Music News W/E 28/08/2009

This week, Oasis are No-asis, Ipso Facto become  Split-so Facto,  Mumford & Sons, The Candle Thieves, Lisa Mitchell/Newton Faulkner Guest List Competition, Lulu And The Lampshades, Katsen, Phil Cooper and Sick!

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Stop Crying Your Heart Out -Noel Leaves Oasis (again!!)

Noel Gallgher has released this statement on his official website:
“It’s with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer. “Apologies to all the people who bought tickets for the shows in Paris, Konstanz and Milan.”

Rumours that Noel has quit the band to play his famous look-a-like, Parker from Thunderbirds, in the new film “Thunderbirds Are G.A.Y.” have not yet been confirmed.   A statement, doubtless consisting simply of “Yus, M’lady”, may well follow … news leaks out…. little by little…..

Parker, From Thunderbirds, in his car

Noel Gallagher, from Oasis, in his pomp


Spiltso Facto-Ipso Facto Call It A Day

Sadly Ipso Facto are to calling it a day.  A band we  loved and really did think had amazing potential are expected to make an official annoucement at next weekend’s Offset Festival in Hainault Country Park( more here). We will keep this short as it’s incredibly difficult to type when one cannot see the keyboard through the bitter sting of tears…

However we wish them all the very best in their new ventures……We will miss them.

Ahhhh what might of been

“Six And Three Quarters “By Ipso Facto


Mumford and Sons

Mumford & Sons have unveiled the hugely-anticipated video to their brand new single ‘Little Lion Man’. ‘Sigh No More’, Mumford & Sons debut album, is released on 5th October through Gentleman of the Road/ Island, whilst  ‘Little Lion Man’ is released the week before on 28th September. They just get better…..and better ..

Vodpod videos no longer available.


The Candle Thieves – The Sunshine Song

The Candle Thieves arrive, peering at the light at the end of the tunnel, through half empty glasses, yet still somehow manage to find that elusive silver lining, all within their joyous debut, “The Sunshine Song” taken from  ‘The Sunshine EP’ out September 14th.  Pure pop brilliance.


Order the CD or download


Competition Time

Lisa Mitchell/ Newton Faulkner

25th October: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, two guest list places up for grabs

We have two special guest list places up for grabs for the first person who emails me before 5/09/2009 and manages to make me chuckle with inbridled mirth, oh, and possibly tells me the name of Lisa’s debut album. Wonder who’ll win ?

Lisa Mitchell “Coin Laundry”

Newton Faulkner “Is This It?”


Lulu & The Lampshades

‘Feet To The Sky’

7” Released 26th October 2009 (VP Records -Voga Parochia)

Digital Release 18th October 2009

Quirky folk rockers Lulu & The Lampshades release their debut single ‘Feet To The Sky’ his October. ‘Feet to the Sky’ is a beautiful ode to escapism, perfectly capturing the delirious joy of wrenching yourself out of tedious routine and throwing yourself into something new – quite fitting for a tune written whilst cycling to Paris on a whim.  At 4am.  On New Year’s Eve. As you do …

On Myspace


Katsen- “It’s Hertz”

Katsen are the electronic pop duo of Chris Blackburn & Donna Grimaldi.

Donna and Chris became friends in 2001 while selling clothes at a craft market in Brighton. Donna’s brilliant mixtapes, with their bold collage covers, caught Chris’ attention and fired his imagination. For for the first time, after playing two-fingered synth in various bands, he’d met someone with the tastes and talents to compliment his own.

Chris: “We’d get together to listen to records and, after exhausting Donna’s extensive and very cool collection, we’d get out my synths and toy keyboards and create our own sound long into the happy night.”

Interrupted only by Donna running away one summer to join the circus, and Chris teaching acting to ballet dancers, Katsen songs began to form, taking cues from 50s chic, 70s krautrock and the sharper edges of 80s pop.

Following on from cameo appearances in compilations such as “Bot POP” (Happy Robots) and “Electronically Yours Vol.1” (Undo/ EMI), “It Hertz!” is the full-length offspring of Katsen’s eight-year partnership; the love of the square wave and all things Casio.

“It Hertz!” is available now to pre-order on CD in a gatefold digifile with immediate digital download from

Free Download-only single “Let’s Build A City”

“Let’s Build A City” is available now as a free-download from Thee SPC website, So go and get it!

Katesn-“Let’s Build A City”


Phil Cooper-999

On the 9th Sept (09/09/09) Phil Cooper the singer/guitarist/songwriter for indie band The Haiku will be recording 9 songs, starting at 9am and aiming to have the album released at 9pm.  All money raised by the album will go to charities that support the emergency services.
There’s a lot more happening along the same theme too!

The Challenge

  • Phil will record 9 brand new songs on 9th Sept 2009
  • He will start recording at 9am and the album will be available to download at 9pm (that gives pretty much 1 hour 20 minutes to record, mix and master each song)
  • All the songs will be written in the first 9 days of September
  • All the money made will go to charities that support the UK emergency services (because of the 999 connection)
  • On the day, there will be a live webcam running, so you can keep up with the progress of the album.

History of the Project

The 9 Album started life as a vague suggestion on The Haiku website.  Phil casually mentioned that he’d had an idea to record 9 songs between 9am and 9pm on 9th Sept 2009 (09/09/09) and asked for feedback. Well feedback came and was very positive, so he posted the same thing on his MySpace blog, which also received good feedback as well as a few good suggestions. And now here we are, the idea has been developed and a new website has been set up specifically for the project, which is gaining momentum every day.

For more info, please go to

Phil on Myspace


And in local news …WE ARE SICK!!!

Friday, 04 September 2009 at 09:30

The Magnet, 45 Hardman Street, Liverpool United Kingdom

But don’t worry put your Tammy Flu to one side, there’s no pandemic here ( or as we call it “ The Daily Mail induced Panic-demic”) However The VPME  and our chum JK  are definately “Sick” .

“Sick!” is  a new musical venture based in Liverpool !! The presciption reads thus …..take 4 of the best up-and-coming live bands  each  more than capable of  headlining  in their own right and intersperse the evening  with genre traversing, decade hopping cutting edge Indie to classic anthems ..and you have a seriously sick night ….heck if we feel slightly giddy we might even DJ later on!

On Facebook


The bands


Strawhouses musical influences are diverse; from the melody kings of Radiohead, REM and U2, to the tribal beats of Killing Joke, to the darkest moments of Joy Division and The Smiths.

Fake Union:

Fake Union make thoughtful music and produce songs that are edgy and uncomfortable Imagine Howard Devoto’s nephews with a Mark E Smith obsession

Rachael Dunn:

“Rachael Dunn dazzles with warm, sweet, intoxicating vocals and gorgeous insightful songs.” Jade Wright – Liverpool Echo

Coma –  folk from the Zanzibar Club might recognise them 😉

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  1. Miss Frannington · August 28, 2009

    I take it you haven’t heard of this yet?


    • vonpip · August 28, 2009


      • vonpip · August 28, 2009

        Balls it is true…Samantha pretty much confirmed it …Oh woe….

        • Dogwood · September 14, 2009

          You know I was a little bit in love with Ipso Facto – I’d do anything for Mary Quant – and I’m sad that they’ve called it a day.

          I’m am less saddened by the oaf Gallagher. They call Noel – or Parker – as you correctly surmise his true identity – the ‘intelligent one’. If that’s intelligence then we’ve found the answer for the Anti-Darwin brigade. Evolution means that we stride away from our ape ancestory not towards it as Parker seems intent on doing with his constant stream of running everyone down but himself. Sounds like me? Well, yes a bit. But I’ve got the nouse to know having two mammals as eyebrows is a statement that says ‘Me? I’m true Marionettvision!”

          I don’t know Mumford nor his sons but I’m guessing that they’re related to Fred Mumford, or should I say the late Fred Mumford, the hapless hero of ‘Rentaghost’.

          I like whatsherface from Katsen, that’s compensation for the demise of the Mary Quant for that is.


          • vonpip · September 14, 2009

            I was very sad about the point in facto myself, they were great, ah well at least i got to see them….

            As for Parker , I could never make him or his knuckle dragging bro out.. …basically they lift the Beatles back catalog, mix in a bit of the Stones, mouth off a bit trying to copy off the Pistols in terms of “attitude” have fighst like the Mary Chain and declare themselves saviours of rock, I suppose they were, in the same way Richard And Judy were saviours of Daytime TV….or literacy in Britain…(Richard and Judy recommending BOOKS, whats all that about’s like Jeremy Kyle recommending Durex, absurd! )

            I think what I mean is, if you like your music lumpen and flabby handed, unchallenging and cliched, produced by fellows with oak filled noggins, then Oasis were the masters of that laddish brand of pub rock..

            Really they weren’t that good were they ?

  2. Google eyes · September 2, 2009

    Glad I came back to this site . Great work on your site.

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