A bit of a break ….

Due to personal circumstances there will be a brief  interlude in blogging here at the VPME. Hopefully normal service will be resumed ASAP. Until then we leave you with a Glastonbury review "Muddy" Here are some of our troops highlights .... Glastonbury bingo! Celebrate the best music festival of all (independent.co.uk) Glastonbury and Greenpeace looking... Continue Reading →

The VPME Podcast Episode 3 June 2011

Yes, it's back !  June's VPME  podcast features classic tracks nestling coquettishly next to new and upcoming artists. Hosted by Ringo Von Pip there's surely something here for everyone, oh and keep an ear out for some special guests too. Listen below or go straight to mixcloud Related articles "Two Men Arrested In Joss Stone... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn and Sing – VVolves, Lucy Rose and Jonny Cola.

VVOLVES, LUCY ROSE AND JONNY COLA. Following on from their debut EP release back in February, VVOLVES,   have released two new singles as free downloads -  ‘People’ and ‘Strange Blood’ which highlight the two sides of the VVolves coin ..... "People" By Vvolves "Strange Blood" By Vvolves. ******************************** LUCY ROSE. We think Lucy Rose may... Continue Reading →

‘Back to Basics’ – Love Inks Interview

"Black Eye"  By Love Inks. In many ways Texan trio Love Inks’ debut album ‘ESP’ is the complete antithesis of much of  today’s fast food, battery farmed pop. Unlike those hyperactive, homogeneous big label ‘stars’ who rely on heavy handed  high tech production trickery to obfuscate their glaringly obvious lack of talent,  Love Inks have... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – Milk Maid, Kyla La Grange, War Of The Wangs, The Good Natured remix, The Horrors and more.. Pris Video..

Songs To Learn And Sing - Milk Maid,  New Pris video- War Of The Wangs, Kyla La Grange, The Good Natured remix,   Paintings Of Ships,  The Dead Fronts and a new Mixcloud app! Milk Maid’s  single 'Not Me'  sounds rather like one of those wonderful early Creation Record releases, there's a hint of the chiming... Continue Reading →

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