Songs To Learn And Sing – I Am In Love And Nicole Atkins.

I Am Love - Call Me Animal ‘Call Me An Animal’ By I Am  In Love.

I don’t know much about I Am In Love and despite thumb screws they aren’t exactly  forthcoming with information. I’m afraid I may have to resort to even more dastardly tactics, such as Robbie Williams on repeat.   They tell me they formed last year and are currently working on a début album.  Their tune above, ‘ Call Me An Animal’ isn’t the title of  demented Muppet drummer’s autobiography, but the bands début single, a hypnotic mix of driving electronica combined with the sort of hooks that were last seen aboard ‘the Jolly Rodger‘.


Nicole Atkins‘Vultures.’

Hooray and huzzah!! The lovely Nicole Atkins is back with a new single ‘Vultures‘ followed by a new album ‘Mondo Amore’ in late March. We love Nicole and are beyond delighted that she’s back after a tough few years during which she parted with her label, band,  boyfriend and judging by the video below, her shoes. The video features her, shoe-less, walking  toward a sandy shore (see what I did there ?)  😉 The good news is she sounds better than ever.



  1. Anna · February 21, 2011

    Lol I read the blog post title as ‘I Am In Love With Nicole Atkins’ x

    • Andy Von Pip · February 21, 2011

      Well now, there may well be some truth in that assertion ! 🙂

      • Anna · February 21, 2011

        Hey that’s a wicked interview you did with her a few years back too dude.

        • Andy Von Pip · February 21, 2011

          Thanks Anna, I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed doing it!

  2. HummingBed · February 22, 2011

    Big fan of Nic’s and like that I Am Love song too.

  3. DaveCromwell · March 5, 2011

    I too have developed a fondness for Ms. Atkins – and what she has brought to the music scene, over the years.

    Andy already knows – but for anyone else interested, check this out:

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