musical influences, quite the opposite,  they wholeheartedly embrace them but their skill and genuine appreciation of the artists that inform their sound ensures that their music never sounds contrived or manufactured; in fact they take these influences and forge them into something rather beautiful and timeless on the sacred anvil of pop. Miss Derringer manage to splice that classic girl group sound with their own atmospheric take on a kind of “Goth and Western”. Add to the mix, a feisty new wave attitude combined with a Dresden Dolls sense of theatre and the results are pristine pop songs which have a joyous simple purity and are laced with darkly gothic themes such as death, love, death, redemption, death, heartbreak plus a bit more death.  Imagine if you will, the works of Tennessee Williams as seen through Tim Burton’s eyes set to music …or something….

If you are excited by any or all of the above then Miss Derringer’s latest album “Winter Hill”, which at times sounds like Debbie Harry having a shoot out with Phil Spector  on the set of  “Westworld”, may well engulf your heart with joy and fill your dissolute soul with wonder.

Miss Derringer are fronted by the incredibly beautiful Liz McGrath, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Debbie Harry in her pomp and whose dress sense makes Gwen Stefani look like my Aunt Maude. Liz must be pretty adept at multi-tasking as she combines fronting Miss Derringer with a successful career as an underground artist and sculptor ( I have, rather disappointingly, been informed that “underground” in this sense doesn’t mean she inhabits  some sort of subterranean art studio) and you can check out some of her amazing creations here . Where as Blondie donned T-shirts and badges to defiantly claim “Blondie is a band”, things are a little bit more complicated here. “Miss Derringer” is indeed a band but it’s also the name of the character whom the band channel their sound through, a gun toting femme fatale who invariably resides “on the wrong side of love and the law.” McGrath plays the part to a tee and her glamorous stage personae and Blondie-esque vocals are certainly the bands focal point but let us not forget the rest of the group, all fine musicians with a dress sense that resembles some sort of western, zombie, gothic militia. They look like they may have just wandered off the film set of a dark, dystopian futuristic movie, but it is they who are responsible for creating the environment for “Miss Derringer” to weave her magic.  Within their number is Liz’s husband, guitarist and principle songwriter Morgan Slade who is also a highly respected photographer. Such is the artistic talent that must reside within the walls of “Chez McGrath/Slade” that if they one day have children the very fabric of time could be torn asunder and they may well grow up possessing some sort of artistic “superpower”, possibly painting the future ala  Issac Mendez in“Heroes” …I’m sure the “The Company” are watching 🙂

We loved “Winter Hill” so much that we rushed off to chat to Morgan and Liz, but what with the global economic downturn we couldn’t quite afford the flight to LA. We finally settled on a more frugal medium of communication and were able to take solace in bragging about reducing our carbon footprint, a bit like Bono, sans hypocrisy.

VP:  You’ve been together since 2004, in that time you’ve released three albums and had a number of line up changes, how did the band come about and what was the original idea behind “Miss Derringer”

Morgan: The band came about when I met Liz several years ago at a going away party she was having. She was actually going to the EU for the first time, and she knew my room mate at the time. We met and hit it off, and started dating. I played her a song that I had been working out for a while, and she liked it. We decided to make a few more songs, and had the idea that Miss Derringer would be a lady always on the wrong side of the law and on the wrong side of love. The idea kinda grew from there.

VP: You’ve just released “Winter Hill”, how would you describe the album and how can U.K. Fans get hold of it?

Morgan: The album is loosely based on this early ’60s Boston Irish mob war, where two rival gangs (one the Winter Hill gang) went to war over a woman. The record is faster and more produced than our other records, I feel like this is finally the record where we sound the most like how we always thought we should. UK fans (if they’re out there!) can get a hold of it through Amazon, Itunes, and other online stores. Also, you can ask for it at your local record store. (Do you have those in the UK still? we hardly have any here!)

VP:  Which sort of music/artists has had the biggest influence on your sound?

Morgan: We love music from a lot of different decades, but we are heavily influenced by early country like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams I, and we love the Girl Groups of the Brill building era – the Shangri Las, Ronnettes etc. We also find a lot of influence from new wave and punk bands like Blondie and the Misfits.

VP:   There’s no denying you’re a visually striking band -who comes up with the ideas for you image/ stage outfits?

Morgan: Liz is a visual artist and has a great eye for design and style. She also has some great fashion designer friends, Adele Mildred, Winter Rosebudd and more who make her costumes for her which is great. The look kind of evolved from the sound and vice versa…

VP:   With Liz being an artist and Morgan a photographer is there ever any conflict over how to fit everything in? Or does music and the band always take precedence

Liz: It’s definitely hard to make time for everything! The two have been relatively separate but they are starting to blend more. Right now we are both focusing on music and promoting the new record.

VP:  Liz, as an artist (described as “having an eye for beauty in the grotesquery’s of life” ) do you see it as your job to challenge peoples preconceptions , should anything be taboo in the world of art ?

Liz: I don’t know if I take it on as a job to do that necessarily, but I do think that things are more interesting when they challenging my preconceptions. I don’t think anything should be taboo, as long as it’s done responsibly.

VP:  Morgan, in terms of lyrics what sort of things inspire you to write and what would say are the underlying themes running through “Winter Hill”

Morgan: The underlying themes of most of Miss Derringer are usually related to the “darker” sides of daily life – lost love, death, murder, and suicide. You know, happy fun stuff!!!!

VP:  What have been your highlights as a band thus far?

Liz: We’ve had the good fortune to have a lot of fun and have some great experiences. We have toured with some of our favourites, Blondie, Bad Religion and others. We have met some amazing bands and toured with great people like Girl in a Coma (who are amazing and sweet and awesome.) And we have had the awesome experience of playing with bands that have really made us step it up by being so great live -like one of our favourites IAMX.

VP: Any chance of you coming over to England for a nice cup of tea, a scone and maybe even some gigs in the near future?

Morgan: We really hope so! We have been wanting to come over there for quite some time! We hope to come to Europe and tour with IAMX in March, but we’ll see…

VP:  Give us five songs that never fail to make your world a better place…

1) Maybe (Shangri-Las)

2) Dreaming (Blondie)

3) Horror Business (The Misfits)

4) Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)

5) President (IAMX)


“Winter Hill” On I-Tunes

On Myspace

On Twitter

Liz McGrath Art Blog

Live Review



“Black Tears” by Miss Derringer

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The VPME Review July/August 2009

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By popular demand from oooh…….. nobody,  the VPME review is back in the house, reviewing the hottest new tracks in town with some very special guests. Climbing aboard the musical express this time around are:

Dogwood: If common sense were made flesh it would wear a Cagoule, Farah slacks, carry a flask of hot Bovril and bear the name Oliver Gordon Dogwood . He’s Cheambeat Communications Radio’s secret weapon. And he’s hear to tell the young pop types a thing or two!

Rebekah Delgado: Rebekah is singer guitarist and songwriter with  ace band   The Last Army, her drink is, on ocassion, spiked with vitriol and Jimmy Pursey from Sham 69 has been moved to make public declarations of love.

Rachael Kitcheside: Our chum Rachael sings and writes music with Run Toto Run who will furnish your ears with slightly unhinged folk tinged electronica. Shes not too good with stage times though, but we forgive her 😉

Jonny Cola: Jonny Cola and the A-Grades released a Christmas single last year which sounded like Noddy Holder kicking the shit out of Damon Albarn. We approved. They have a new EP out too, including one of the most suprising covers you’re likely to hear.

Von Pip: Me, Myself and I

Intros over on to the songs

Winter Hill –Doves

Rachael : I imagine this will go down better with your male reviewers as in my experience my male friends think they’re amazing and my female friends think they’re dull. I love the instrumentation, I think the production’s great and also feel like I’m betraying them as a fellow Manc, but I just don’t think they’ll ever do it for me personally. It’s when his voice kicks in that I really turn off, to me he just sounds a bit like a man singing in a pub.

Von Pip: Christ, where’s that Samaritans phone number, this is stylised whinging at its most profoundly dull and stone me but it looks like Jimi Goodwin is finally winning the “Most Circular Face In Music” competition he’s been having with James Dean Bradfield.  This  track is a turgid muddy affair which reminds me of a typical English summer, all wet sausages, soggy burgers, abandoned deckchairs  fused with the bleak loneliness of a wet seaside town when your girlfriend’s ran off with that muscular tattooed bloke called Wayne who spins the waltzers, because she “wants to feel alive again” Pffft !  …erm….ahem.. yes it’s a fairly depressing affair.  I didn’t mind the single prior to this one, it had a bit of a tune, although admittedly I could never quite work out why this lot inspired such adoration on the radio, I mean that song they did “Pounding”? Dear lord, “Plodding” would be a far more apt title. Doves are essentially a car-boot sale version of Elbow, worthy, earnest, talented but dare I say it, just a teensy bit dull. Blokes like them though, and they turn Edith Bowman into a whimpering weak kneed teenager so they must have something. I like Bowman, I reckon we’d get on famously, I can’t see her running off on me with a tattooed ape.  If she was reading this I’d pretend to like The Doves, but she isn’t, so I won’t! …4/10

Jonny : Doves are one of those bands that I’ve never really got, to be honest – apart from “Pounding”, which is magnificent. Didn’t their guitarist do some stuff with Saint Etienne? They can’t be all bad then. But this song just doesn’t seem to go anywhere or have very much point, which is a shame because they seem like nice guys. Didn’t Coldplay have a song with “Hill” in the title? Kind of says it all. Mauro, my eminent guitarist, says he was “too bored by this to have much of an opinion on it”, which sadly pretty much sums it up. I do quite like the last 20 seconds though, which sound a bit like an illustrated children’s book.

Dogwood: Doves? That’s the lot with Mark Addy on bass isn’t it?  There’s an old saying in Preston , there’s trouble down Mill when body mass and beard gets together.  In other words, brawny lads with facial hair are a Graham Taylor ‘do I not like that’ situation.  This song sounds neither brawny nor hairy but it drawls in a couldn’t care less attitude that says ‘Chicken Pie? Steak Pie? Whatever…’.  Releasing a song called ‘Winter Hill’ in the middle of an English summer tells me that these lads like taking a risk with other people’s cash, i.e. the record companies.  Now, some might say that record companies deserve that sort of coco and I’m not going to get all Pete Murray on that one but for every throwaway dingy scraper like this we will have to suffer another Mika or Sam Sparro in retaliation.  And for one who likes to get his retaliation in first I’m going to say this:  brawny barrel chest+facial hair+inappropriate seasonal references=the square root of nothing.

Rebekah: Some of the instrumentation of this song is quite beautiful; hypnotising. Reminiscent of Hoppipolla by Sigur Rós but on more ermmm… caffeine. It quickly descends into indierock by numbers though, plodding along (the grassy track to the top of Winter Hill) with unimaginative lyrics that don’t really fit the sometimes soaring soundscape. 6.5/10

Undead-Hollywood Undead

Von Pip: I’ll keep this simple, “f**k off and grow up.

Dogwood: “ I do not need to listen to this one to know that it’s going to upset me in every way imaginable and the opening ten seconds more than confirms this instinct.  Who are the Hollywood Undead and do I care?  My answers are I don’t know and no in that order.  This has American ponce stamped all over it, and images of mass zombiefication wandering up Hollywood Boulevard neither entertains nor intrigues me.  There’s a time and place for all this gothic malarkey and this isn’t it, try half past ten on Sunday morning in a quiet corner of Luton , only keep the volume down.    It reminds me of those techno bores Innerpartysystem who sound not unlike Hollywood Undead who in turn sound like they would like to be Innerpartysystem only with Halloween masks on.  I’ve for a suggestion for this lot, try wearing Tor Johnson face masks , it might give you an air of sophistication that is sadly lacking here.  At a time when my seasonal piles are at their raging worst, I need this like I need sandpaper bog-roll.

Jonny : You know, I’d have danced to this when I was 17, in some grim Croydon rock bar. It reminds me a bit of White Zombie, but without the style, or mid-period Faith No More without the tunes, wit, invention, you name it. And Mike Patton wouldn’t have used the word “faggots” with such abandon and without a trace of irony (unless I’m missing something here, but I seriously doubt it). A bit sad, really. Mauro reckons that they’re copying Eminem’s vocal style and the riff from Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”, but I think he’s just being kind. Who are these guys? Why are they so angry? I blame Schwarzenegger.

Rachael: I’m not sure I’m the right person to be reviewing this. I feel like as a whole genre screamo metal is a bit redundant and this track’s no exception: embarrassing, dated and juvenile. Lyrics such as“I nearly died for this music” and “what the fuck you know about being a gangster” have no sense of irony and only indicate just how seriously they’re taking themselves. This is their album début, I think they’ve come a little late to the party, that is not to say that America will realise that.

Rebekah: Industro-synth-goth-rap. It strangely makes me think of ‘Steal my Sunshine’ by Len (please don’t tell them I said this, as it’s the polar opposite – they will cut me) though the LA backdrop is all these songs have in common (someone mash these two songs up it works hilariously my head). They are white gangsters, they are original because they preach rage, are materialistic, hate ‘faggots/fags’ and hate women (yes I just watched the video). They are ugly like Limp Slipknot so cover their faeces. And they don’t give a f*ck apparently, so much so they say the word f*ck over twenty times. It is controversial to say the word f*ck and it’s controversial to show big fake boobies and unconvincing lipstick lesbian action in your videos while saying the word f*ck. They also inform us in their song that they don’t follow the rules. I’m afraid they do, every single one. Faceless industry fodder. They are angry men. Someone give them some good sex, please. 6.5/10
To their credit, at least they can craft words a bit. Unlike…

Symphony- Dan Black

Rebekah: Hate this. Some lazy, lame rhymes: ‘Seen it, there, been there in the mirror/ Totally focused, no hocus pocus’ or ‘Higher, fire in my guts/ In a rut, but what I’ve got/ Is in a can, no other human/ But I do get lonely, scared I’m phoney’
You should be scared that you’re SHITE. I have re-written your chorus-

Gimme GIMME a disease
So I don’t have to listen these
Awful lyrics, they are cheese etc.”

Some people will like this song. Just like some people like seedless jam and garden centres on a Sunday. That is all I have to say on the matter. 4/10

Jonny: The first time that Mauro and I ever went out socially was to see The Servant, Mr Black’s old band. They were marvellous, and so is this. I wasn’t sure it was that strong actually until I found myself humming it on the Bakerloo Line. He opens his eyes and beams come out, he claims, and I believe him. I would happily take the full force of those beams. Mauro isn’t sure it’s actually any better than The Servant, and maybe he’s right, but sometimes you just have to keep plugging away until somebody pays attention. His album’s on posters all over the Tube, so fingers crossed.

Von Pip: This song conjures up images of speedboats, bay side sushi bars in Miami populated by poseurs in white suites with their jacket sleeves rolled up and oily slick backed hair. Despite the fact that in about nine months time  this tune  could end up being deftly employed by Dulux to advertise their new shade of magnolia, “Insinuation O’ Beige” I really like it. The slightly off key synth driven chorus becomes somewhat hypnotic after a while and ok so the lyrics owe more to “Little Miss Muffet” than they do to W.B.Yeats, but it does have a certain atmospheric, erm …atmosphere and does something to the old emotions, it kind of shimmers… Dan Black could be what the world has been waiting for, a cool Jan Hammer.  7/10.   PS/ I adore seedless jam and try keeping me away from garden centres on a Sunday..I’m a wild one me!

Rachael: I’m not just saying this because we’re supporting him in a few weeks and I want to keep the peace. Maybe it’s narcissism as we’re obviously similar enough musically to be asked to play with him, but I’ve genuinely a real soft spot for what Dan’s been doing. This is my favourite of the tracks. I love the production on the drums, his vocal, the very subtle use of harmonies and the places he takes the melody. I like the crispness of the track juxtaposed with the ethereal backing and the chorus is underplayed but lovely.

Dogwood: From the feller who wrote the Da Vinci Code we have a bit of Sam Sparro type fluff which actually doesn’t offend the ears as much as I thought it would.  It’s a bit ‘listen to me, I’m a right lovely bit of stuff I am’. Well Hollywood Undead you may not be – and thanks for that – but there’s someway to go yet before I’m putting this onto my “Walkpod”.  Still it’s a tad easier on the Chalfonts and for that I’m grateful.  I don’t do nancy boy disco as a rule, I find it asks me questions that I don’t want to answer.  This, however, is a bit more polite and doesn’t probe in unseemly places.  I won’t say that I’d go all baggy trousers over this, but I might extend from two pleats to three.  It’s going in the right direction – away from Burnley – but could do with ditching the Fiat Uno and going for something with a bit more in the bollock department.

“Radar”- Britney Spears

Rachael: I have have no issues with pop, I love nothing better than a perfect pop song. Britney’s “Toxic” for example was a phenomenal pop tune. However, I think this track’s no different from the last single “If U Seek Amy”, which wasn’t a great pop song either. It has very similar melodies and the vocal production is predictable and grating.

Dogwood: I very much doubt that bloody Britney Spears is an expert on radar as I am. It always irritates me to find irksome pop types taking a serious piece of security detection technology and start talking about them in sex terms.  Doesn’t she realise that if it wasn’t for radar then the flaming Luftwaffe would have had us at sixes and sevens during the summer of 1940?  No, she probably thinks that Luftwaffe is some designer pair of knickers and that the Isle of Wight Radar Defence, some form of hip hop collective from Knoxville , Kentucky .  What do you get when you get trailer trash philosophy combined with songwriters who gather a few random words, chuck them up in the air and see how they land? This song.  Calling it diabolical doesn’t do it justice, I’ve just wasted three minutes of my life by listening to this.  Someone should tell the girl – go and get a job in Woolies.

Rebekah: I’m ashamed to say it but this is easily my favourite. Great hook. Points deducted for the use of the word ‘soul’ in something delightfully soulless though, and the horrible spoken word bit (‘I got my eye on you and I can’t let you get away’ – STALKER ALERT – sounds like she’s more inclined to use monitoring devices than a aforementioned radar). This is well-produced and well-written. Good pop. My approval etc. 8.5/10

Von Pip: Will the real Britney Spears please stand up? Who actually is Britney, what does she represent? Yes we have all seen various carefully crafted  Britneys over the years, the stage school Mousketeer, with that curly headed lass Justine  Brillopad, the coquettish jail-bait school girl, the rather unconvincing leather clad rock chick, the pole dancer and the bi-curious snogger of  Madonna etc etc  but she doesn’t really seem to have a personality, even a fake one. It’s as if a vacuum has been given a fancy dress box to play with.  I can’t think of a single quote from her that reflects the real Britters and this “tune” just sums up that gaping personality void . Sadly the most exciting thing she’s undertaken in recent years is to go all Yul Brinner and alas this song isn’t going to reverse that view. It’s as blank as the poor lasses increasingly vacant stare and like Britney it has nothing to say. These days you get the feeling Britters and her management are trying too damn hard to be sexy, which only contrives to make Britters antics look rather staged, unnatural and distinctly unsexy. Worse still, it’s not even a good pop record. 4/10

Jonny: I’ve never forgiven her for “Born To Make You Happy”, pretty much the most offensive record ever made, so we’re starting from a bad place here. I guess this is a bit more interesting sounding than some commercial grimy faux R&B, and it’s mildly catchy, and the thing which sounds a bit like a Casio keyboard approximation of a harp keeps the momentum going. But what does she really want? Will we really ever hear one single line which illuminates anything at all about Britney herself? I’m not saying that pop music should be a big glitzy confessional booth, but there’s just nothing about this which rings true, and that detracts a little from the enjoyment. Mauro just reckons it’s got an odd, annoying hookline, which is true. I should probably take things a little less seriously.

“Paparazzi”-Lady Gaga

Rebekah: I like her voice. This song just does what you expect it to though – mid-paced synth-pop. The refrain doesn’t work. Probably not her strongest song but then I don’t know any of her other songs because I’m not her biggest fan (haha sorry). 7/10

Dogwood: For a minute I think I’m back in Britney Spears caravan trying to concoct a tune out of an empty KFC bucket.  This is gormless, not quite as gormless as Spears, but getting there.  It has those annoying bleepy keyboard things that look to emulate a scene from Dr Who and the Vengeance from Varos but only lets you down when you realise that this hasn’t been anywhere near the BBC Radiophonic Work shop.  It’s a rather listless affair of repeated phrases, half-hearted squawks and no doubt an ill advised boob tube that you’d do well to keep away from a naked flame.  I don’t get this current obsession for quirky females – Sandragold, La Roux, Ladysquawk, Flo and the Transit Van – it’s a load of hysterical female thoughts glued to a bontempi organ, cranked up to ‘Cats Chorus’ level.  It gives me indigestion just to think of it all, not to mention what it’s doing to my Farmer’s. Take it away and never bring it back.

Jonny: Oh, God. This is awful. What am I missing with Lady Gaga? “I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me” – I mean, that’s just scary, surely? There are laws against this. Under protest, I shall quote Mauro here: “Am in favour of Lady Gaga cos I think she has star quality, a good ear for a pop hook, and seems to actually have a few ideas, even if one of them is recycling the tune from Berlin’s Take My Breath Away.” I just don’t hear any of this, I’m afraid – even the Berlin reference – and I can think of very little to say about the song, apart from it having one of the most brutal fadeouts I’ve heard in a long time, which at least means it’s over with fairly quickly. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and stalk Dan Black. We’d be so fantastical, or something.

Rachael: I recently saw Lady Gaga perform this one at Glastonbury (on the iplayer sadly as I wasn’t there this year). I got half way through this one and started skipping, it’s a little more sombre than her previous offerings and I wouldn’t say it was obvious single material, it doesn’t really go anywhere and doesn’t have the slap-you-in-the-face obvious hook the other singles have had, I think it suffers for that omission.

Von Pip: When I first saw this young laddie, I thought fair play, transvestites are still a fairly under represented group in pop and he’s got some balls to prance about on stage like a freshly waxed Borat after a Gok Wan makeover.  Then someone kindly informed me that he was in fact a she, and in my moment of clarity I realised how Dorothy must of felt when she peeked behind the curtain in the Emerald City and instead of finding Oz the great and powerful she is confronted with little Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmanuel Ambroise Diggs.  And so it transpires that Lady Ga-Ga is actually Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, an NYC stage school kid and not Trevor Healy, a mentally ill former spot welder turned transvestite from Stoke on Trent, très disappointing eh ?

So on to the song, surely she’s not troubled by the Paparazzi ? We’ve seen everything there is to see haven’t we ? Unlike poor old Britters I’m sure Ms Ga isn’t plagued by that foul legion of midget up-skirt photographers who seem to provide much of the “content” for “Celeb Shitestyle” magazines. I suppose the only logical step for Ms Ga in terms of increasing her exposure is to perform with an endoscope shoved up her jacksy, the resultant images could then be beamed onto the stage backdrop as she sings from the bottom of her heart whilst her adoring fans view the heart of her bottom.  After seeing her pert tush and nether regions which were thrust all over this years Glasto I feel I know her body more intimately than I know my own, but  I have to admit she was certainly bonkersly entertaining. The songs not  really up to much is it?  Chorus is reasonably pleasant and would be acceptable in the 80’s , it’s very John Hughes ( God rest his soul) … “Mannequin 3”, anybody ?  6.5/10

“Can You Give It” -The Maccabees

Von Pip: Maybe in Richard Curtis’s magical world Orlando, Hugo, Felix, Rupert, Samuel and Rupert are quite acceptable names for members of a rock n roll band but not in my world matey. With names like that they should be fagging out under Flashman’s watchful eye before giving poor Tom Brown a roasting by the fireplace. Mind you The Maccabees are based in Brighton, a place where such names are nothing unusual and even  considered a tad uncouth and a bit “council estate”, why it’s possibly the only place in the country were scaffolders are called Farquhar and doorman are called Tarquin. I’ve never really taken to The Maccabees, maybe the fact that they look like they could be the surly offsprings of the Primrose Hill set, playing at being “indie” before they get jobs in corporate finance has  put me off  this lot of fops in the past, however  previous single “No Kind Words” was really rather ace, and my opinion was starting to change. Alas this one isn’t as good, after a rather insipid start it builds up quite nicely, yet it’s all a little too fey and considered, too “arch” and knowing, I keep thinking the chorus is going to morph into  “Swords Of A Thousand Men” By Tenpole Tudor, but essentially it seems to lack the very thing Lady Ga-Ga clearly has .. …testicles ….. 6.5/10

Dogwood: Hmmm, chugging start, followed by bright guitars and then it goes all coy on you but you know what – I’m going to persevere here and yes, my patience is rewarded.  It’s not often that I say this about young folk but sometimes they get it right and this has a sprightly air, mixed with some clear instruction (a quality woefully lacking in the other contenders in this review) and a no nonsense attitude that says you can use me as wallpaper, confident in the knowledge that I won’t bubble and peel.  When a song talks to me in those terms then I’m inclined to trust it.  Music, essentially, is like shopping at B&Q, you can buy your value screwdriver for a quid but if you buy Stanley or Dewalt, you know your more likely to avoid a flaky Phillips head that shears the heads off all your screws within a couple of go’s.  That’s what we have here, a robust tool for a robust job.

Rebekah: The production is the only redeeming feature of this song – that and the breakdown that vaguely sounds like Adam and the Ants (the singer even says deliver, so it must be true). His voice sounds too mournful for the upbeat music and it keeps sounding like it’s going to run into a White Lies song to me. Relies on a chorus line which doesn’t mean anything – that and being vaguely danceable. This is a (tiny) bit of a grower unfortunately. Like a hairy wart. More indie-by-numbers. 6/10

Jonny: The first disagreement between my chief string plucker and myself here. You see, he just thinks it’s anthemic Simple Minds-esque festival fodder with a ropy chorus, but I feel strangely moved by this song. I can’t exactly say why, because I can hear what he means about Simple Minds, but there’s also a whopping great slab of Talking Heads in there. There’s something very natural about this, and very nostalgic in an unpretentious way. Maybe it’s just nice to hear a take on the ’80s that isn’t akin to a bad Human League B-side. Whatever, I can tell this is going to be in my head for days. 

Rachael : I didn’t think I liked the Maccabees, that was until I started hearing tracks from the latest album, I had a realisation that they actually are a proper band. I think Orlando’s vocals have loads of character and the track is intense and emotive in the same way an Arcade Fire track would be. I’m giving them a fair chance now.

And the winner is … oh wait ….I dont actually think we have one…….. so Lady Ga-Ga can have it .

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Light Entertainment-The Candle Thieves Interview

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“Sharks And Bears” By The Candle Thieves

The gurning unbearably smug visage of Alan Titchmarsh is enough to put even the most ardent horticulturist off gardening for life . Yes, Britain’s number one “celebrity gardener”(sic) and self appointed housewives choice may well credit himself with being the cure-all for vaginal dryness in woman of a certain age with his green fingered ways and his “racy”cliché ridden novels but for many in the know he’s viewed in a rather more sinister light. The reality behind Titchmarsh’s jovial TV persona, all manly common sense and  faux bonhomie may shock many of his fans for the truth is the man who looks like he dresses himself in Jeremy Clarkson’s cast-offs has made few friends within the bitchy world of “celebrity gardening”. Many believe Alan’s ascent to the top of the gardening tree may owe a little more to Machiavellian scheming than serendipity or indeed talent.  When gardening giant Percy Thrower passed away in 1988 it just so happened to be the very year a young boss-eyed and bushy tailed Titchmarsh was offered his first TV gardening slot, coincidence? ….Perhaps….  When Geoff Hamilton was finally pruned from this mortal coil was it really a naturally occurring illness or was it perhaps something a little more sinister and what of Monty Don’s recent stroke ? There are many in the gardening fraternity too scared to speak out , but  Diarmuid Gavin briefly spoke to us on the condition he wouldn’t be identified  “Bay jaysus” he roared in a hushed whisper lest he be overheard –“ I’m not saying anything  but  whatever you do, don’t  be lured  into Titchmarsh’s potting shed with the promise of a nice hot  cuppa”

So what would it take to get me interested in spending some quality time in the garden again ? Well, Charlize Theron sunbathing would certainly be a tempter , maybe a nice water feature, a self mowing lawn and hey!! What about a  gig by The Candle Thieves……..who…?

The Candle Thieves are Scott McEwan and Glockenshiels, and they have embarked on a nationwide tour of peoples back gardens. Their mission? To make each gig an event and maybe even drive out the Titchmarsh Factor forever….  Their Eels influenced pop is instantly catchy but underneath the jaunty sounding casio led pop  tunes there is a slightly darker tone, detailing life’s worries and problems shot through with an endearing sense of charity shop melancholia. Beneath the dust they see glitter and underneath the decay and neglect they see hope and opportunity.  They may well look like Hiram K. Hackenbacker’s long lost nephews but they have written songs showcased on their debut EP which engage both head and heart , in fact they describe themselves on their myspace page as “a gulity pleasure for deep thinkers”

“The Sunshine EP” is out on September 14th and aptly contains sunshine melodies punctured by  thoughts of despair alongside all the anxieties, hopes and dreams of the modern condition wrapped up in a ramshackle haze of chiming synths, vocal harmonies and hazy daydream pop. It’s  the sound of ice cream melting in your hand on a summers day and conjures up faded sea side glamour yet resides in a place where  dreams may be dashed and thwarted by outrageous fortune but there is always a belief that “the good will out”.

After the washed out, soggy summer we’ve had in the UK this year we decided we needed some sunshine in our garden and had a chat to Scott and the man known only as Glock……The Candle Thieves

VP: Ok tell us a bit about your background, how you met, how you came to write and perform together.

Glock: We met at college; it’s kind of a lie to say we were studying music. We weren’t studying anything, perhaps the art of being stupid. We lost touch after college but I showed up at a gig of his a few years later and we went from there.

Scott: I’d started a solo project and Glock said he’d happily do the shows with me, it kind of developed from there, it was great. I’m glad it did coz we are the only two people who find one another funny.

VP: You come from Peterborough, a town not famed for any particular “scene” is it difficult to get gigs or drum up any interest there?

Glock: Peterborough’s been pretty good to us really. There’s a couple of local promoters that make a lot of effort to organise different nights so we started there. Maybe us walking on stage with an inflatable shark and a bag of balloons baffled a few people into talking about us. Haha.

Scott: Yeah we do love our hometown. There’s an awesome post office where you can send out mail, and the new Subway eating establishment is really doing some great business. But seriously, we do love where we’re from. Everyone there has been really great to us, we appreciate it a lot.

VP: You are about to undertake a rather unusual tour in August, the aim being to perform in the garden of fans up and down the country. Who came up with that idea and have you had any weird requests yet?

Glock: Well we did the ‘Live in Your Living room’ tour last year which was great and wanted to put a twist on it for this year. Our EP’s called The Sunshine EP so we thought we’d majorly tempt fate and hold it outside.

Scott: Bring your umbrellas!

VP: What sort of music would you say has been a major influence on your sound?

Scott: I guess it kind of shows that Eels are a big influence. Music is really about escapism for me, I used to love going and putting on ‘Daisies Of The Galaxy’ and just been taken somewhere else. I’ve never been one for massive solos or vocal gymnastics; I just like a simple song with a lot of heart.

VP: You are set to release your debut EP in September “The Sunshine EP” on Alcopops Records. Can you tell us the track list and a brief resume of what  the songs are about

The Sunshine Song

Glock: Yeah It’s a love song but there’s an undercurrent. It was written at the time the BBC drama ‘Sunshine’ was showing on TV. I loved that program so it became ‘The Sunshine Song.’

My Love Will Clap Its Hands For You –

Scott: We thought it would be cool to have a song that just had a couple of lines in it, sometimes that’s all you need to get your point across. Was listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens when I named the song!

The State That I’m In –

Scott: This was a really old song, from the solo days, we couldn’t really find a place for it on the album so we wanted to put it on The Sunshine EP. It’s from the early days so we thought it’d only be right to put it on the first thing we put out. It’s about that admitting to someone that you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, and that you need them.

Lonely Lonely Lonely –

Glock: It’s 2 parts self loathing to 1 part, come on Glock, have a shave, you’ll be alright!

Scott: Glock sings this one, probably my favourite song on it.

VP: If we came back and spoke to you in two years time what would you like to have achieved.

Glock: If you come back and say ‘Wow, you’re in great shape! Oh and I’ve just heard the tricky 3rd album, it’s amazing! I didn’t think a funky dub house mix would suit you but geeeez. And really, how did you save the world from global extinction?’ that’d be pretty cool. Oh and ‘ You have 3 wives?’

Scott: Ha ha! I guess I’d like all of that, plus truthfully, would love the songs to help someone, in the way that my favourite bands over my life have helped me. Just for them to mean something to someone.

VP:  The Digital age? Is it great or a bit rubbish …there seems to be very little slow burn success these days, bands are hyped they arrive in a blaze of glory, and often disappear as quickly as they arrive.

Glock: It’s a little scary when you put it like that. The bands that we’re most into are in it for the long haul and we hope to be too. We’ve got some big plans for our music so it’d be heartbreaking to get shot down before we’ve even started.

Scott: Yeah it’s true. I’m very half and half on it. I think nowadays people just go and buy odd tracks off album’s, which is great, but I think it means people might miss out on some great stuff. Like I couldn’t imagine someone going and buying just 3 songs off Pet Sounds or something.

VP:  What’s been your favourite album of 2009 so far ?

Scott: Wow tough question, I will go for ‘Hombre Lobo’ by Eels, or the new Idlewild record.

Glock: I’m pretty bad keeping up with recent albums, I’ve been going backwards for a little while now.

VP: Who would you hang for crimes against music?

Glock: I’m not too sure about the Death Penalty.

Scott: I honestly respect anyone who puts themselves out there and makes a record..

VP: Even…….David………. Hasslehoff ? …Anyway….Five words to describe your sound?

Glock: Scott Mc Ewan Glocken Shiels

Scott: Happiness is a revolving door.


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“The Sunshine Song” By The Candle Thieves Live Peterborough Met.

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