Music News W/E 28/08/2009

This week, Oasis are No-asis, Ipso Facto become  Split-so Facto,  Mumford & Sons, The Candle Thieves, Lisa Mitchell/Newton Faulkner Guest List Competition, Lulu And The Lampshades, Katsen, Phil Cooper and Sick! ___________________________________________________ Stop Crying Your Heart Out -Noel Leaves Oasis (again!!) Noel Gallgher has released this statement on his official website: "It's with some sadness... Continue Reading →

A Sense Of Wonder- Lisa Mitchell Interview

"Neopolitan Dreams" By Lisa Mitchell To quote Clint Eastwood “opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one” and should you voice an opinion about certain bands or singers, you may find the online loony brigade beating a hasty path to your virtual door. Your inbox can on occasion, be overflowing with messages of “goodwill” from people... Continue Reading →

Music News w/e 14/08/2009

The Bookhouse Boys, Theoretical Girl, Flamboyant Bella, Mumford & Sons, Paloma Faith You pick up some interesting passengers as driver of a pop express....  and here are some new releases from former interviewees The Bookhouse Boys We love the Bookhouse Boys and they release the final single “Shoot You Down” from their magnificent eponymous debut... Continue Reading →

Heartbreaks And Razorblades-Miss Derringer Interview

"Bullet Proof Heart" By Miss Derringer Free Miss Derringer download , "Black Tears" Here Miss Derringer are; Liz McGrath (vocals) Morgan Slade (guitar) Sylvain de Muizon (bass) Cody James (drums) Ben Shields (lead guitar) When you come across a band like Miss Derringer comparisons are inevitable. But worry not, for that’s not always a bad... Continue Reading →

Light Entertainment-The Candle Thieves Interview

“Sharks And Bears” By The Candle Thieves The gurning unbearably smug visage of Alan Titchmarsh is enough to put even the most ardent horticulturist off gardening for life . Yes, Britain’s number one “celebrity gardener”(sic) and self appointed housewives choice may well credit himself with being the cure-all for vaginal dryness in woman of a... Continue Reading →

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