Track Of The Day – “Boundary” By Ivory Seas.

We must confess we don’t know a great deal about Ivory Seas other than what they’ve told us. In fact we don’t even know what they look like, however our interrogation which included the humane use of thumbscrews yielded the following info:  They  launched  as a unit in early January 2012 , their members are Adam Heron (vocals, guitar), Thomas Walker (vocals, guitar, keys), George Latham (drums) and Brendan O’Boyle (bass) and they performed their debut gig at the ‘Artrocker New Blood Festival’. They are  heading back into the studio in early this March to record their debut EP with producer Richard Formby (Wild Beasts/Egyptian Hip Hop).

“Boundary” is a beguiling  introduction to their sound, there’s a faint touch of Brett Anderson about the vocal and a lilting melody that eddies and flows and reminds us of viewing stars as they shimmer,  reflect and fracture off a gentle mountain stream … Ahem!!!  but before we get carried away by the spirit of Paul Morley, have a listen yourself ,  it’s lovely stuff.

Free Download below

Live Shows:
19/02/2012 – The Lock Tavern, London
29/02/2012 – Old Blue Last, London

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