So This Is Christmas…..

VPME CHRISTMAS EDITION 2007 Without further ado lets kick off with one of the best Xmas songs to be released, it's by an old friend of mine......yes all the way from the Wirral, it's Halfman Half Biscuit "It's Clichéd To Be Cynical At Christmas" By Halfman Half Biscuit Well, the baubles have been vigorously polished,... Continue Reading →

“Everything Is On” – Asobi Seksu Interview

"Goodbye" By Asobi Seksu "Strawberry" By Asobi Seksu Bursting out of the New York scene in 2004, Asobi Seksu's self titled debut album received huge critical acclaim, with rave reviews in the New York Times, MTV playlist exposure, and playing to packed houses  throughout the city. The band had fans of Lush and My Bloody... Continue Reading →

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