Throwing Knives – Christine Owman.

Guest Blog By Shay Rowan. “Throwing Knives” by Christine Owman. “The thought counts, but the action makes the difference”. 'Circles' By Christine Owman. 'Apart' By Christine Owman. Sometimes the most enjoyable musical discoveries are unplanned and unexpected and so it was that finding myself with time to kill between scheduled gigs at last years Sound... Continue Reading →

The Horrors – Skying.

I was genuinely rather looking forward to hearing The Horrors latest album ‘Skying’ based on the lead single ‘Still Life’,a rather wonderful anthemic slice of dark 80’s synth pop. I thought, finally, at last, The Horrors may deliver and justify in some way, the obsequious and quite baffling hype their output has thus far generated.... Continue Reading →

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