The Jesus And Mary Chain-Psychocandy 25th Anniversary-Jim Reid Interview

“Just Like Honey” –By The Jesus & Mary Chain. How do you decide which is your favourite album, like, ever? What rules or tests apply? Is it really about the music or is it linked to a time in your life you’d dearly wish to revisit?  For me it’s a fairly straightforward question,  it’s quite... Continue Reading →

Really Legal-Free downloads plus new videos 14/09/2010s

Violens , Mojo Fury, Polly MacKey & The Pleasure Principle, Chapel Club, Wild Party, Caitlin Rose, Maps And Atlas, Alasdair Dinnewell and The 3D Glasses. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Violens-Free Download 'He Got The Girl' By Violens. New York's Violens have announced details of their debut album. 'Amoral' will be released through Static Recital in late September. Ahead of... Continue Reading →

“Are We Not Men?” – MEN Interview

MEN’s debut single can be enjoyed on many levels- as you might expect it has a hard hitting message but ‘Credit Card Babies’ could also well be one of the most catchy and infectious dance tunes of the year. True, it’s lyrical content means it’s unlikely to bet be shown too much love from day time radio. And it’s doubtful MEN are going to be lad’s mag aficionado and all round cretin, Chris Moyles favourite new band, but it’s also surprisingly more ‘pop’ sounding then many might of anticipated from JD and chums.

Really Legal -New Mp3/ video- 4.09.2010

Seeräuber Jenny, Chapel Club, Angry Vs The Bear, Kurran and The Wolftones. ___________________________________________________________________________ Seeräuber Jenny. As a blogger you get many expected treats in your email in box, threats of physical violence, offers of physical love (well not really) and alongside the ubiquitous Nigerian despots wishing to transfer  millions into your bank account, obviously plenty... Continue Reading →

Something For The Weekend w/e 3/09/2010

Rose Elinor Dougall, Manic Street Preachers, Ten City Nation, Feldberg, Joe Stretch, Hurts, Jonny Cola & The A-Grades, The Pogues. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rose Elinor Dougall- ‘Carry On’ With her debut album 'Without Why' getting positive reviews Rose has a new video for soon to be single (?) 'Carry On' __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Manic Street Preachers -' I'm... Continue Reading →

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