Really Legal -New Mp3/ video- 4.09.2010

Seeräuber Jenny, Chapel Club, Angry Vs The Bear, Kurran and The Wolftones.



Seeräuber Jenny.

As a blogger you get many expected treats in your email in box, threats of physical violence, offers of physical love (well not really) and alongside the ubiquitous Nigerian despots wishing to transfer  millions into your bank account, obviously plenty of music. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not and sometimes you come across a band that knock you sideways. This is exactly what happened when we were sent an email about  Seeräuber Jenny. Quite brilliant !  Check them out below.


Chapel Club

Chapel Club FREE Mp3

Chapel  Club are set to release a new single  ‘All The Eastern Girls’ on  October  11th. They have made a remix of the track available as a free download, which is nice.

Interview here


Angry Vs The Bear.

Angry Vs Bear NEW Single

The strangely named Angry Vs The Bear are to release a new single ‘Kill Me With Words & Pictures’ which you can listen to below. It’s a song that demonstrates that these guys have talent as huge as their hair (which is BIG) and have a singer in Mitzi Fox who voice is seductive  yet strident, powerful  yet tender. La Roux, listen and weep. 😉


Kurran And The Wolfnotes

Kurran and his chums the Wolftones have made one of their favourite tracks “Here To Fill You In “ (above) available as a free download, ahead of their new single “Your Four Limbs”(video below.)  Kinda seems like there’s an altfolk Radiohead vibe going on here we reckon. And besides any song that contains the lyric “how I love to assist/ the burning rushes to your hips ” is ok with us !




  1. catshoe · September 5, 2010

    Cristina M and I saw Angry vs Bear end of last year at the Garage, think we were both impressed with them. Good to see they’re pushing on

  2. taylor faulks · September 5, 2010

    Great tunes!

    One thing tho, It is Angry Vs The Bear, not Angry Vs Bear

  3. Lillt · September 14, 2010


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