The Blog Sound Of 2012 – The Top Five

The Blog Sound Of 2012 - Top 5

You may recall to coincide with the BBC’s Sound Of 2012, we asked bloggers to vote for who they thought would produce music of note in 2012, the Bloggers long list is here  which we thought made a nice contrast to the BBC’s longlist here.   

As previously mentioned it wasn’t dreamt up to diss the Beeb’s list, but to highlight music UK blogs genuinely believe in and hope will do well in the coming year.

So without further ado here is the results of the bloggers Sound of 2012 Top Five.  Most of our own tips/hopes (which are HERE)  aren’t in there but hey ho  that’s democracy for ya, however we  would have had Freinds and Beth Jeans Houghton in our top 20 had we had not decided to keep our published list down to 15.  It can be quite difficult  because you are on occasion basing your opinion on just a couple of tracks …but anyway


THE WINNER – Friends

 Friends - UK Music Blogs Sound Of 2012

Brooklyn based collective ( isn’t everybody these days ? )  Friends took the UK airwaves by storm with the sexy, sassy “I’m His Girl”, a track that rivaled Lana Del Reys “Video Games” for being one the most ubiquitous songs of the year.  Lets hope their debut album doesn’t herald a “GroupLove” style false dawn of hipster style over substance  and the band can deliver on their promise!!

2.Theme Park

Theme Park


3.Beth Jeans Houghton


4.French Wives

French Wives






And there you have it , doubtless you’ll have your own opinions, but we felt it was a worthwhile exercise and with more time, better organistaion  and hopefully more bloggers involved at the years end  we see no reason why we cant give this another bash!!

Happy New Year !!!



  1. Musicofourheart · January 2, 2012

    Brooklyn is the music capital of the world!

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