Glastonbury 2010 – 40th Anniversary

We are away at Glasto next week, so here’s something to get you in the mood, see some of you there no doubt. . .there may well be befuddled twitter updates here

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Meanwhile BBC Four broadcasts 40 years of Glastonbury on Sunday 20th June at 9.00pm .  Mark Radcliffe narrates an archive-led look back at many of the iconic things and performances connected to the 28 festivals there have been at Worthy Farm, from Avalon to Common People to Hippies to Joe Strummer to Pyramid Stage to Radiohead to The Tor to Jay-Z. Details here



Cold Seeds Review

Cold Seeds (self titled)

Release Date: 14th June 2010

Label: Song, By Toad Records

Cold Seeds

Collaboration seems to be the name of the game right now for a few in the alt folk arena. This can have two potential outcomes – the blandness of management by committee, or it can be just possible to touch and hone something to exactly the right moment, where it emerges greater than the sum of its parts. I’m happy to report that’s what we have here, in this charming, nay quirky, little record calling itself Cold Seeds. It consists of Frances Donnelly from Animal Magic Tricks, Pete and Neil from Meursault and Kenny Anderson aka King Creosote. Which, when you think about, makes this a bit of a pocket ‘super-group’.

It got recorded in best home spun style at Song by Toad corporate HQ, otherwise known as ‘Matthew’s house’, so much so that you can hear the family cat on the first track – and there was me thinking the meow came out of an effects pedal. It started out a bit unplanned with Frances doing some stuff with the Meursault boys, then Kenny adding to the mix the following weekend. It doesn’t feature all of them on stage together, instead each comes to the fore in different songs, oil and water mixing but staying separate. Despite this, the album pulls together in an emotional sense.

I’m more familiar with Meursault and Creosote, which makes Frances’ vocal lead sitting over plucked strings and cello on ‘King’ a mesmeric discovery.

‘Sleet’ sounds as though they’d taken a wheezy organ into a cow shed. Pastoral is the word I’m grasping for. The track first saw light on the Meursault album and is little changed here.

Then we come to the moment where my mind was blown sideways in the most serene possible way by Frances fronting ‘Crank Resolutions’. Another of the songs that first appeared on the Meursault record, it is massively reinterpreted here. Her voice is addressed over a slightly wheezing quietude, with a bolder dreamlike double tracked descant. Listening on headphones in the quiet of my own Sunday morning house, I have to admit it got me and I proper welled up. I’ve not heard anything quite as affecting in a long time, and without an obvious hook in sight.

The other standout here is the story telling in ‘The Perfume of Mexican Birds’. Fragments and memories and poetry. They say much of memory comes from smell? Here’s your living proof.  A fitting end to the collection comes from ‘Please Don’t Send Me Home’, a soaring rambling madness that will be familiar to anyone who has given Meursault more than a passing listen.

This is surely a record with a fairly narrow audience, but within that one that desperately and keenly repays a tiny bit of attention during your Sunday morning. A moment in time that evokes a place of imagination and makes you want to be there, it’s a quiet triumph.

1. Leave Me to Lie Alone in the Ground


3. Bubble

4. Sleet

5. Crank Resolutions

6. By 11 O’clock She’d Left

7. The Perfume of Mexican Birds

8. Soil

9. Please Don’t Send Me Home

Cold Seeds

Words by Catshoe


Something For The Weekend-10/06/2010

This Week – This Many Boyfriends, The Chakras Everything, Everything, Lana del Rey, Run Toto Run, MFlow and Space Monkeys !



This Many Boyfriends

This Many Boyfriends-Debut EP
“I Should Be A Communist” By This Many Boyfriends

Culling their name from a Beat Happening song, Leeds-based quintet This Many Boyfriends nail their manifesto firmly to the wall within seconds of the opening song of their debut EP: “I Don’t Like You (‘Cos You Don’t Like The Pastels)” is a blatant slab of spot-on musical snobbery that’s been wowing the indiekids for a few months already.

But it’s not all knowing winks and in-jokes amongst the Anorak set. For example our song of the week here  “I Should Be A Communist” and “#1” are pure jangly pop, nudging on vintage Smiths and Orange Juice territory respectively. And “Three Year Itch” bangs the drum with it’s re-verb guitars and laconic vocals as effectively as any Brooklyn-based NME darlings you could care to mention. EP closer “It’s Lethal” raised the bar, both melodically and lyrically, leaving us with the delicious coda “Radio is The Devil”. A fitting end to an EP that politely puts two fingers up to the indie mainsteam.

You’ll probably not be surprised to discover This Many Boyfriends are playing at Indietracks festival this summer and, in grand indiepop tradition, the CD release of the EP comes with a fanzine and a badge/sticker set.



The Chakras

The Chakras

The Chakras release their début single, ‘Build Me A Swan’, through Flock Music on the 28th June 2010.  

You can download the B-side ‘Slow-dive’ above.

On Facebook


Everything Everything

Everything Everything-Free Remixes

Everything Everything release their much anticipated new single ‘Schoolin” on June 14th.  Along with the single, the band have made a couple of amazing remixes available for you,YES YOU!


Lana Del Rey

You might recognise Lana del Rey already… perhaps from an old movie somewhere, but look closer and you might not. Lana del Rey is a young singer weaving cinematic dark pop for the 21st Century- music wrapped in smoky, sultry and glamorous overtones.  Born in the rural town of Lake Placid, New York, Lana then relocated to a series of places- Alabama, New Jersey and New York city, but now spends  most of her time in London. No matter where in the world Lana is, her love of film noir, Italian landscapes, big churches, roller coasters and the memory of faded stars like Bette Davis, Kurt Cobain, Nina Simone and Elvis are the chorus line for her music, and her love of New York is her heartbeat.

This marks her second offering from her collection of homemade videos she has made. Lana is currently in the studio writing her album.


Run Toto Run

Bowie’s publishers asked Run Toto Run if they wouldn’t mind covering a Bowie song, they said, course not, Bowie’s the best. They took it one step further and wanted to make a video to rival Sleepyhead for its stupid costumes. And here be the results…


Bright Spark Destroyer …….

will release their debut EP Holy Yell on 21st June, the result of a six-month mobile recording project across the South East of England.




Fanfare please,  because now we bring you news of a new music service which we’ve tried and found more addictive than a James Corden themed slap-o-meter. It’s called Mflow and is a bit like “iTunes meets Twitter” it enables music fans to share music they love and get credit for doing so (legally).

Mflow is a way of making or receiving music recommendations to people who you “follow”.  They could be mates, complete strangers, record labels, DJs, bloggers or anyone else.

Currently NME, Clash, PopJustice, ThisIsFakeDIY and us as well as lots other magazines / blogs have profiles on the site, recommending their favourite tracks.  There are also artists such as The Temper Trap, Florence & the Machine and Lauren Pritchard communicating directly with their network of followers and offering exclusive tracks and remixes.

And what’s more, mflow gives you credit every time you share a track with your mates and they buy on the basis of your recommendation.  If someone buys music as a result of your recommendation, you receive 20% of what they spend in credit to buy more music.

For more info

Website: / Blog: / Twitter: / Facebook:



“Acid House Killed Rock N Roll”– Space Monkeys

“Sugar Cane”- Space Monkeys


Their Way Of Praying – Chapel Club Interview

Chapel Club Interview 2010


“Five Trees” By Chapel Club

“Moody, majestic and magnificent,” just three words plucked from the myriad of superlatives that have been used to describe upcoming London based five piece Chapel Club. Legend has it that after just three gigs the band had managed to generate  such a  buzz that a major A&R scramble ensued with labels falling overthemselves to snap up the band’s signature . A  deal was eventually agreed upon and the word on the street was that  the bidding war had involved the sort of money that would make your  average MP’s expenses claim look like chicken feed (whilst the band celebrated by lighting their cigars with crisp fifty pound notes, obviously!)  Chapel Club however have insisted that any talk of ‘comedy sized amounts of cash’ is nothing more than fatuous tittle-tattle, as lead singer Lewis explained, “All this stuff about bags of cash is ridiculous. Our bass player hasn’t even got a house. I think as of yesterday he had about £18 in his bank.”

Whatever the truth, it is an incontrovertible fact that Chapel Club are one of the most exciting young bands to have emerged in recent years, combing the swagger, power and distortion of bands such as the Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine with swoonsome melodies and powerful poetic lyrics to produce music that positively glitters with dark beauty. It’s a sound that manages to sound heroic without ever sounding bombastic and possesses a natural eloquence and intelligence that never sounds contrived or pretentious. Their third single “Five Trees” brings together all the elements that mark Chapel Club out as special  band of huge potential,  from the  thundering bass lines, to  the swirling distorted guitars allied to  Lewis’ laconic McCulloch meets Morrissey style of vocal delivery.

Some, rather bizarrely, have compared Chapel Club to White Lies, which aside from being monumentally lazy, is blatantly way off the mark. Whereas White Lines specialise in a particularly weak, stylised brand of  Matalan Joy  Division and while their  metamorphosis from  pop band, Fear Of Flying, to sulky faced  black army shirt clad miserabilsts, was as cynical and as calculated as anything  seen on X Factor, Chapel Club appear to be very much the real deal.  They are not redolent with the cankerous whiff of a manufactured ‘big label make over’, nor do they deal in ‘designer angst’ they mean every lyric they write. True, Pixie Lott fans may well find their music a little intense and introspective, but to brand them as simply merchants of gloom means you’ve not really been listening have you?  If you really pay attention to Chapel Club you will find their music is infused with a real sense of hope, ambition and purpose, they find beauty in the mundane and try to make sense out of the vagaries of life through their own experiences, hopes and fears. At the heart of their songs lies Lewis’s dark poetry which deals with the big issues, sex, love, grief, frustration, pride, power, jealousy, and (in ‘The Shore’) the desire for the comforts of religious faith in a mind that’s far too cynical ever to accept the possibility of God. Chapel Club certainly look set to be on the cusp of something very special, and their album is being eagerly anticipated here at VP Towers. We had a chat with Lewis to find out about where the band came from, where they hope to be going and elicit more information with regard to their debut album .

VP:  I believe that in your ‘embryonic’ state you didn’t really have a collective name . What was it that made you plumb for ‘Chapel Club’

LEWIS: We went through a lot of different names and all the ones we liked were taken already. So we kind of stopped thinking about it – we didn’t have a name for about nine months. Then suddenly we were planning to release Surfacing and needed a name pretty desperately. We all threw a few suggestions out there and ‘Chapel Club’ was the only one nobody had huge problems with. And it seemed pretty appropriate because sometimes after rehearsals we used to sit and drink in a churchyard on Old Street.

VP: Your  rather epic new single ‘Five Trees’ has just been released, can you give us a flavour of what the songs all about ?

LEWIS: ‘Five Trees’ is the story of a dream produced by a weekend of over-indulgence I had a few years ago. It’s about something I saw in my sleep when under the influence, an image or set of images that contrasted very vividly – and, so it seemed then, meaningfully – with the rainy Monday morning and working week I woke up to.  Five trees on a dark hill, with leaves like glowing stars which began to detach from the branches and drift to the ground like snowflakes. My lyric can do very little to capture the scene as I saw it then, I guess. But it’s a start.

VP:  You’re currently working on your debut album, does it have a title yet and when can we expect its release?

LEWIS: No title as yet, though I just suggested something to the guys the other day that I’m hoping will stick. The record’s finished, we just need to mix and master it. I guess it’ll be out towards the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011.

VP:  Now for the dreaded ‘how would you describe your music question’ and who would you say were your biggest musical influences?

LEWIS: It’s tricky describing our sound because we’re still relatively new and we’re still evolving, I think. The album has a pretty grand, emotional sweep to it – big, bold songs about love and loss and faith and being in your twenties wondering if you’ve wasted all your chances already. It’s pretty dramatic, swoonsome stuff, punctuated with some darker, more aggressive moments. I guess if I had to name influences it’d be artists like MBV, Jesus and Mary Chain, Washed Out maybe, plus a little Brel and Sinatra. On the other hand, the songs we’ve been piecing together on the road and at home since we finished recording the album are already sounding quite different, so who knows what we’ll sound like a year from now.

VP:  Your certainly a band whose lyrics could be described as literate, indeed you list the likes of Hemmingway, Mikhail  Bulgakov and Knut Hamson amongst your influences  Would you say that your  lyrics are just as important as the music ?

LEWIS: They are to me, of course. I try to have them avoid cliché and work as words read from a page as much as words sung or spoken. I think they’re better than most lyrics out there right now, but then I guess that’s not saying much. I don’t know if anyone actually pays them much attention – it doesn’t seem like it!

As far as influences are concerned, those are just some of the writers I happen to have said I’ve enjoyed. It’s not like I approach a new song thinking about emulating this or that author. That would probably be a little weird.

VP: I’ve often wondered how up and comings bands react when they first hear themselves played on the radio, do you think “oooh this is good….oh wait it’s us” and then furiously text all your friends?

LEWIS:  I haven’t actually heard us on the radio yet, but I don’t think I’d text all my friends if I did… Somehow I imagine that might make me look a little strange! I do get lots of messages from people saying they’ve heard us though, which is nice.

VP: What have been your most memorable moment as part of ‘Chapel Club’ thus far?

LEWIS:  The most memorable part? The Shacklewell shows were great, our first gigs at this cool little African pub in east London. The Village Underground show recently was incredible, so many people and such a great atmosphere. To go from the back room of a pub to playing to 600 people in 7 months or something feels pretty cool. And of course recording with Paul and hearing the finished album tracks has been exciting. But I guess my best memories so far are from the days before all the hype and stuff, before we even had a name. Memories of leaving our rehearsal room on a weeknight with one or two new songs sketched out and new lyrics floating around my head, new ideas, getting excited about melodies on the bus home.

VP: Everybody has goals and ambitions. What would you say yours are at this stage in your musical adventure?

LEWIS:  First off I just want to get the album out there, to let people hear the songs in full and see what we’ve been doing these last couple of years. Then I want to write more. As pretentious as it must sound, for me being in a band is all about the creative act, you know? I love that part of it more than anything else – capturing ideas and feelings as vividly and completely as possible. So my main aim is just to keep writing, keep making more music, keep exploring different avenues. My only ambition is to be able to do that and keep doing it.

VP:  Are you playing any festivals this year?

LEWIS:  We’re playing loads of festivals, in the UK and abroad. I can’t remember which have been confirmed though – I think in Britain it’s Glastonbury, T in the Park, Oxygen, Truck Festival, Tramlines, Field Day, Underage Festival, the Underground Festival at Gloucester Guildhall… loads basically. The dates should all be on our website.

VP:  Give us a five word motto to sum up the band .

LEWIS:  Idees vagues avec images claires.


‘Five Trees’ is available here – Chapel Club - Five Trees - EP - Five Trees

Official Site





‘Five Trees’ By Chapel Club

“O Maybe I” By Chapel Club

“Machine Music” By Chapel Club

“Surfacing” By Chapel Club


One Fathom Down- The Old Blue Last, London 25/5/10

One Fathom Down


It’s the time of year when music lovers consider what will be the ‘soundtrack to the summer’? Rather than the usual euro-dance nonsense from the Greek Islands, hows about some pure, rocket-fuelled instrumental surf rock? That’s what Tony Wade of former VPME stars Levelload and his hot new threesome One Fathom Down serve up tonight. Lurking from  the deep of the usual indie and art-rock wannabes at Hoxton’s Old Blue Last, the Fathoms’ deliver wave after wave of twangy heavy grooves – and it’s as refreshing as having a Mai Tai cocktail thrown in your face – but way more fun!

Surf rock is an eternally cool sound (thanks in no small part to Pulp Fiction) undoubtedly steeped in retro appeal. But One Fathom Down are no lazy looters of the rock n’ roll past, taking their lead from 90’s underground sci-fi surf sensations Man Or Astroman? Their punk attitude ensures a fresh take, pushing the limits of the genre by adding a harder edge to the music giving it a new urgency while still managing to keep things party-tastic. With no pesky lyrics and vocals to get in the way the audience just gets to bathe in the awesomeness of it all. Tony’s guitar becomes the lead voice, racing alongside the growling basslines and rolling drums – rest assured this ain’t no background music! Each tune is unleashed upon the crowd with surprising and welcome venom – sweet electric melodies colliding with stomping riffs. While between-song banter is kept to the bare minimum and there’s no fancy stage visuals, the band do have great stage presence and the occasional old B-Movie snippet helps keep the excitement ramped up.

Towards the end of the set Tony steps into the crowd to eyeball the punters while he continues to crank out deliciously raw reverberations from his guitar. This in-your-face moment sums up the performance well. He returns to the stage and the band triumphantly thrash out their final tune, which may have been called ‘And Her Brain Completes the Circuit’. Fantastic. The band has only been together for five months, yet have already managed to support surf hero Dick Dale and on the evidence of this show are breathing new life into the London live scene. Pass the sunnies and the factor 55 – the soundtrack to the summer (and beyond?) is here.

Words : David Heulun Jones

One Fathom Down –My Space


Something For The Weekend- w/e 4/06/2010

This week – Paul Weller- Free Yeah  Yeah Yeah Yeahs remixes , The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart,  Sweet Jane, Teenagersintokoyo, The  Bang Bang Club , Charlotte Gainsbourg, Catherine AD free download, Mystery Jets  and Public Image Ltd announce tour dates



Paul Weller-  Free Downloads

Paul Weller-Free Downloads

Paul Weller’s new single ‘Find The Torch Burn The Plans / Aim High’ is released in the UK on June 14th.

To wet your appetite please feel free to download three exclusive remixes

The Little Vampire in question here  is none other than Yeah Yeah Yeah’s guitarist Nick Zinner.


The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (comprised of Kip Berman, Alex Naidus, Peggy Wang and Kurt Feldman) are set to release new single Say No To Love on 29th July. Lead vocalist, Kip says: “The song is about rejecting hyper-serious adolescent romance that imprisons you and inhibits your ability to become the person you want to be and do the things you want to do. It’s about a girl telling an emo boy to go grow a pair.” On the B-side is another new track, Lost Saint, which is “about growing up, going to Catholic School and insubordination.”


Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane’s new single ‘Black Eyes‘ has just been released -‘Black Eyes’ is the first single to be taken from their debut album ‘Sugar For My Soul‘ released Friday July 2nd.

Here’s the Link to itunes



Teenagersintokyo’s debut album ‘Sacrifice’ and new single ‘End It Tonight’ is out now via Back Yard Recordings.

Recorded at Bryn Derwen studios deep in the welsh countryside with Faultline main man and twice Mercury Prize nominated Bat For Lashes producer David Kosten; ‘Sacrifice’ draws together the most exciting subterranean music of the past thirty years. Sinister, crawling synths marry pulsing rhythms and screaming guitars.

Check out the video for the track ‘Sacrifice’ directed by Rhett Dashwood.


The Bang Bang Club

SINGLE: ‘Chemistry’ out 12 July

“Ambitious, modern pop” Popjustice, Song of the Day
“Stunning: 2010 could be banging indeed” Daily Star
“The only thing that’s new and noteworthy in pop” Electro Queer
“Guiltless pop pleasures…we swoon. Bang on, boys” Sheena Beaston


Charlotte Gainsbourg- new video

Time of the Assassins is taken from Charlotte Gainsbourg’s critically acclaimed new album ‘IRM’, the single is available on 12″ and as a download. Charlotte, who embarks on a world tour this month, will perform her first ever UK show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 22nd June. She will also appear at this year’s Lattitude Festival on 18th July.

Tues 22nd June – London – Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Tickets available from :

Sun 18th July – Southwold – Latitude Festival

“Please let this new sublime musical pairing go on tour” The Guardian

“Borderline genius” Sunday Telegraph

“Fascinating… an inspired and fruitfully combative pairing” Sunday Times

“IRM marks Charlotte Gainsbourg’s musical coming of age” Mojo


Catherine AD  Free Download

To mark the release of her brand new EP ‘Skeleton Songs’ on 7th June, Catherine A.D. has recorded a beautiful cover of the Hurts’ track ‘Better Than Love’ and made it available as a free download

Since the announcement of her ‘Skeleton Songs’ EP, Lauren Laverne has made one of the EP’s stand-out tracks ‘Missiveh’ the Track of The Day on her BBC 6Music show, whilst Catherine also made it to Number 2 in the Hype Machine Charts. Rob Da Banks will also be spinning ‘Better Than Love’ on his Radio One show this coming Sunday.


Mystery Jets-new video

Official video for new single ‘Dreaming of Another World’ released on 5th July, taken from the album ‘Serotonin’


Public Image Announce Uk Tour

Public Image Ltd have announced a 6 date UK tour in July, following on from their monumental concerts at the end of 2009, which were their first shows in 17 years.

With a wide and varied back catalogue spanning three decades, Public Image Ltd will play London, Bristol, Oxford, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow, showcasing the unique sounds of tracks such as “Public Image”, “This Is Not A Love Song”, “Rise” and “Disappointed,” with more surprises in store. John Lydon (vocals), Lu Edmonds (guitar), Bruce Smith (drums) and Scott Firth  (bass) earned critical and public acclaim for their concerts in December 2009.

John Lydon: “My body and mind is the Sex Pistols but my heart and soul is PiL.”

UK tour – July 2010

Monday 19th July – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Tuesday 20th July – O2 Academy Bristol

Wednesday 21st July – O2 Academy Oxford

Friday 23rd July – O2 Academy Leeds

Saturday 24th July – O2 Academy Liverpool

Monday 26th July – O2 ABC Glasgow

Tickets: 0844 477 2000 (24hr) or

On Sale Friday 4th June @ 9am

All regional dates £25.00 adv, London £27.50 adv


Retro Tracks Of The Week

‘Public Image’ By Public Image Ltd

‘Rise’ By Public Image Ltd


Fire And Ice-The Good Natured Interview

The Good Natured- Von Pip Interview 2010


‘Your Body Is A Machine’  By The Good Natured (remix free to download.)

A number of years ago my dear eccentric grandmother was having one of her infamous ‘spring cleans’. During her previous indiscriminate ‘purges on clutter’ she’d not only managed to throw out a perfectly acceptable, fully functional keyboard but also my uncle’s electric guitar and amp. He still cannot bring himself to talk about his loss to this day. And so when I overheard that she was about to embark on yet another of her notorious ‘clear outs’, I dashed around to her house with indecent haste, ostensibly to ‘help’, but in reality furtively hoping I might unearth all manner of discarded riches (or my Uncle’s bass guitar at the very least!). ‘Help yourself lad, take what you like’ she said, pointing at two swollen bin bags, all neatly packed in readiness for their voyage to the local Charity Shop. Alas, these bin bags, whom minutes earlier had positively groaned with the possibility of imagined treasures, yielded nothing more interesting than  a leopard print pashmina stole, a rather ostentatious faux fur coat, a rather disturbing peroxide wig, sunglasses and three pairs of vintage high heels. A tidy haul no doubt for a budding drag artist, or Lady Ga-Ga impressionist, but of little or no use to me.

Berkshire electronic artist Sarah Mc Intosh, fared slightly better than I at her grandmothers house  and having managed to salvage a 1980’s Yamaha keyboard  was soon producing brilliant, brooding electro pop under the name ‘The Good Natured’.  McIntosh’s fabulous self produced début  the ‘Warriors EP’ led to The Guardian newspaper singling her out as one to watch, but no sooner had they done so Sarah promptly disappeared to concentrate on  her A-Levels. Now with her qualifications safely in the bag she’s back with a wondrous re-recording and video of   ‘Your Body Is A Machine’. It’s a brilliant slice of electronica, commercial, yet dark- catchy yet complex, with a brooding, intense introspective lyrical style reminiscent of Depeche Mode- We are influenced by our self love and benevolence/ Narcissism’s overwhelming/vanity is quite exhausting/self indulgent hedonistic/blame it all on your upbringing”. Picture a less imperious Ladytron or maybe Dubstar with empathy or even La Roux devoid of reedy voice and bad manners. With silver in her lungs and gold in her heart The Good Natured could well prove to be the most interesting act to emerge from the current crop of female electronic pop pioneers. It’s a darkly celebratory sound, full of contradictions, euphoric yet  melancholic, phlegmatic yet expressive, and it really should establish Sarah as one of our brightest talents  . . .  And so off we skipped, utilising the very same quicksilver speed employed when attending a clear out at granny’s house  to have a quick word with the lady known as The Good Natured…

VP:  Hello Sarah, how did you decide on The Good Natured as the name to release your music under? Would you say it describes your own disposition? Or your music ?

SARAH: I wouldn’t say it describes my music per se, however  I am quite a nice person so I consider it most appropriate!

VP:  Your new single, “Your Body Is A Machine” is quite a dark sounding number, what’s it all about ?

SARAH: The song itself is all about self indulgence, destroying your body with drugs and alcohol and hurting someone else in the process.

VP:  Any imminent plans for an album release?

SARAH: Not just yet……watch this space…;)

VP:  How did you first become involved in making music yourself?

SARAH: I played the violin when I was little, then I progressed  onto learning to play the drums. This was the stage when  when I really got into music. After that I  taught myself how to play the  keyboard and that’s when things really took off and  I started writing songs, probably when I was  about 15 or 16.

VP:  What sort of music would you say has influenced your own output?

SARAH: All sorts! My parents record collection, so old stuff from the 80’s like the Human League, Sparks, Japan, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Some folk music too like Nick Drake. I also like pop  music such as  Timbaland. I suppose it’s quite a broad and eclectic range really.

VP:  There has certainly been an explosion in female led electronic music of late any new artists from this genre you admire?

SARAH:  I love  Fever Ray, and I think Marina is great.

VP:  I believe you’ve started to take singing lessons, is this so you breathe properly and don’t asphyxiate on stage?

SARAH: Well, to be honest I have only had one, but yes  I do hope that it will  really help  improve my  all round technique and my breathing.

VP:  What do you make of social networking, I imagine it’s almost a full time job these days for artists, but it is a great way to connect with fans and get instant feedback.

SARAH: I think it’s great to engage with people who like what you do, and it’s amazing how  you can talk to fans so easily! I must admit I do get a bit fed up of twitter sometimes; I think it takes away that certain  air of mystery if you tell people what you are doing all the time. For example  I don’t really want people to know what I had for breakfast!

VP:  Finally, you’ve already covered  The Cure’s ‘Love Song’, any other song’s would you love to cover and why?

SARAH: Hmm, maybe Mad World by Tears for Fears purely  because I love that song!

VP:  Oh dear…I forgot to ask my traditional, describe your music in five words question and so before sacking myself. . .  I’ll do it. . .

Electronic pop with a heart”






‘Your Body Is A Machine’ is released July 5th 2010, get it here : The Good Natured - Your Body Is a Machine - EP




‘Your Body Is A Machine’ By The Good Natured

“Warriors” By The Good Natured