Totally Wired – The Whip Interview/Album Review

‘Riot’ By The Whip. Manchester has long been a fertile breeding ground for electronic music, be it the nihilistic, heart wrenching poetry of Joy Division, set against the backdrop of a bleak, grey  post-industrial Manchester through to the pill popping hedonistic indie dance crossover championed by the likes of New Order and ACR . Such... Continue Reading →

Question Time With – Dimbleby And Capper.

‘Let You  Go’ By Dimbleby And Capper. ‘Raise It Right’ By Dimbleby And Capper. Laura Bettinson’s first foray into music was very much a piano based affair. But when it came to gigging around London’s numerous venues, she quickly realised that despite the popular myth, a large proportion of the capital’s pubs and clubs do... Continue Reading →

A Sense Of Wonder- Lisa Mitchell Interview

"Neopolitan Dreams" By Lisa Mitchell To quote Clint Eastwood “opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one” and should you voice an opinion about certain bands or singers, you may find the online loony brigade beating a hasty path to your virtual door. Your inbox can on occasion, be overflowing with messages of “goodwill” from people... Continue Reading →

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