Something For The Weekend w/e 12/02/2009

This week free (legal) Mp3 from Operator Please, plus videos from Yeasayer, The Maccabees ft Roots Manuva, Teenagers In Tokyo,Enter Shikari, Stornaway, Ash, Kate Nash news an Cop On Edge.

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This is the new single ’Logic’* from young Australian band Operator Please…. who are back to announce their forthcoming album ‘Gloves’.

Operator Please

*The Mp3 is provided by Anorak PR- London, on behalf of the band with the message“Feel free to host, post and share this item across the web”

Yeasayer– ‘Ambling Alp’


The Maccabees feat. Roots Manuva – ‘Empty Vessels’


Teenagers In Tokyo-‘Peter Pan’

Enter Shikari -‘Thumper’




Kate Nash is also offering a freedownload if you sign up to her mailing list here

Cop on the Edge-‘I Want Don’t Get’*

(*Provided by the band)

Retro Video Of The week

Sneaker Pimps – ‘6 Underground’

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  1. Smiffylicious · February 12, 2010

    Maccabees vs Roots is ace

  2. thechemistryisdead · February 13, 2010

    Have you heard The Horrors’ remix of Peter Pan? It’s brilliant. That Kate Nash song is, sadly, hilarious.

    • vonpip · February 13, 2010

      I hope The Horrors do a better job of remixing than they do of recording thie albums ? Their sub standard Bauhaus karaoke really does wear me down…… thing is I normally find the Horrors unintentionally hilarious …..

      The Kate Nash song ? the downloads a poem innit ?

      • thechemistryisdead · February 13, 2010

        Yes they do! Their remixes are a nice surprise (there’s a good Florence one too).

        Not sure what you’re getting at with Kate Nash but “The song is a poem” ?!

        • vonpip · February 13, 2010

          I meant the track Ms Nash announced as a free download via her site she describes as a poem ?

          “The song is a little poem titled I Just Love You More.”

          I will listen to the Horrors remixes with an open mind……:)

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