The Dead Weather- I Cut Like A Buffalo Review

Saying you  don’t particularly ‘ get’ The White Stripes usually elicits the same  sort of incredulity and anger normally reserved for somebody who decides to drop their  trousers and shout “Hallelujah!” whilst receiving Holy Communion at church on Sunday.  But the truth is I never really had much time for The White Stripes, Ok so... Continue Reading →

The Raveonettes -Bang/Last Dance (single) Review

Danish duo Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner, The Raveonettes to you and I, return with a bang, both in the literal and the figurative sense! ‘Bang’ is the first single from the bands 4th studio album “In And Out Of Control” and is a track that once again demonstrates the bands effortless ability to... Continue Reading →

Charlotte Hatherley-New Worlds Album Review

Read my interview with Charlotte, exclusive to HERE The thing that’s always impressed me about Charlotte Hatherley is she’s just so bloody good at what she does. She’s a great guitarist, an innovative songwriter, runs her own record label, is beautiful, has been a member of Ash, Client, Bat For Lashes and I’m quite... Continue Reading →

The Illumination Station-Lulu And the Lampshades Interview

"Rose Tint" By Lulu And The Lampshades Free download "Clown Tit Fun" By Lulu And The Lamshades  here A girl called Lulu and her friends the dancing lampshades?? Good grief! It sounds like something that might have been commissioned for kids TV during the 60’s and early 70’s , a time when the counter-culture and... Continue Reading →

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