Something For The Weekend w/e 30/07/2010

This week- Sky Larkin, Sound Of Guns Album Review, Thee Single Spy, Lissie Album Review,  Gorillaz App I-phone/ I-pad App , This Day In Music I-phone/ I-pad App, Stornoway and L7.



The band release first single ‘Still Windmills’ from their second album ‘Kaleide’ this Monday and today unveil the music video directed by Margarita Louca. ‘Still Windmills’ is available on limited edition red vinyl and digital download and comes with an exclusive track.  The band are also playing with  fellow Wichita signings, Best Coast at Cargo this Monday. So there!


Sound Of Guns -‘What Came From  Fire’ Album Review.

Sound Of Guns - What Came From Fire

“Architects”-Sound Of Guns .

If you feel that Richard Ashcroft has lost his verve or music has no basis without Oasis,  if you hanker for huge sounding stadia sized rock, sans the pomposity of U2, then look no further than Sound Of Guns.  Their debut album ‘What Came From  Fire‘ is packed full of skyscraper levelling tunes which are brimming with anthemic choruses. The fact that sometimes the songs may be lyrically opaque is rendered irrelevant as Sound Of Guns tend to conjure up images and atmospheres rather than run with a straight narrative.  Lead singer Andy Metcalfe sings every word with an impressive, impassioned conviction and one suspects if he were to sing ‘Agadoo’ he would inject some gravitas into proceedings.  From the adrenaline fuelled romp that is ‘Alcatraz ‘to the punch the air euphoria of ‘Bullet In the Bloodstream’ these songs are HUGE sounding.

It certainly makes a welcome change for a band from Liverpool to come up with a sound so completely different from the flaccid, recycled sound the city has produced in recent years. Sound Of Guns are more likely to be found discussing the finer points of Led Zeppelin or The Doors,than twanging Merseybeat  because not everybody from Liverpool is stuck in the 60’s or  wants  to eventually reach that career defining zenith of acheivement, that artistic apogee of having  your  music feature on a DFS advert, a la The Las.

For those of you who’ve had your fill of quirky females and can take no more of Florence’s new age bollocks d’jour  or the brain drilling shrillness that is La Roux, maybe its time to embrace the return of big, brash loud guitar music again.   Songs such as ‘Architects’, ‘Collisions’ ‘106  (Still The Words)’ and ‘Lightspeed’ demonstrate that  Sound Of Guns have everything in their armoury to launch a major assault on the nations consciousness.



Thee Single Spy

Try to fathom a band who seamlessly fuse image-laden lyrics, reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel and Bill Callahan, over a rich plethora of instrumentation, including French horns, organs, pianettes and clarinets. To author a sound that is both lo-fi hi-fi indie honest and organic. This is Thee Single Spy. Don’t be shy now, come and say hello.


Lissie- ‘Catching The Tiger’-Album Review

Lissie -Catching The Tiger Album Review

“Record Collector” By Lissie.

Lissie Maurus’ star has definitely been in the ascendancy during 2010, but maybe I didn’t quite appreciate just how good she is was until I caught her  live at this year’s Glastonbury festival.  She gave a hugely impressive performance that left many seasoned festival goers expressing the view that here was a girl who will probably be gracing the Pyramid stage as a head-liner in a year or two.

So how does her debut album measure up? Well it doesn’t quite capture the raw energy of the live experience, maybe it will be churlishly deemed a little too radio friendly by those who excepted a rawer, bluesy more rustic sound based on last years  ‘Why You Running’Ep.  However it certainly demonstrates what a fantastic singer and songwriter this lady is. There are obvious comparisons to be made, Stevie Nicks and Rumours era Fleetwood Mac being the nearest points of musical reference, but this is not a debut that simply regurgitates the past, instead it is one that lays the foundations for the future. It’s undoubtedly an album that will have a broad appeal, from lovers of 70’s flavoured rock to fans of nu-folk and despite it’s commercial appeal it never allows the  natural free spirited nature that is the essence of ‘ Lissie’ to be obscured by overbearing or heavy handed production. ‘Catching the Tiger’ sounds very much like the start of something BIG.    8/10



I- phone and I-pad apps seem to be all the rage these days and there’s certainly no shortage of ones that relate to music. We were offered the chance to review two such new apps, and here’s what we thought.

Gorillaz –Escape to Plastic Beach –I Phone App

Being fans of Gorillaz we were quite excited to explore the world of ‘Plastic Beach’ in 3D on our I-phone. The  games a fairly straight forward affair and involves you taking on the role of  Murdoc as he floats about Plastic Beach HQ on his Doom Glider attempting to  foil 2D ‘s persistent  escape attempts, racing against the clock, whilst avoiding all manner of hazards and obstacles. The game features actual  music from the album and amusing audio sound bites from the characters.  It can be a little frustrating negotiating this virtual environment using the tilt controls on the I-phone/pad and in my hands Murdoc’s disturbing predilection for kamikaze style dive bombing into the ocean resulted in abject failure and puce faced exasperation.  Still if you’re a fan of Gorillaz you’ll probably pass a diverting few hours flying around ‘Plastic Beach’.  However perhaps this apps real achiement is to  nurture the  desire  to see  a fully fledged ‘High Definition’version of a Gorillaz themed game that could really utilise Jamie Hewlett’s fantastic art work in all it’s  glory.

8 /10


This Day In Music I Phone/I Pad App.

This Day In Music  I-pod /I pad app

A godsend for music geeks or a cornucopia of useless information?  Well, it’s possibly a bit of both but it’s also quite an informative, fun little app that enables you to unearth the sort of musical trivia that will have you questioning  how on earth you got through life without being aquainted with facts such as after being banned from all Holiday Inn hotels in the USA, The Faces would book in as Fleetwood Mac.” There’s also a quiz and the chance to find out who was number one on the day of your birthday (yes that’s right in my case it was  George Formby!)  A nice interface and some rather swish graphics make it easy on the eye as you impress (or annoy) your chums with your obsessive musical geekery.



Stornoway -New Single.

‘Watching Birds’ is released on August 23 and taken from Stornoway’s début album ‘Beachcomber’s Windowsill’, out now and available here


Retro Track Of The Week

L7-‘Pretend That We’re Dead’



Reviewed . .Tokyo Police Club- ‘Champ’ /The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads- ‘Hard To Cry’ EP

Tokyo Police Club– ‘Champ’

Tokyo Police Club -Champ Review

‘Frankenstein’ -Tokyo Police Club


It’s been two years since Tokyo Police Club’s full length debut album ‘Elephant Shell’ and their much anticipated follow up ‘Champ’ proves that they still have the ability to produce ‘arresting’, quirky, indie rock.

However there are at least three tracks on ‘Champ’ that, whilst not exactly spoiling the album, certainly render it some way short of being a classic. This is a shame because when Tokyo Police Club get it right they sound inventive, energetic and achingly cool.  Dave Monk’s laconic drawl, falling somewhere between Julian Casablanca’s and Bob Dylan plus his clever literate wordplay, have always made Tokyo Police Club stand out from the indie wannabe’s and ‘Champ’ is almost a great album. “Favourite Food” is full of tender melancholia that manages to be strangely uplifting,  ‘Breakneck Speed’ is a feisty, angular spirited piece of  rock n’ roll whilst ‘End Of  Spark’ and ‘Wait Up (Boots Of Danger)’ are both  masterclasses in eccentric , intelligent indie.

But alas, and here’s the rub, there are a couple of songs that could be roasted, garnished and served up as the main course on Thanksgiving Day.  The dire Weezer doing cod-reggae horror that is ‘Gone’, the yawn inducing ‘Big Difference’ and  the mesmerically bland ‘Not Sick’, all come across as clunkingly derivative and dance precariously near the precipice of landfill indie.

All in all Tokyo Police Club demonstrate they are neither Chumps nor Champs and have produced an album that occasionally flirts with both mediocrity and brilliance without ever really fully consummating its relationship with either.



The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of  Our HeadsHard To Cry EP

The Bewitched Hands On The Top Of Our Heads-Hard To Cry EP

With a collective name that sounds like a gang for teenage wizards and screams, in eight foot neon high letters, ‘we’re MAD we are” I admit  to approaching this EP with some trepidation. However the old maxim ‘never judge a book by a cover’, or in this case ‘never judge a band by a dreadful name’ is sage advice indeed as this is quite simply a dazzling EP, bursting with energy and innovation.

It’s a veritable explosion of bliss which embraces many styles from surf to shoegaze, from 60’s pyscheldic rock to a strange form of choral folk. With all six members sharing the vocal duties this is quirky, catchy and at times quite beautiful pop music, not unlike a less melodramatic version of  The Arcade Fire or  the Polyphonic Spree. Beguiling, eccentric, magical and utterly brilliant – forget the name and indeed the acronym- and embrace TBHOTTOOH’s music, for if you have a heart that still beats it will leave you both  bedazzled and bewitched.



Rose Elinor Dougall-‘Without Why’ Album Review

Rose Elinor Dougall-‘Without Why’ Review.

Rose Elinor Dougall

“Carry On” By Rose Elinor Dougall.


Rose Elinor Dougall’s debut album finally lays to rest the ghost of her former musical incarnation ‘Rosay’ from uber pop girl group The Pipettes. ‘Without Why’ demonstrates that Dougall has far more weighty deliberations to cogitate on than simply practising dance moves or ‘Pulling Shapes’.  It’s a thoughtful, reflective and musically mature album suffused with a miasma of yearning melancholy, of things ending, which at times makes Morrissey look like quite the optimist. It’s also an album that displays an introspective yet sophisticated style of song writing that requires some attention from the listener. Indeed bodies of work that often necessitate a degree of engagement are often the most rewarding and invariably ones that achieve greater longevity; this is definitely the point in case with regard to ‘Without Why.

R.E.D.’s melodies and song arrangements are not always the most straightforward and often only reveal themselves after a number of plays enabling the listener to experience that ‘eureka’ moment as things elegantly fall into place. Her great strength has always been her rich euphonic voice which has a cool glacial quality and on occasion conjures up the ghost of Harriet Wheeler, indeed songs such as ‘Carry On’ and ‘ To The Sea’ could fit quite snugly onto The Sundays ‘Reading Writing And Arithmetic,’ which is high praise indeed.

All in all it’s a lovely collection of songs full of depth and beauty centred on themes of love, regret, longing and new beginnings, it’s also an album that will ultimately reward the listener if they are prepared to put the effort in.










“Fallen Over” Live (Liverpool)


Something For The Weekend w/e 23/07/2010

This  week – Savoir Adore,  Performance, The Quails, The Shout Out Louds,  Adam Parker, Plants And Animals, YOU!, Evy For The Kill, Suck My Pop,   And The Waterboys



Savoir Adore

We adore Savoir Adore ..

Savoir Adore unveil details of new album

“Even in a scene as vibrant as Brooklyn’s, Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro – the principal members of Savoir Adore – bring something entirely unique and exciting to the table with their lush, leftfield slant on pop. After releasing their limited edition debut UK single ‘Bodies’  earlier this year (receiving support from Radio 1 and NME Radio, plus featured on Myspace), Savoir Adore are pleased to announce their début album ‘In the Wooded Forest’ will be released through Cantora Records (the New York label who helped launch MGMT, Violens and Bear Hands) and their next single ‘We Talk Like Machines’.” Below is a free download of the B-Side “Cave Of Good Secrets”

And here’s a clip of the new single . . .


Performance-Unconsoled – Tom Staar remix- Free Download

Performance new single ‘Unconsoled’ released August 9th on Too Much Information Records

‘Unconsoled’ is the follow up to ‘The Living’, and another example of Performance’s unique style of literate English pop. Inspired by the Kazuo Ishiguro novel of the same name, ‘Unconsoled’ is musically joyous and lyrically intelligent. . .Here’s the video –


The Quails –‘ Fever’

The Quails returned from a highly successful weekend playing at Glastonbury where they performed on 4 stages including their own slot to a packed house on Friday night and then were asked to play in front of another maximum crowd in place of a high level band when they failed to turn up the following night!

Simon Honywill who was head of music production on the Pyramid stage last year recently said of the band that they were “dynamite” and that he hadn’t been this excited by a new band in years.  In fact he’s just posted the following message on their Facebook page:

“This is the best band you’ll hear this year – don’t let them pass you by!”


The Shout Out Louds-Show me Something New -Video

‘Work’ the third album by The Shout Out Louds
is released: September 20th


Adam Parker-‘Forget The Wood’

Forget The Wood is the latest track from Adam Parker. It’s a seamless amalgam of classic singer songwriter sensibilities, indie hook catch ability and the weathered soul of a troubadour. Adam has just finished recording his début album ‘Call Me A Medic’ in Denmark and London with producer and 2009 Grammy Nominee, Dyre Gormsen. It will be released later this year.


Plants And Animals-‘The Mama Papa’

After the release of their ‘with/avec’ EP last summer, Montreal based trio Plants and Animals return this year with their debut UK album, ‘La La Land’.  Their second studio album (debut LP ‘Parc Avenue’ was only available in North America), ‘La La Land’ will be released in the UK on September 13th through Secret City. Having already pricked up the ears of North America’s most discerning critics, ‘The Mama Papa is the first single to be taken from the record.



Discovered by Jamie Harley (Schmooze!, video director for Memory Tapes/Prizes/Memoryhouse) and newly-signed to Kuskus/Discograph, You! is the Parisian duo of Romuald Boivin and José Reis Fontao. Their first single is  ‘To Disappear’


Evy For The Kill

Have just released an Ep which you can get here

And there’s a free download available here


Suck My Pop

There just arent enough shows on TV about celebrities, entertainment and music are there ?  We’ll let you judge whether this one hosted by the only member of Girls Aloud we’d cross the road for,  Kimberley Walsh, is a welcome addition to this sadly neglected televisual genre. It promises live special performances from some of the world’s top artists, hopefully that won’t mean the Williams/ Barlow abomination.


Retro Video Of The Week

The Waterboys -‘Church Not Made With Hands’


“Heartbreak Beat”-Sweet Jane Interview

Sweet Jane

‘Bleed‘ By Sweet Jane


Sweet Jane are

DANDA – guitar/ vox
LYDIA DES DOLLES- vox/ percussion

Sweet Jane believe in putting the swagger back into rock n roll, injecting new life into an indie music scene that seems swamped with trainee accountants enjoying a gap year and who know all about business plans but  have little real feeling for, or indeed knowledge  of,  the music that  they  cynically seek to produce. Ownership of a pair of skinny jeans and a twatty little hat may be voguish but passion not fashion is what really counts and personally I’d much rather judge a band on the content of their heart than the content of their wardrobe.

Sweet Jane wear their hearts on their collective sleeves and clearly understand what makes great rock n’ roll, they take their influences and  forge them on their own artistic anvil to produce something thrilling, visceral and very much the real deal. Hailing from Dublin they have only been together for a few years but in that short space of time have already supported some heavyweight acts, accompanying the likes of  The Kills, Glasvegas, A Place To Bury Strangers and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and now with the release of their debut album it’s their turn to take centre stage.   If you’ve ever been held in the sway of bands like The Velvet Underground , The Jesus and Mary Chain , My Bloody Valentine, Ride or  60’s West Coast rock then we submit that you may well be smitten with their debut album ‘Sugar For My Soul’.  The album begins with the Mary Chain strut of ‘Bleed’ and ends with the Hendrixesque psychedelic space jam of  ‘Fade To My Heartbreak’ whilst in-between you will be hard pressed to detect a filler  on the entire album, in fact it would not be an overstatement to say that ‘Sugar For My Soul’ is  littered with songs that in any right thinking, artistically sophisticated society, would be regarded as classics. (Listen to ‘ Don’t Hold Your Head So Low’, ‘Texas Tears’ or ‘Black Eyes’ and tell me I’m wrong 😉  )

So whilst people of no discernable musical taste are soiling their trousers with excitement at the prospect of a Gary Barlow/Robbie Williams reunion (which let’s face it is about as exciting as Ken Barlow discussing  how to procure the perfect cardigan) we spoke to Sweet Jane’s Lydia .


VP: How did Sweet Jane get off the ground, I’ve read that the band originally started as a side project?

LYDIA: That’s true, Our bass player Ruairi introduced me to Danda at a party, and he asked if I’d like to sing on some songs he wrote, I guess when we saw other people get excited about the songs we thought it would be good to do a couple shows, we pretty much steam-rolled since then.

VP: Your rather excellent debut album ‘”Sugar For My Soul’ has just been released, after being delayed a few months. Was it frustrating having release dates put back, or do you think it worked in your favour   ?

LYDIA: It wasn’t really something that we worried about, or thought about. We planned to go into the studio to do the record by ourselves, during that period, we signed to Reekus, so we knew that they had to prepare their schedule, and we had to make sure that the record was the best it could be, when you sign contracts you get a certain confidence that your band is hopefully in it for the long haul, so we were fine waiting an extra couple months.

VP: Do you have a favorite album track?

LYDIA: ‘Don’t Hold Your Head So Low’ is special, the lyrics mean a lot to me, it’s sort of a self-help song, it was really emotional to record, we’ve never played it live yet either, I don’t think I would make it through the whole song. All of our songs are special to me, when I hear them, I go back to where they were wrote or what happened when we played it together for the first time, I guess the record is a story book for the last two years.

VP:  Which bands would you say have been the biggest influence on your songwriting and musical style?

LYDIA: It comes in two parts for me, what I’m influenced by isn’t really how I write. I don’t think in terms of songs I get influenced by other artists, Danda writes the majority of our music so it’s hard to talk about music influences without him here, he’s a really big country music fan though. Melody wise, the original pop stars like Ike & Tina and that whole Phil Spector sound is inspiring. In general I’m a big Brit-Pop fan, the Creation Records back-catalogue, Oasis being the Holy Grail y’know. I think though people and attitudes inspire me most.

VP:  What have been the most memorable moments thus far as being a member of Sweet Jane?

LYDIA: We’ve had a lot of great nights with this band, we’re easily pleased, a good rider and good company, getting to travel to places and have people know your band is pretty great. We’ve met some pretty cool people along the way, 3am in an attic singing ‘Wonderwall’ with Bonehead [The Vortex / Oasis] was a special one for me, sitting in a field in Sheffield with Mark Gardener from Ride, all bizarre amazing nights. Actually we just played the Oxygen Festival in Ireland this weekend and we were backstage with The Coral,  I’ve never realised how beautiful their lead singer was before, and that voice, I had a total fan-girl moment, but I can’t have many of those on tour, it’s pretty much a boys world y’know, crushes don’t go down to well [laughs]

VP:  What’s your opinion of the current music scene?  Any bands stand out ?

LYDIA: I’m not good at finding new bands to listen to, Ruairi, our bass player, is pretty much a music salmon of knowledge, so he knows what I like and sends me what he thinks I’ll like, I listen to a lot of the Rolling Stones, Ride, The Flying Burrito Brothers, The Byrds, and a lot of Black Sabbath. Actually I just got The Coral’s new record ‘Butterfly House’, its so beautiful, really great, y’know what, that band have never made a bad record, they really should be the biggest band in the UK, they deserve that!

VP: Do you think the ease with which people can download music has in some way devalued it?  Or has it democratized the whole process making it much easier to get your music ‘out there’.

LYDIA: What you have to remember is our band has only been around for a couple of years, so by the time we had started, music sales were already dropping, the dip has never affected us directly, I guess its the ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ mentality. My stance on download music is simple, if that’s how kids are accessing music today, then who am I to say it’s wrong, the reason we work hard promoting our band and record is to get as many people to hear our music as possible, if it that means someone sending mp3s to friends then so be it.

VP: And in a similar vein, there’s been a lot of talk about file sharing damaging music sales, which is a contentious point, how do you see the future of music evolving?

LYDIA: I don’t know, I really don’t, I don’t file share and I don’t have an I-Tunes account, I buy records. So I don’t really know how to give this a good answer, I know that I can’t live off of our record sales digital or CD, and I never could, so I don’t really like to think about whether I could or not, there’s nothing that I can do about it. It doesn’t bother me; all I care about is making music, and seeing people at our shows.

VP:  Is there a pressure on bands to interact with fans, due to social networking sites?  Is it something you approve of and embrace?

LYDIA: I’m not sure, I don’t think our band has fans, I think we have people who like our music, I get uneasy with the term ‘fan’, I don’t want fans I want friends of our band, y’know? At the start, we managed all our own websites, but it wasn’t really an effort, it was just keeping everyone in the loop of what we were doing, now we have a label that looks after all the online stuff, all the press and PR.  Now that I know someone else will do the updating, the more I want to step away from the internet, the less time spent online the better y’know? I am a twitter fan though.

VP:  Five words to describe the album?

LYDIA: Honest – Emotional – Vulnerable – Romantic – Nostalgic






“Black Eyes” By Sweet Jane


The Whole Of The Moon …Alba Lua interview

Alba LuaOriginal photo by Maciek Pozoga

“Sungaze’ by Alba Lua


If a description along the lines of ‘sun fretted Gaelic shoegaze dream pop’ takes your fancy and tickles your dander than the chances are you will love Alba Lua’s début EP.  This eccentric French trio from Bordeaux have produced a sparkling hypnotic fusion of styles which shimmers with an ethereal, otherworldly beauty.

The first track on the EP, the melancholic “Ballad Of Joseph Merrick” deals with the inner turmoil and existential angst of the gentleman who’s ghastly visage and butter bean shaped noggin made him a celebrity in polite Victorian society.  ‘“I’m the Elephant Man…my head is bigger than yours,” ponders the songs accursed protagonist and although this may not exactly be the most insightful line ever written with regard to Mr. Merrick’s grotesquely misshapen head, unless you happen to be Jeremy Clarkeson, it’s definitely one of the most factual.  With hushed highly pitched vocals combined with a fuzzy wash of sound it all comes together rather beautifully and builds to an eminently satisfying climax.  Track two,  “Sunbathers” at times recalls ‘Spooky’ era Lush and the final and possibly best track on the EP “Valley of Abra” is a dreamy, intoxicating, psychedelic explosion.

We set about the task of finding out  more details with regard to this fascinating trio yet at the conclusion of our interview we found our overriding emotions were ones of perplexed bemusement. Maybe things were lost in translation, their English is certainly vastly superior to our French, and quite possibly sometimes music possesses an eloquence that is all of it’s own and quite impossible to capture with mere words. . . ah and what lovely music it is. . .

VP: How did you all meet up and what prompted you to form a band?

PEPO: We met on the west coast of France and we wanted to express our love for each other without talking.

VP: Your collective name Alba Lua ? What does it actually mean?

PEPO: It means moon of the dawn –‘lune de l’aube’. We’ve seen it on the beach next to the rising sun; it was as scary as it was beautiful and the birds were flying and crying.

VP: Joseph Merrick is a slightly strange subject for a song, what prompted you to write a song based on The Elephant Man?

PEPO: Joseph Merrick has always interested me for two reasons: firstly I empathized with his position in society (Do you face the public or hide from the public? The public are barbarians! ) and secondly I was fascinated by the way he viewed himself as a person. I love the way he finally accepts his differences and tries to live as full a life as possible.

VP: You all hail from Bordeaux in France, is there a vibrant music scene there at the moment?

PEPO: The three great bands we know are – Windy Morning , Mars Red Sky and Teenage Wet Dream ! You should come along!

VP: What sort of influences do you think have inspired your sound?

PEPO: Ennio Morricone , Bob Marley, Doc Gyneco, Woody Guthrie and The Byrds.

VP:  Have you played any UK shows yet and are there any planned in the near future?

PEPO: Yes we did man!!! It was awesome!!! Such a great experience!!! The UK was great but Holland was even better, big love to “ In Julia’s Mind Scene“!! But in the future we’ll go to the South, it’s where we belong.

VP:  OK. . . Is there a début album being readied?  If so when are you hoping to release it?

PEPO: We are thinking about it but we’re cursed so it will take a long time. But it’s obviously or ambition to release one.

VP:  Who would be your ideal touring partners and why?

PEPO: We’d like to tour with Simon and Garfunkel because they look very sweet and funny and they could raise our spirits by playing their songs in the middle of the morning. Of course our friends would also make ideal touring companions, Loan, Arthur, homies from “Auckr”, Antoine Brachet and Le Frisé from Bordeaux

VP:  Is new technology something you embrace? Do you have any gadgets you can’t live without or are there any you secretly covet?

PEPO: The less of an input from technology, the better we all are- technologically we are still in 1888!! However, Pascal wants a grand piano, Renoi wants to explore space, and I, Pepo want a new motorbike –

VP:  Five words to describe your sound?

PEPO: Sympa, nonsense, shameless, permanent vacation, ocean; there’s a mix of six!





“Valley Of Abra” Alba Lua


Something For The Weekend-w/e 09/07/2010

This week , Chapel Club,  Frankie Rose and The Outs, Dreamend, The Indelicates, Marina And The Diamonds,  Juliette Lewis, Metric, Kyshera, Creation Records-“Doing It For The Kids”



Chapel Club Free Download

Chapel Club Free Download

Chapel Club offer a free download of ‘The Shore’  this week . We caught them at Glasto, they were of course, ace.

Interview here


Frankie Rose and the Outs Free Download

Frankie Rose and The Outs Free Download

Ahead for their debut album due for release on Memphis Industries on 27 September 2010 Frankie Rose and The Outs have a free download of  the galloping reverb symphony that is  “Little Brown Haired Girls”

Rose has been a member of Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and Vivian Girls, Rose has finally found the perfect vehicle for her musical inspiration.

To be honest, I like so much music,” says Rose, “and never know what influences are going to come out. For me, song writing is more about evoking certain feelings than the lyrics or anything else. Hell, sometimes I don’t even know what the songs mean.”

We love all the bands she’s been in and cannot wait for the album, plus we shouldn’t say this but “She makes us feel kind of funny, like when we used to climb the rope in gym class.”


Dreamend –Magnesium Light- Free Download.

Dreamend Free Download

Dreamend’s album, ‘So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite’ (SIAMBbB) is the latest release from a member of the peculiar electronic band, Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Dreamend is, to all intents, Ryan Graveface, the proprietor of Chicago based independent label Graveface Records, home to a dizzyingly varied bunch of bands (including the aforementioned Black Moth Super Rainbow). The album was recorded with help from members of another Graveface band The Appleseed Cast and was curated by Tobacco of Black Moth fame.   It was given a final mix by John Congleton of The Paper Chase.

With SIAMBbB, Dreamend diverges from the synth-pop of Black Moth to take on a nightmarish American folk sound that evokes the faded scenery of ghost towns and eerie midnight drives.  Musically Dreamend rely heavily on Delverancesque banjo, bells, distorted guitar and drums, organ, fearlessly honest vocals and intensely melodic refrains.

Whilst the album can be listened to as series of catchy atmospheric folk songs there is also a narrative thread of a character who acts on his destructive fantasies and descends into madness and murder.


The Indelicates new video ‘Flesh’

Featuring a sinister Tony Soprano New Jersey style cameo from NYC Blogger Dave Cromwell. ‘Are you talkin’to me’ ;)



Marina and The Diamonds New Video ‘Oh No’


Juliette Lewis “Uh-Huh”

As mad as a box of frogs, you do wonder if, when Juliette Lewis was an actor, playing nutters, serial killers and all manner of unhinged fruit cakes,  was she actually acting or just being herself. She scares us, but her latest single is her poppiest yet and we like the tune LOTS. The video we can’t quite work out, but the keen eyed may spot ‘Cape Fear’ in there. We saw Juliette live last year and it was possibly one of the most barkingly mad, intense, incandescent performances we’ve ever seen. Amazing really, defo worth seeing live. Crackers is fun.



We are not a fan of Hollyoakes with fangs, we find it lazy, foppish and well, just a bit shite,   but we love Metric and Emily Haines and we thank them for adding interest to a movie franchise that had all the depth of Hervé Villechaiz’s jacuzzi.


Kyshera -‘Paradigim’


If Dylan Thomas had listened to Radiohead. . .Kyshera are from Wales and produce impassioned, literate rock that conjures up ‘Holy Bible’ era Manics  with a  nod to the incendiary adrenailane fuelled stadia straddling  epicness of  Muse ,  Sky Ferreira fans need not apply …Check out this album track “The Servant” from their forthcoming album ‘Paradigim’.


Retro Tracks Of  The Week

All from the seminal Creation Records compilation “Doing It For The Kids” which proves what great taste Alan McGee had, pre-Oasis.

House Of Love-Christine

Felt– Ballad Of The Band

Momus-A Complete History Of Sexual Jealousy (Parts 17-24)