“Don’t Slow Down” – The Primitives Interview 2011

"Rattle My Cage" By The Primitives. It’s easy to look back on the 80’s and remember it as the decade that taste and kindness forgot.  And there was indeed much to rail against, whether it be the musical triumvirate of despair that dominated the charts in the shape of  Stock Aitken and Waterman, the ludicrous... Continue Reading →

VP And Pris on 6 Music, Plus Debut Single Art Work.

Here's our appearance on 6 music via Tom Robinson's Now Playing on 6 Music, an interactive show where the listeners set the agenda as Tom investigates what's hot on the web. We chose Sarabeth Tucek, Islington Boys Club and in a WORLD exclusive  the debut single by Pris - 'The Better You Look The More... Continue Reading →

The ‘Talk When Artists Terminate Songs’ Campaign-The Curse Of Talking At Gigs

(Click image for MASSIVE hi-res  version to print off and take to gigs 😉 ) If you're a regular gig goer I’m sure you’ve  noticed, over the last few years, the increasing  number of annoying,  imbecilic dullards in attendance  who decide to strike up a conversation at the exact point an artist/band begin their set. ... Continue Reading →

Liverpool Sound City Music Festival 2011 – Part 1 – The Good Natured, Pete And the Pirates, Let’s Buy Happiness.

Over  three hundred bands in just three days across thirty plus venues?  It can mean only one thing, Liverpool Sound City is back!  And what an amazing three days it was! Highlights included fantastic performances from some of our favourite artists, random meetings with amazing people, a great buzz around the city and for added... Continue Reading →

Love Gets Dangerous – Sarah Nixey Interview/’Brave Tin Soldiers’ Album Review.

'Gathering Shadows' By Sarah Nixey. Sarah Nixey looks the very epitome of stylish, sensual English sophistication and her music is very much in the same vein. She is arguably best known for her work with the elegant, sinister musical trio Black Box Recorder, which saw her cast as the arch, coquettish ice maiden alongside John... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – The Better You Look The More You See – Pris / VP At The BBC

'The Better You Look The More You See" By Pris. Here's the forthcoming debut single from Pris  who we have featured a fair few times on The VPME this year (interview here)  Not only do they play power packed, post punk,  snot pop with a vengeance, they also spend their spare time pissing off fans... Continue Reading →

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