Songs To Learn And Sing – The Agitator – ‘Say No’

The Agitator - Say No! The Von Pip Musical Express

‘Say NO!’ By The Agitator

With some notable exceptions,(Frank Turner, The Indelicates, The King Blues) the protest singer and protest song seem to have been strangely absent from pop culture of late, odd given the current dire political situation in the UK.  Step forward 24 year old Derek Miens, accompanied by Robert Dylan Thomas and T-Train,  operating under the musical nome de plume of  The Agitator.  Mein’s  influences include George Orwell, Noam Chomsky, and  James Kelman, so far so good, the band also have strict  ‘no guitar policy’ – “Guitars are for decadent, capitalist sissies!’ Hmm not sure about that one but it’s an amusing quote and we rather like outspoken bands, unless of course said outspoken band happen to be the wretched ‘Brother.’

February will see the release of The Agitator’s third single ‘Say NO!’ A tribal call to arms, fused with Mein’s authentic rock n roll snarl and backed by thundering drums. It sounds genuinely angry, as you might expect from a band who list their best gig as one they played for students during the recent UCL occupation in December.  All in all ‘Say NO! Is powerful, stirring anthem for the disaffected and one which begs the question, do we dance or do we march?

Sounds like? Elvis meets Phil Ochs at the barricades to inspire  a new generation of dissent.

An Introduction to No-isim

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    Come and see The Agitator at Ginglik in Shepherd’s Bush on March 17th.

    Accompanied by Three Blind Wolves who will be celebrating the release of their EP ‘Sound of the Storm’ out on Communion Records. It’s our first release of 2011 and it’s a seriously brilliant record, eclipsed only by what an amazing live band they are. They are destined for very big things!

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