Songs To Learn And Sing – Tiger Love – Gio, Gio.

“Gio Gio”  By Tiger Love. Tiger Love’s name suggests they could  well be Charlie Sheen’s favourite band to compliment his redoubtable ‘ tiger blood.’ However, they are in point of  fact  a London based collective formed in 2010 by brothers Roy, Gigi (Originally from New York), and Loral. They produce songs so catchy that even... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – Skeleton – The Good Natured.

' Skeleton' By The Good Natured. The Good Natured, our top tip for 2011 have recently signed to Regal / Parlophone Records, release a new EP on the 20th June 2011. Full of  catchy dark Gothic  Electro-Pop noir it will surely see them reach a wider audience. The Good Natured consists of Sarah McIntosh; the songwriter... Continue Reading →

Songs to Learn And Sing -“A Woman, A Woman, A Century of Sleep” – Emmy The Great- Free Download.

"A Woman, A Woman, A Century of Sleep" By Emmy The Great. Here’s a new song (which you can download for free here )from Emmy The Great’s second album, "Virtue," which will be released in the UK on June 13th. You can  pre-order via Rough Trade or or  via the Related Articles 'The Ex-Ex'... Continue Reading →

‘David Koresh Superstar’ – The Indelicates.

'I Am Koresh' By The Indelicates. Download the Album HERE Ok, so I don’t generally do musicals, all that  scripted ‘spontaneity,’ bursting into song at inappropriate times, ham-fisted lyrics and jazz hands a go-go, sorry but y'know, it just ain’t really my bag.  My prejudice has  been further reinforced over the years by being made ... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – Lover Lover, Trogons, Cosmo Jarvis, Paloma Faith/Graham Coxon.

Lover Lover. Lover Lover are Eleanor Bodenham, a remarkable new singer, and Martin Craft (M. Craft, Jarvis Cocker), two long-time musical friends from London. Freebirds' is the debut single to be released on May 2 on Cross Keys Records.  B side entitled, 'The Fire' is a tale of squandered talent and broken dreams.  ‘Freebirds’ will... Continue Reading →

Record Store Day 2011.

As it's Record Store Day I thought I'd get all whimsical and recall the olden days spent at my favourite Indie Record Store ! ______________________________________________________________________________________________ If you’re of a certain vintage you’ll doubtless recall those halcyon days when supermarkets sold food, Burtons supplied gentleman’s clothing and the best music was discovered via your local independent... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – The Jezabels, Islington Boys Club And Freezepop.

'Hurt Me' By The Jezabels. Wow, I mean like WOW!! As soon as I heard  Hurt Me the debut UK single by Sydney based quartet The Jezabels, I knew I'd listened to something very special indeed.  Lead singer Hayley Mary has  the most incredible voice which totally blows you away. Elizabeth Fraser, Juanita from Howling... Continue Reading →

Tears, Fears and Beers – Help Stamp Out Loneliness Interview.

'Record Store' By Help Stamp Out Loneliness. Help Stamp Out Loneliness formed when  indie popsters ‘Language Of Flowers’ disbanded in 2007 after  Bentley Cooke (guitar) and Colm McCrory (bass) decided enough was enough and maybe it was finally time to seek the more settled life on civvy street. Being stoic chaps they didn’t seek rehab... Continue Reading →

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