The VPME on The Mudhut Podcast

Mudhut and The Von Pip Musical Express Podcast


Those nice chaps at Mudhut Digital asked if I’d like to be involved in their excellent podcast, well it would be rude to say no. And so I decided to break cover, have a chat  and pick my five current favourite songs.  Have a listen and decide whether I have that classic laconic John Peel drawl, sound like a slightly worse for wear (is there any other type,)  Ian McCulloch or is it more  Ken Dodd after gargling razor blades kind of vibe?  Some great songs  too ( well I did pick em 😉  ) . . .  and not a diddy man in sight.

“Von Pip Take-over!

Author of one of the best read UK music blogs Andy Von Pip introduces 5 crackin’ tunes from bands for you to look out for next year…”

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  1. Jan · December 6, 2010


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