“Surfin’ Bird” -Two Wounded Birds Interview.

"Together Forever" By Two Wounded Birds. One of the great things about Margate’s Two Wounded Birds is that they don’t piss about; there are no epic ten minute guitar solos, no ostentatious drum centrepieces and absolutely no narcissistic slap bass funkathons. Instead Two Wounded Birds just get the fuck on with it!   Take their previous... Continue Reading →

The VPME Podcast Episode 6 – October 2011

The VPME Podcast, featuring the best music from the past present and future! Curated by Andy Von Pip whose unique upbeat, effervescent presenting style has been compared to Eeyore the donkey in a coma on a wet Tuesday in Hartlepool .... With special guest appearances from Dum Dum Girls, Sarah Nixey, Howling Bells, Kyla La... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – The Bookhouse Boys, Convaire, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Bjork, Friends ,The Inevitable Pin Hole Burns,

This Week The Bookhouse Boys, Convaire, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Bjork,  Friends ,The Inevitable Pin Hole Burns. ******************************************* The Bookhouse Boys. The Bookhouse Boys return with a sultry new single from their recent album “Tales To be Told.”  “Fever Lullaby” see’s the rather beautiful Catherine Turner take over full vocal duties in typically femme fatale... Continue Reading →

Danza De La Muerte! – Veronica Falls Interview and Album Review.

"Come On Over" By Veronica Falls. "Bad Feeling" By Veronica Falls. Before interviewing a band it’s always best to do a little research. For example asking Morrissey if he’s tried the succulent  new "Mc Donald’s 1955 burger" or U2’s diminuitive Messiah, Bongo if he can perhaps recommend a decent firm of  Dutch accountants may be... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – Bird, The Bandana Splits, Dum Dum Girls, Two Wounded Birds,Emmy The Great, Kyla La Grange, Peter Murphy And Red Kite.

“Phantoms Ep" By BIRD. The "Phantoms ep" is released 31st October digitally from the highly promising Liverpool based , Bird. Fronted by 22 year old songstress Adele Emmas they are influenced by the likes of laughing Lenny Cohen, Kate Bush, The Cocteau Twins, PJ Harvey. The timing is of course no coincidence as Adele explains... Continue Reading →

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