Track Of The Day – Good Dangers and Rose Elinor Dougall Plus New Video From Rebekah Delgado

 Track Of The Day – Good Dangers.


Ok prepare for the world’s longest opening sentence. Ready ?

Appearing like a wistful summer breeze to metaphorically sweep the grey turbid doom laden clouds away from the unremittingly grim January skies (for at least three minutes and fifty seconds ), Good Dangers have made ‘Abagail’ available for  free download  as a precursor to their debut single proper which will be arriving in the next months.

It’s joyful pop nugget sung in the style of a younger more melodious Robert Smith. And unlike Dear old tremulous voxed Uncle Bob, it doesn’t sound like a singing arachnophobe trapped in a room full of spiders.



Track Of The Day 2  Rose Elinor Dougall

Rose Elinor Dougall

Ok we’re a bit late with this but the lovely Rose Elinor Dougall is giving an entire EP away for free and to be honest it really is fucking wonderful. You can download it all here. Why isn’t she bigger than Adele please? (cue terrible jokes which we neither encourage or condone 😉 )

So good we’ll have another I think !

Interview HERE


Video Of The Day – Rebekah Delgado

 Rebekah Delgado prepares for her first solo  release  which apparently  will be a  free to download 4 track EP, here’s the new video for VPME fave ” Sing You Through The Storm” which premiered on Art Rocker this week.

Interview HERE


One comment

  1. Dev Rex · January 29, 2012

    Good Dangers. i luv this song !

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