Liam Gallagher Releases Free download.

“Look Dad, No Tunes”

So one half of the “Brothers mono- brow” finally emerges from the car crash that was the acrimonious Oasis split with some exciting, ground breaking  new material. Or not.

Those  hoping for a  cover of  Bad Manners‘ seminal classic Lip Up Fatty” in honour of corpulent northern comic Peter Kay may find themselves somewhat disappointed.

Liam Gallagher‘s new band Beady-Eye finds him still relentlessly mining the 60’s for musical inspiration but this time around he appears to have thankfully forsaken blatant  Beatles plagiarism. Instead the mumbling, mono-browed Mancunian monkey-boy seems to favour an insipid, overproduced hotchpotch that sounds about as threatening and rock n’roll as Michael Buble Sings The Rolling Stones .”

Liam Gallagher- Beady Eye

Hmm maybe it’s not that bad**, but then again it’s not really earth shatteringly great either. One for a ‘Dad dance’ at a family wedding me thinks.

“Bring The Light” By Beady-Eye.

Should you feel the need, you can download it from the bands website here

Update**, What was I thinking ! Repeated listens have forced me to revise the statement “It’s not that bad.” Actually it is that bad,it’s very, very, very bad,  it’s lumpen sausage fingered pub rock- it’s ‘super-chronic.’


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