The Final Interview Of 2011 – With The Good Natured

We thought it would be a rather fitting end to the year to wax lyrical once more about the band we tipped to do well in 2011. Yup, it’s Sarah, Hamish and George, known collectively as The Good Natured!  We’ve followed them throughout the year, (and well before to be honest) with regular updates and... Continue Reading →

“Surfin’ Bird” -Two Wounded Birds Interview.

"Together Forever" By Two Wounded Birds. One of the great things about Margate’s Two Wounded Birds is that they don’t piss about; there are no epic ten minute guitar solos, no ostentatious drum centrepieces and absolutely no narcissistic slap bass funkathons. Instead Two Wounded Birds just get the fuck on with it!   Take their previous... Continue Reading →

Danza De La Muerte! – Veronica Falls Interview and Album Review.

"Come On Over" By Veronica Falls. "Bad Feeling" By Veronica Falls. Before interviewing a band it’s always best to do a little research. For example asking Morrissey if he’s tried the succulent  new "Mc Donald’s 1955 burger" or U2’s diminuitive Messiah, Bongo if he can perhaps recommend a decent firm of  Dutch accountants may be... Continue Reading →

Howling Bells ‘The Loudest Engine’ Special – Album,Gig and Interview.

HOWLING BELLS 'The Loudest Engine 'Special. “Baby Blue” By Howling Bells. The Album –“The Loudest Engine.” The problem with producing a flawless debut album widely regarded by many as a genuine classic, is that there will always be those who demand that subsequent albums endlessly repeat variations on the same theme.  To adopt such a... Continue Reading →

Lucy Rose Interview.

"Bikes" By Lucy Rose. "Scar" By Lucy Rose. There’s certainly been no shortage of intelligent, talented, female singer songwriters of  late.  From the egregious cauterwauling of Florence, a lady who on occasion can make Al Pachino’s worst excesses appear quite restrained and dignified, right through to the dour understated beauty of Laura Marling’s quiet introspection,... Continue Reading →

Ladytron – “Gravity The Seducer” – Review / Interview.

Photo Credit - Michele Civetta. ‘Melting Ice’  By Ladytron.  ‘Moon Place’ By Ladytron.   ************************** Brian Eno once described Ladytron as a band who posses “a full awareness of what’s happening everywhere in music which is interwoven to produce  something quite new”  they are, he went on to say, “the best of English pop music.”... Continue Reading →

Dum Dum Girls Interview And Only In Dreams Review.

“Bedroom Eyes” By Dum Dum Girls. ************************ For somebody brought up in a house filled with the music of Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Phil Spector, the Brill Building sound, The Ronettes and The Supremes, and who then went on to discover Blondie, The Ramones, Lush, The Jesus And Mary Chain and The Raveonettes,  Dum Dum... Continue Reading →

Totally Wired – The Whip Interview/Album Review

‘Riot’ By The Whip. Manchester has long been a fertile breeding ground for electronic music, be it the nihilistic, heart wrenching poetry of Joy Division, set against the backdrop of a bleak, grey  post-industrial Manchester through to the pill popping hedonistic indie dance crossover championed by the likes of New Order and ACR . Such... Continue Reading →

White Light/White Heat – Birdland Return – Interview.

"Hollow Heart" By Birdland. Reunions are very much part and parcel of today’s musical landscape, some work extremely and sometimes things are better left in the past, that “foreign country”: were “they do things differently. " However some bands you sense may feel may have unfinished business. Birdland, that fleeting peroxide riot of white noise... Continue Reading →

Fuzzy Logic – Milk Maid Interview /Review.

'Not Me' By Milk Maid. We have often banged the drum with regard to the fact that you don't neccesarily need a huge budget and fancy production techniques to produce great music.  Milk Maid’s debut album ‘Yucca’ once again adds weight to our argument. Recorded in songwriter Martin Cohen’s flat during the indefinite hiatus of... Continue Reading →

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