Totally Wired – The Whip Interview/Album Review

‘Riot’ By The Whip. Manchester has long been a fertile breeding ground for electronic music, be it the nihilistic, heart wrenching poetry of Joy Division, set against the backdrop of a bleak, grey  post-industrial Manchester through to the pill popping hedonistic indie dance crossover championed by the likes of New Order and ACR . Such... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – Ladytron, Prince Edward Island, Howling Bells, No Ceremony,The Icarus Line.

Today we feature Ladytron, Prince Edward Island, Howling Bells, No Ceremony and The Icarus Line. Ladytron. Let us be clear so there is no misunderstanding, I love Ladytron, their icy, hauntingly sinister goth electronica continues to fill my heart with unbridled joy. Their latest offering "Mirage" which appears on their forthcoming album,’ Gravity The Seducer,’... Continue Reading →

Riding Through The Storm – Rebekah Delgado Interview

‘Sing You Through The  Storm’ By Rebekah Delgado. ‘Lamentine’ By Rebekah Delgado.   If hard work, talent and passion for your craft were the sort of attributes big record labels valued  when signing artists, then Rebekah Delgado would surely be doing that whole Jools Holland thing whilst being regularly play listed by radio stations the... Continue Reading →

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