Songs To Learn And Sing – Scanners – Salvation/Baby Blue

‘Salvation’ By Scanners ‘Baby Blue’ By Scanners London four piece Scanners return with a dark glittering double A side ‘Salvation/Baby Blue’ from their soon to be released album ‘Submarine’.  Whereas ‘Salvation’ is a dark, sinister brooding, mini Goth pop opera  replete with menacing hypnotic bass line, sensual vocals and ominous keyboard riff  ‘Baby Blue,’  is... Continue Reading →

Lost And Found – Little Comets Interview And Album Review.

'Darling Alistair' By Little Comets. 'Adultery' By Little Comets.   It appears that many music fans view big record labels as inherently evil, that they essentially steal money, intellectual property and artistic ambition from musicians by way of their own version of the ‘dementor's kiss’ – the record deal!!  Of course it’s not my place... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – The Barettas – Touche

'Touche' By The Barettas.   Today’s featured song comes from a  pulsating,  punchy, pretty, post punk, power pop, pulchritudinous posse (how’s that for alliteration!!) or The Barettas for short. Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and definitely not to be confused with dire all girl rock band the Berettas from the UK, they have just released... Continue Reading →

When The Boat Comes In – Tom Williams (and the Boat) interview

'Get Older' By Tom Williams & The Boat. As band names go ‘Tom Williams and The Boat’ may not initially strike you as the most exciting.  You may well imagine this musical collective consists entirely of epically bearded, rosy faced gentlemen adorned in cable knit sweaters, who have an alarming propensity to break into sea... Continue Reading →

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