“Tree’s A Crowd” – Savoir Adore Interview

Rarely does a band arrive on the scene as fully formed as genre bending Brooklyn based duo Savoir Adore. However the band apparently came about completely by accident when multi instrumental friends Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro challenged each other to write music purely for fun. With their debut album “In the Wooded Forest” they have perfectly captured that free spirited sense of adventure, spontaneity and fun combining a vibrant and eclectic mix of songs and styles that aren’t confined by genre or constrained by pretension.

BT Digital Music Awards 2010

Hello there ! We have just arrived  back from our holiday in Italy,  seemingly ten stone heavier than when we left dear old England. Having no internet access for a week has clearly contributed to this unprecedented weight gain  and so we  have entered the  BT Digital Music awards, as the excitement alone will speed... Continue Reading →

Something for the Weekend w/e 13/08/2010

Fight Like Apes, Hermes, Sleigh Bells, The King Blues,  Dawn Kinnard, The Like, Teeth, The Concretes, Florrie and Pop Will Eat Itself __________________________________________________________________________________ FIGHT LIKE APES -New Album May Kay and the boys are back  and 'Hoo Ha Henry,'  is the new single from Fight Like Apes' forthcomimg album , the wonderfully named 'The Body... Continue Reading →

Dance Yourself Dizzy-Allo Darlin’ Interview

"Kiss Your Lips" By Allo Darlin' The ukulele, it must be said, has never been my favourite musical instrument.  This probably stems from a deep rooted childhood aversion to uke playing toothsome Lancastrian comics, a fact which possibly clouded my view of Australian expatriate Elizabeth Morris’s musical venture Allo Darlin’ before I’d even heard a... Continue Reading →

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