Sonic Boom Girl- Spark Interview.

"Revolving" By Spark. Free Download -'Revolving Warrior One Remix.' BOOM!  Welcome to the world of Jess Morgan, aka Spark.  With hair as black as a raven's wing, pale, almost luminous alabaster skin and blood red lips, Spark looks set to take the pop world by storm.  After the limited seven inch single release of  'Shut... Continue Reading →

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“Wistful Thinking” -The Concretes Interview.

"All Day"-By The Concretes. “Apparently the Concretes are embracing that whole 80’s thing” shrieked my not quite enigmatic contact and Sweden’s answer to Gok Wan,  Anders Panders.  Despite my offer of copious amounts of alcohol he resolutely refused to shed any more light on this somewhat sweeping statement, and rather bafflingly seemed to think that... Continue Reading →

Something For The Weekend w/e 22/10/2010

This week , Johnny Cola and the A Grades, The Gay Blades, Projectionists, Doctors & Dealers, The Chapman Family And Billy Bragg. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jonny Cola and the A Grades-“In Debt” Photo by A Secret Picnic "The Party's Over" By Johnny Cola and the A Grades. Johnny Cola and the A Grades debut album “In Debt”... Continue Reading →

When Push Comes To Shove-Seeräuber Jenny Interview.

'Push it Away'/ 'Waste of Time' By Seerauber Jenny. "Firefly" By Seeräuber Jenny (free download). With my impending unemployment about to explode all over me like a shit filled water balloon, my email inbox has been the subject of intense scrutiny of late as I surf the veritable tsunami of job offers and business proposals.... Continue Reading →

Sivert Høyem & Band, Manchester Night & Day Cafe, 7th October 2010.

Sivert Høyem & Band, Manchester Night & Day Cafe, 7th October 2010. Moon Landing" By Sivert Høyem. The oft-quoted punchline "Norway : nuls points" is not something you're ever likely to hear in relation to the "Arctic Chanteur" from said country; Mr Sivert Hoyem. His previous band Madrugada turned out some staggeringly beautiful music and,... Continue Reading →

Something For The Weekend w/e 8/10/2010

This week- Little Comets, The Good Natured, Ash, The Third Sound, Blindness, the Adverts. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Little Comets-“Isles” Little Comets release a single on a new Indie label called “Dirty Hit” , but I’ll shut up and let them explain “This is the first single we've released since parting company with our old label Columbia at... Continue Reading →


Our very own prince of darkness, Richard The Goth, dons his cape and clambers aboard his hanson carriage to  report on... MANIC STREET PREACHERS : HULL CITY HALL : OCTOBER 5th 2010 "Little Baby Nothing" By The Manic Street Preachers. It's a risky business, declaring yourself a rock n roll iconoclast, making rash pronouncements about... Continue Reading →

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