What’s On Your I-Pod ? Festive Edition- 2009

We asked our musical chums to share either their favourite tunes of 2009, or if 2009 failed to produce anything that significantly moved them, anything else that had been on their I-pod/portable music device/stereo/ Wax cylinder phonograph etc …(delete where applicable) during the year... Now many of you will be aware that The Jesus &... Continue Reading →

The Trouble With…2009…. A Review Of The Year

"Pop Star" By Kids On Bridges 2009 saw the rise of 80’s influenced electronic pop as the ladies dominated the charts whilst simultaneously plunging their shiny stiletto heels through the raddled heart of landfill indie. It appeared that even Joe Public’s seemingly insatiable appetite for shite had reached a tipping point. I guess when confronted... Continue Reading →

“My Fair Bladey”-Eliza Doolittle Interview

"Rollerblades" (Plastic Little Remix) -Eliza Doolittle “Pop” has certainly been big business in 2009, generic indie bands (who generally weren’t actually indie) found that the public had turned a deaf ear to  their increasingly unconvincing, manufactured mewling as the “pop singer” became fashionable once more.  Maybe the recession caused people to seek out a slightly... Continue Reading →

Stop Making Sense-Cosmo Jarvis Interview

"She's Got You" By Cosmo Jarvis A recent Q&A with the man the N.M.E. have bestowed the title “the coolest man in rock” revealed that Strokes front man Julian Casblancas may indeed be incredibly cool but he also gives interminably dull interviews. He offered precious little insight into his ‘creative process’ and the information he... Continue Reading →

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