Songs To Learn And Sing – Lover Lover, Trogons, Cosmo Jarvis, Paloma Faith/Graham Coxon.

LoverLover VPME
Lover Lover are Eleanor Bodenham, a remarkable new singer, and Martin Craft (M. Craft, Jarvis Cocker), two long-time musical friends from London.

Freebirds’ is the debut single to be released on May 2 on Cross Keys Records.  B side entitled, ‘The Fire’ is a tale of squandered talent and broken dreams.  ‘Freebirds’ will be released as a limited 7” vinyl and as download.

Here’s an exclusive acoustic version of the song.

‘Freebirds’ By Lover Lover. (Acoustic Version)

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trogons.
Trogons VPME
Trogons new single ‘Contina’, available on limited edition hand numbered transparent flexidisc through X-Ray Recordings  a new London-based record label with just one simple mission; to release music they love. Their first releases will be available on limited edition flexidisc and digital download. The name X-Ray Recordings originates in the fact that x-rays were used as a readily available material for making flexidiscs to distribute underground punk and jazz records, which were prohibited in the Soviet Union after World War. ‘Contina’ is availabe from April 25th.
‘Contina’– By Trogons.

Cosmo Jarvis - New EP 'Sure As Hell Not Jesus'

Cosmo Jarvis will release the second single from forthcoming sophomore album “Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?” on 29th May in the form of “Sure As Hell Not Jesus”. The single-led EP will be backed by three brand new tracks – “What’s Wrong With Betty (Part I)”, “Road Closed” and “Why Do Angels Make Me Cry?”

‘Sure As Hell Not Jesus’ By Cosmo Jarvis.

Graham Coxon, Paloma Faith and Bill Ryder-Jones – DESIRE

Graham Coxon, Paloma Faith and Bill Ryder-Jones - DESIRE  - FREE DOWNLOAD.
‘Desire‘ By Graham Coxon, Paloma Faith and Bill Ryder-Jones.

Put Paloma Faith, Graham Coxon and Bill Ryder-Jones together in a studio and what do you get? Desire. This track was created  for one of a number of exclusive music collaborations for Converse and it rocks .
Download it for free  HERE.


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