To Elle And Back- The Kiara Elles Interview.

"Laser Shot" By The Kiara Elles. What’s in a name? Does it really make a difference?  Would The Clash’s contribution to music seem somehow less valid if they’d have been christened “The Foppish Dandies?”-Probably not, although T-shirt sales may well have struggled to get into double figures.  It’s difficult to assess whether the Sex Pistols... Continue Reading →

Sarah Blasko, Live, Islington Academy Thurs 15 April 2010

Words and photos by Catshoe Sarah Blasko is huge in Australia, which made it a bit of a reality check stepping from the street into a packed house at Islington's 800 standing capacity Academy. In fairness there were clues, what with the obligatory touts outside. Inside, well mannered 20 and 30 somethings, checking their Blackberries... Continue Reading →

Something For The Weekend 23/04/2010

This week Win a Pair of tickets to Beach Break live- the UK's Biggest student festival ... Plus new music from  Blood Red Shoes,  New Young Pony Club, LCD Soundsystem, Johnny Flynn, Run Toto Run, Scary Mansion, Kids On Bridges , Half Man Half Biscuit, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Blood Red Shoes- Don't Ask Out on May 10th... Continue Reading →

Une Class Differente- Standard Fare Interview

"Dancing" by Standard Fare Whilst “Big Music” continues to exhibit the sort of  head in the sand, Neo-Luddism that makes Ted Kaczynski look like an enthusiastic advocate of new technology, and by pursuing a policy that continues to successfully alienate their target demographic, it’s the smaller indie labels that continue to show the big boys... Continue Reading →

Something For The Weekend -w/e 9th April 2010

This week Sienking Ships Ft Miki Berenyi, The Indelicates, Band Of Horses, Little  Majorette, Dance To The Radio, Nina Nastassia, Mazzy Star and Hope Sandoval. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Sienking Ships ft Miki Berenyi. S-Curve Records has signed a deal with former Sub Pop recording artist Eric Matthews, to release a new project he has put together under... Continue Reading →

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