VP And Pris on 6 Music, Plus Debut Single Art Work.

Here's our appearance on 6 music via Tom Robinson's Now Playing on 6 Music, an interactive show where the listeners set the agenda as Tom investigates what's hot on the web. We chose Sarabeth Tucek, Islington Boys Club and in a WORLD exclusive  the debut single by Pris - 'The Better You Look The More... Continue Reading →

The ‘Talk When Artists Terminate Songs’ Campaign-The Curse Of Talking At Gigs

(Click image for MASSIVE hi-res  version to print off and take to gigs 😉 ) If you're a regular gig goer I’m sure you’ve  noticed, over the last few years, the increasing  number of annoying,  imbecilic dullards in attendance  who decide to strike up a conversation at the exact point an artist/band begin their set. ... Continue Reading →

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