Going Places -Jose Vanders Interview

“Faces Going Places” By Jose Vanders

Londoners are famous for having a good old knees up around the “old Joanna” (piano) with their “china plates” (mates). In fact if you were to believe the portrayal of Londoners as painted by “comedic” screenwriter Richard Curtis you’d probably expect to walk into a London pub and be accosted by the local market traders dressed up as pearly kings and queens desperate to sing songs about “Mother Brown” or “Any Old Iron.” Meanwhile hoards of cheeky chimney sweeps would be tap dancing their way across the capitals roof tops waving happily to the local childminders in Regents park “ Gawd Bless ya Marror-ie Poirpains.” Lumme guv, look lively, it’s the local coppers, thumbs hooked jauntily behind their lapels as they give passers-by a sparkling rendition of “The Lambeth Walk”, whilst merrily cuffing mucky cheeked young mischief-makers about the head. Hark! Is that the refuse collectors noisily singing about one of their number getting married in the morning, as they go about their business with stoic good natured cheer whilst musically detailing the grooms worries about arriving at the church a little late ? Oh look there’s the Prime Minister Of Scotland, England, Hugh Grant and a nightingale appears to be singing in Berkley Square (as I live and breathe).

Luckily not many people actually believe the sort of ludicrous stereotyping that Richard Curtis oft employs in order to sell his dreadful “whimsical” fare to America and beyond (Love Actually, erm no mate, Shit Actually). Thankfully not everybody from London who spots a piano is immediately filled with an urge to start bashing out “Oh What A Lovely War” ala Mrs Mills. The reality is Londoners can produce some marvellous music if you allow them to tinkle the ivories, look at Kate Bush for example, and more recently Kate Nash. Another artist from London that’s been attracting a fair bit of attention and has access to a piano is 17-year-old Jose Vanders. ( not pronounced “Jose” as in Jose Mourinho , think more like short for Josephine) Compared by some to the Kate Nash/Lilly Allen school of music, (whatever that means) she’s been steadily gaining a reputation as a prodigious talent and a fine songwriter. Last year saw her self release a debut EP “Transitional Language” which sold out within days, camp as Christmas gossip monger extraordinaire Perez Hilton tipped her for the top and in between she’s even managed to get a job with BBC 3 whilst doing her schoolwork. Phew! Puts you to shame doesn’t it ! We had a chat with her and were somewhat relieved she didn’t confuse us simple northern types with talk of “apples and pies” “mince pears” and “plates of braising steak”

VP: WOTCHA ! Ahem I mean Hello …How did you get involved in the shadowy world of popular music ?

JOSE: I woke up one morning, washed my face, moisturised and decided to be a pop star. Although before that came endless hours of piano practise with my dad standing behind me singing West End hits and Billy Joel at the top of his lungs, and then a sudden realisation that I could write songs too and sing them myself. And then the salesman in Comet advised me on a good microphone for under twenty pounds and I went with it. The rest as they say…

VP: You’ve stated that you grew up in a house that had more pianos than TV’s. Didn’t this make watching Eastenders a tad tricky, and do you play any other instruments?

JOSE: Ah indeed it did. But don’t worry, the dramatic delights of Albert Square were never ever sacrificed. Sadly, the only vivid episode I still have lodged in my brain is the Truman family incident: ‘what about meeeee?!’ But yeh I play the violin, I got to Grade 7 but my family thought it sounded like a sick cat when i played. So I gave that up. I dabbled with the oboe but that too failed. I’m working on guitar. Well, I will when I finish school. Ha.

VP: You have released your first Mini Album/ Ep Transactional Language (August 2007?) which is outrageously brilliant. How did you go about self releasing it ? ? Was it a fairly straightforward process?

JOSE: Ahh god! I cringe when I listen to those songs. It was well over a year ago now. Mmm, well I just didn’t think about it and did it. I recorded the songs in my neighbour’s living room in one afternoon [it literally took four hours, I only recorded one take for the piano parts, and one or two takes for the vocals, and I had never even heard of a click track. That’s why I cringe now.] But yeh my friend Fetts drew some pictures and I went down to the local printers in Blackheath and bargained with the owner to print 500 sleeves for 80 quid, and then spent the next four weeks assembling cds, making badges, wrapping them all up in magazines and parcel tape, I tried to sign each one and then went to the post office pretty much every day. i absolutely loved it! it was very easy, and I got loads of my friends to help out [much to their displeasure]. In fact, I loved it so much that I’m planning on self- releasing another mini album just after the Summer. And I’m doing the whole recording in a studio thing which I’ve never done before, quite excited! But I’m determined to self-release the whole thing. I wanna make each one personalised. Admittedly it might take a while to package up thousands of cds by hand but i love it. [I secretly love the business and marketing side of it all more than i love the songs. I love making lists, and charts, and figuring out prices, and postage costs, and economical uses of paper. ahh. but don’t tell anyone that. it’s obviously all about the music. Y’know, it’s in my skin. or blood. or whatever they say.]

VP: You’ve previously said that you where brought up with the likes of James Taylor, Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell it must have been a big house, but seriously who would you say are major influences from the current musical scene?

JOSE: Yeh me and Joni go back a long way. We had the same childminder you see; used to play Batman and Robin and all that jazz. I was always Poison Ivy. As for today’s musical ‘scene’, I am addicted to Polly Paulusma and Fionn Regan, and constantly listen to The Books, Damien Rice, Death Cab for Cutie, Cocorosie, Sigur Ros, Gregory and the Hawk, Chris Garneau, Bloc Party, Modest Mouse, Minus the Bear, John Mayer, Rocket Summer, etc.. But I have made it a habit for the past eight months or so to buy physical cds instead of downloading. Recently I’ve bought and loved and played in my car to DEATH: Frou Frou, Laura Marling, The Bird and The Bee,Tom Williams and Yann Tiersen

VP: You’ve been studying as well as releasing records and performing . (Any chance of a song about Oliver Cromwell a “Liberty Of Conscience’ EP perhaps?) Has it been hard to juggle both?

JOSE: Yeh well coincidently my next album is called ‘A Day in the Life of Alexander II, the Tsar Liberator’. What a guy he was eh. But yeh, it’s been so ridiculously hard you wouldn’t believe. Any spare time I have I’m at the piano, or down in Brighton practising with Thom and writing songs, or I’m just thinking about how I’m gonna package up the next cd. It’s gradually consuming me. My brain is now divided into 83% music 15% work and 2% calculating the next available pg tips moment. But yeh, only a couple of months left. BRING ON THE SUMMER is what i say.

VP: Your celebrating your 18th Birthday with a gig at the Lincoln Drill Hall. Will there be cake ? Balloons? And are you excited at having Eddie Harrison on the bill

JOSE: Yesss I am indeed. I’ve just got back from band practise; we ran through the set and it sounds pretty decent. Like nothing I’ve done before. In fact I’m a little scared. I’ve got six songs which have drums, guitar and bass. It’s gonna be different. And as for balloons and cake I have no idea. Cake=a big fat yes. but balloons… Fetts is mightily scared of them. balloon phobia. You know how it is. So hopefully not too many… !! and i am so excited about seeing Eddie. He’s FABULOUS.

VP: What’s all this about BBC 3 ? How did that come about, what does it involve? Is it fun ?

JOSE: Ahh yes. Well I got an email from someone at bbc3 asking me to go in for a casting for some up and coming thing they were doing, and I thought it was a massive massive joke, and half-heartedly replied. And she asked me to go in for a casting. So I went up after school, stood in front of a camera, and then they said ok introduce the Mighty Boosh GO, and I had to improvise. Obviously I pulled my ‘make them laugh’ card, which basically involved me going on about Noel Fielding’s bottom [devilishly good-looking bottom in fact]. So a while passed, then I got a call in the new year telling me I had got the job. I was like uhhh what job. It took me mum about three weeks to finally believe me that I worked for bbc3. Ha. And it basically involves me writing poor jokes, going into the studio every monday and telling them to a camera. it’s pretty fun yeh!

VP: Where do you get your ideas for your songs ?

JOSE: I’m not really sure. from my subconscious I suppose. I went to see Sweeney Todd at the cinema and wrote two really spikey songs the following evening. I was reading Larkin poetry for my a2 english and wrote a song based on that. i write them about people, faces, feelings. being in love. getting dumped. the usual. y’know.

VP: Confession is good for the soul sooooo- You’ve said you had a file on your computer called “What On Earth Was I thinking?” which contains amongst others a song about Aladdin and his magical Lamp. Any other songs in that folder you’d like to admit to ?

JOSE: Oh GOD. That folder. I’m tempted to press the delete button in fact, just in case anyone finds it. I’d be RUINED I tell you. The highlights include a song about a girl who gets killed by her mother, a recipe for rhubarb crumble cake sung to a weird collection of notes, a song about not wearing make up on the bus and chatting up the man who works at blockbuster… I could go on. But I won’t.

VP: I know somebody who once called you “a Posh Kate Nash” Does that sort of thing annoy you ? Is it a bit of a lazy comparison?

JOSE: Ahh I haven’t heard that one. Well to be honest, I do sound a bit like Kate Nash, so why shouldn’t people be quick to make such a comparison?! I do it with bands myself. All I know is, that yeh fair enough I’m always gonna be a pianist and a lass from London, so the comparison is always gonna be made. But what I also know, is that the last song I wrote is so completely different to the first song I ever wrote, and that must mean something. I’m progressing, and maturing. albeit painfully slowly. And I have confidence in time and time alone that my writing will improve, my musicality will improve, my self-confidence will improve, and my originality will improve. I can’t do anything about it. So I’m sitting tight, and waiting for it to happen naturally. And I have faith that it will. and then one day maybe – hopefully – I won’t be a ‘posh Kate Nash’ anymore. Who knows? Time knows.

VP: Five things you aim to do this month ?

JOSE: Write lyrics to the new EPIC pop song that Thom and I concocted. 2. Stop eating ice cream out the tub by myself late at night. 3. Learn about the Four Dumas that were set up in early 20th century Russia and what they achieved. 4. organise an outfit for my best friend’s 18th p party. I might go as Pandora. as in Pandora’s Box Pandora, which would basically just be a toga. I’m not too sure yet. 5. be nicer to my boyfriend. he’s a keeper.


On Myspace

Official Site

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
transactional language ep [2007]
available worldwide

download here

1 new ride

2 faces going places

3 alberto morrocco

4 ode to gilbert

5 a little love song

6 holes

7 without your kisses


“Faces Going Places” By Jose Vanders

“Without Your Kisses” By Jose Vanders


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“Good Vibrations” …..Alexis Blue Interview

“Your Easy Life” By Alexis Blue

“I’ve Already Won” By Alexis Blue


Local bands eh? Sometimes you can be badly scarred by the local music scene, especially on Merseyside where you’re often confronted with dire Beatles tribute bands, or horrible Merseybeat karaoke discos. This is where drunken old fools threaten to glass you for not wistfully  singing-a-long, with tear stained cheeks, to “Ferry Across the Mersey”, or amusingly tell you “You’ll Never Walk Again” unless you join in with the communal singing of that song. I can remember a particularly traumatic experience whereby the tribute band in question featured five burly, square faced German bricklayers called “Das Beetles.”. Fine strapping chaps indeed, the epitome of all things Teutonic, each to a man, sporting an absurd blonde Beatles mop top. I couldn’t quite decide if they reminded me of the creepy kids from The Village of the Damned, Birdland with an anabolic steroid addiction, or maybe a student jape that involved putting blonde wigs atop those lantern-jawed Easter Island statues. It didn’t get much better when the lead singers Hans Von McCartney and Albrecht Lennon bellowed out “Ze Long and Ze Vinding Road” and “I am not caring for ze money as ze money is not buying me ze love” When for a finale they pulled all the stops out for Komm gib mir deine Hand” I could stand it no more. I sought refuge in another pub, but alas this was no safe house, as to my horror the musical crimes continued apace, on this occasion in the shape of a corpulent Pete Wylie “tribute” singer, “The Mighty Lah” who proudly boasted he had appeared in “Stars In Their Eyes.” He finished his set with a lamentable version of “Heart as Big as Liverpool.” I always thought in Pete’s case “Head as Big as Birkenhead” would have been a much more appropriate song. (Sorry Pete! 😉 ) Unlike “Julian” I couldn’t “Cope” and I staggered from the pub ears bleeding, harrowed to the very core of my being…

As you can surely appreciate, this put me off seeking out local bands for quite some time. So dispirited was I with the local scene, that I didn’t even bother seeing my mate Nigel’s band in their infancy. I had feared his now much revered Halfman Half Biscuit may have been a surreptitious Beatles tribute group, and that he’d be blasting out the fab fours back catalogue, camouflaged behind a wacky name and a punk DIY sensibility. Thankfully I was wrong, as songs such as the provisionally titled “The Eternal Cremation of Hattie Jacques” proved. (Manager: We can’t record THAT!! What if Eric Sykes hears it, he’ll sue. Nigel: “Don’t worry it’s unlikely Eric will hear anything, he’s as deaf as a post”) Along with John Peel they have probably been the best thing to come out of the Wirral since…well me …..But this view could well be challenged in the near future as there are a clutch of great young bands from the area, getting attention and creating a bit of a stir. Leading the pack are Alexis Blue from the little known area of Wallasey, the posh cousin of Birkenhead, a magical land, where the streets are paved with mould, and people are so relaxed they still wear their PJ’s on their way to purchase breakfast from the local “Bargain Booze” or to score from their friendly neighbourhood dealer-allegedly! (Isn’t stereotyping fun!)

Now the name “Alexis Blue” may sound like somebody from an Aaron Spelling soap whose gone a bit p*rn, or a big flash American car, or even a hypothermic Joan Collins, but the truth is it’s much ruder (but like the big flash car is a substitute!) Musically these lads really do have some great tunes and they have been winning hearts, minds and indeed ears whilst supporting local bands like The Wombats and Rebecca, as well as Millburn and The Kooks. Appearances in some of Liverpool’s premier venues such as The Academy and the Korova, have added to the buzz surrounding them and surely it’ll only be a matter of time before the name Alexis Blue is known beyond the confines of Merseyside.

VP: How did you meet and where did the band name come from?

Andeh – Me and Mark met in sixth form, Paul is his brother, Chris is mine! The name is (rather geekily) from a forum template (don’t ask..) Although it’s also the name of a vibrator.

VP: Do you all share similar musical taste or do you have arguments that often involve fist fights, hospitalisation and even on the odd occasion murder?

Andeh – Pretty similar musical taste, but there are the odd bands that one of us likes and one of us hates etc… I’m a Bright Eyes fan but Paul and Mark hate them, haha.

Chris – We all have a few bands that others are not so keen on but we get along fine. We seem to combine the influences so we are playing what we want to play, both as a band and as individuals. There are slight mock fights but unfortunately nothing major has happened to mention.

VP: What have been your highlights, as a band so far?

Andeh – Mine was probably either being asked by The Wombats to support them on their album launch fancy dress boat party, or the mini tour we’ve just completed.

Chris – Headlining Club NME in Middlesbrough and having the music video to our debut single shown on MTV2 and Liverpool city centre big screen.

VP: What have you released and where can people buy your tunes?

Andeh – We’ve only released one ‘proper’ single, titled ‘You Won’t Get Much Sleep’ which you can buy from iTunes or find a copy of the vinyl on ebay or something.. Or you can just download all our demos for free on MySpace!

VP: Do The Beatles get on your T*ts ? I mean haven’t they influenced the Merseyside music scene for way too long now, when they’ve actually spent the bulk of their life away from the area, isn’t it time to move on, embrace some new music.

Andeh – In a way.. I do feel that loads of Scousers tend to cling onto them too much and don’t realise how much good new music is coming out of the area, but they definitely shouldn’t be forgotten – they’re easily one of the best bands ever (and I’m not even a massive fan).

VP: 2008? What are your plans? Gigs? Releases?

Andeh – Gigs gigs and more gigs. We want to get to as many cities as we can, maybe hit a foreign country or two. No releases planned but if anyone fancies funding a single and taking all the profits, they’re more than welcome to.

VP: Do people really find Ken Dodd amusing?

Chris – I personally don’t, sure he is a funny in a weird looking bloke with crazy hair way. But then again so is Andeh!

VP: A scenario, You are offered a high profile music slot live on prime time TV, alas it clashes with the match, which you’d rather attend so a compromise is reached the TV company offers to fly you back to the football match via helicopter. Would you accept the offer or like Halfman Halfbiscuit would you turn it down cos “you’d feel daft flying in and all your mates would take the Piss”

Andeh – Accept it, but not tell my mates haha. Nah it’d be a laugh, we’re used to rushing round like mentalists so it’d be a nice adventure

VP: This Internet, social networking is a laugh but there are some proper nutters out there too, ‘I’ve come across a couple , have you met any (in a virtual sense)

Chris – We have come across a few, mentioning no names one or two have become quite important and close to the band ha-ha

Andeh – ha-ha yeh we’ve met a few – they tend to be nice though 🙂

VP: Who are the five most useless people in Pop?

Chris – Lily Allen and Dan Gillespie Sells (The Feeling)

Andeh – WHAT! Lily Allen is ace; she’s more talented than you anyway. I’d have to say Kate Nash…

VP: What! Kate Nash is ace ! 😉 that’s three we need two more erm….Mika’s one no question.


On Myspace

Official site


* Your Easy Life
* Passive/Aggressive
* You Wont Get Much Sleep (Demo)
* Swings And Roundabouts
* Last Laugh
* Dyslexics Of The World… Untie!
* I Never Used To (Open My Mind)
* Close Windows, Open Doors
* Nobody’s Fool
* Yo Ho Ho (And A Bottle Of White Lightning)
* Altar Ego (Pro Recorded Live Audio)
* Alcoholocaust (Pro Recorded Live Audio)

Or download the single ‘You Wont Get Much Sleep’ from iTunes for 79p – CLICK HERE


“You Won’t Get Much Sleep” By Alexis Blue
“Your Easy Life” Live By Alexis Blue
Dyslexics Of The World – UNITE ! By Alexis Blue

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2007 And All That..The Heroes, The Villains

“Blitzed” By the Raveonettes

Songs Of The Year : (released and unreleased)
1. Blitzed- The Raveonettes
2. Lasso- The Duke Spirit
3. Crucify – Screaming Ballerinas
4. So Much For Love – Slow Down Tallahassee
5. Weight Of The World-Editors
6. Goodbye- Asobi Seksu
7. Apartment Store -The National
8. Somewhere -The Hot Puppies
9 The Last Significant Statement- The Indelicates
10.That’s Not My Name- Ting-Tings
11.Silently-Blonde Redhead
12 Jessica -Screaming Ballerinas
13.Adrennaline- Emma Pollock
14.The Towering Inferno- Lucky Soul
15. Don’t Take Me Home Until I’m Very Drunk-The Wedding Present

“Goodbye” By Asobi Seksu

Albums Of The Year:
1. Lust, Lust, Lust -The Raveonettes
2. An End Has A Start-Editors
3. Make Love To The Judges With Your Eyes- Pony Up
4. The Great Unwanted -Lucky Soul
5 In Our Bedroom After The War-Stars
6 Citrus-Asobi Seksu
7 Sound Of Silver- LCD Soundsystem
8 Favourite Worst Nightmare – Arctic Monkeys
9 We Live And Die In These Towns – The Enemy
10 Lady’s Bridge- Richard Hawley
11 Made Of Bricks -Kate Nash
12. Gaps -Monster Bobby
13. 23- Blonde Redhead
14. Into The Blue – Charlotte Hatherley
15. Overpowered – Roisin Murphy

“The Night Starts Here” By Stars

Gigs Of The Year:
1. Editors ( Liverpool )
2, The Pipettes (Manchester)
3. The Wedding Present (Liverpool)

Remix Of The Year :
Let’s Dance To Joy Division – The Wombats -KGB Remix

Heroes Of The Year:
Eric Matthews
Miki Berenyi
Laura Trouble
Nick Levine
Bec Newman
Rose Dougall
Juila Indelicate
David Gedge
Jason Christie
Tony Wilson
Mikey Guitar

Villains Of The Year :
Tony Blair
David Cameron
Gordon Brown
Connor Mc Nicholas
Johnny Borrell
John Sim
Spice Girls
Simon Cowell
Chris Moyles

TV Of The Year :
Extras (Xmas special)
Dr Who

Discoveries Of The Year:
Screaming Ballerinas
Fight Like Apes
Slow Down Tallahassee
Paloma Faith
Lilly Rae
The Pan I Am (well sort of new!)

Comeback Of The Year:
The Jesus & Mary Chain
The Wedding Present

Films Of The Year :
The Future Is Unwritten
The Last King Of Scotland
The Departed (ok so it’s basically a remake-but in a terrible year for movies all the above stood head and shoulders above the dirge)

Disappointments Of The Year ;
“Lucio Starts A Fire” – Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong (oh dear, I think there must be much better in their arsenal)
Avril, regressing musically to the level of a 6 year old and sharing the world view of a 12 year old-hardly a progression, artistically eh! Next year will see Avril riding a trike, and making romper suits the must have leisure wear item.
The finale of Dr Who (If that made sense to ya then lay off the LSD )
“Panic Prevention“-Jamie T ( After the majesty of “Sheila” I was expecting so much more)
Monkey Swallows The Universe- Split (?)
Regina Spektor Live (Liverpool) (Flat, and slightly dull -the “kooky” behaviour between songs just grated after a while)
“Neon Bible” – Arcade Fire
“The Good, the Bad & the Queen” – The Good, the Bad & the Queen
The Hot Puppies gigs cancellation (sniffle)

Quotes Of The Year ;
“Kaiser Chiefs just scare me. Every single one of them looks like a weird scary ventriloquist dummy. Specially the little man with the hat.”- Linda Hollywood (Havana Guns)

“Settle Down” Dogwood

“What gets me is that we really don’t have stars anymore. Bowie looked like he was from another planet, and behaved like a star – you’ve got to be a bit arrogant and tread that fine line, but few people really do anymore. The Internet has made bands / people too accessible – and that weird desire that everyone has to be ‘really normal, actually’ is bollocks. What’s interesting about being normal?”
Ollie Pound (Screaming Ballerinas)

“We’ve never seen anybody who looks like Andy, dance the way Andy does” – Monster Bobby

“I’ve never heard that Alanis-thing before. I am not naked with a blurred crotch in my videos! I’ve never been to India! I fully understand the actual meaning of the word “ironic”! I’ve never even done a cameo on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” –Marit Bergman

“I have never seen anything referring to me as the male Yoko Ono before” –Simon Indelicate (the Indelicates)-Interview coming soon!

“After reading Cheryl Coles’s comments branding me a “chick with a dick” I was feeling pretty low. I know I’ve said bad things about people in the past but this is mean… I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write and SING my own songs without the aid of autotune. I must say taking your clothes off, doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer must be very gratifying, your mother must be so proud, stupid bitch.” –Lilly Allen on the ever intelligent Girls Aloud WAG, Cheryl Cole

“F**k Girls Aloud. I’d rather be a fat chick with a dick, than an F**king asshole. It’s hard to feel good when magazines say you’re ugly, so I know how Lily feels.”-Beth Ditto

“One minute I’m waiting for Kate to arrive to join me in the Jacuzzi for a romantic evening. The next thing I can remember is doing cold turkey in a vomit-filled cell.” Pete Doherty

“It’s like people going up to Paul McCartney and saying: ‘So, Paul, who’s this fool, and where’s this hill? This is what we’re up against. This is what Kurt Cobain had to put up with. And what did he do? He blew his head off.” – Kaiser Chiefs Nick Hodgson on people asking who Ruby is –(Comparing themselves to the Beatles and Nirvana? -hahahaha ! So please people keep asking who Ruby is , there’s still hope!)

“Johnny Borrell is an idiot, he just makes trouble for himself. Having his own tour bus or chauffeured car that drives behind? And at Reading apparently he had his own dressing room, his own tent that was his. I mean what’s that about?” –Tom Clarke -The Enemy

“Conor doesn’t understand how the relentless stream of “cheers mate, got pissed last night, ha ha” interviews that clutter every single issue of the ‘new’ NME are simply not interesting to those of us who have no trouble standing upright.” Morrissey on NME’s Connor McNicholas

Breakthrough Acts;
Those Dancing Days
Operator Please
Kate Nash
The Enemy

Big or Bigger Next Year ?
Strange Idols
Screaming Ballerinas
The Hot Puppies
Fight Like Apes
Howling Bells
The School
Kat Flint
The Ting Tings
Paloma Faith
The Indelicates
The Hussy’s
Havana Guns
Black Kids
Asobi Seksu
The Duke Spirit
Cut Off Your Hands
Let’s Wrestle
Lucy And The Caterpiller
The Hot Melts

“Crucify” By Screaming Ballerinas

Nicest Waistcoat
1. Ollie Pound (Screaming Ballerinas)
2. Joe Lean – (Joe Lean And The JJJ)

Worst Lyrics

1 French Dog Blues -Babyshambles

“I model lack lustre panicky in vain search for the remedy
No words only melody come so I take the day off
My love, my love, she sits with me, I love, I love her company”

2. Tranquilize– The Killers

Always here, always on time
Close call, was it love or was it just easy
Money talks when people need shoes and socks,
Steady boys, I’m thinking she needs me”

and of course
“Acid rain, when Abel looked up at Cain
We began the weeping and wailing
A hurried high from pestilence pills and pride,
It’s a shame, we could have gone sailing “

3. Ruby-Kaiser Chiefs

Due to lack of interest tomorrow is cancelled
Let the clocks be reset and the pendulums held
‘Cos there’s nothing at all ‘cept the space in between
Finding out what you’re called and repeating your name”

(so who is Ruby? ;))

4. Good Life – Kanye West

Have you ever popped champagne on a plane
While gettin some brain
Whipped it out, she said “I never seen snakes on a plane”

Genius or a slightly childish. Misogynistic or new man?

Y’all pop the trunk, I pop the hood, Ferrari
And she got the goods
And she got that ass, I got to look, sorry
Yo it’s got to be cause I’m seasoned
Haters give me them salty looks, ….”

Oh dear !

Videos Of The Year

The Truth About Cats And Dogs ( Is That They Die ) By Pony Up

“Serious” – By Richard Hawley

Reviews – Peggy Sue and The Pirates/Sons And Daughters

Neal Zetter reviews the latest releases as Mr VP is “indisposed”

Band: Peggy Sue & The Pirates
Title: Television/The New Song
Label: Thesaurus
Download release: October 16
General release: Nov 5

Peggy Sue and The Pirates – Rosa Rex and Katy Klaw – are as fresh as the sea air from their Brighton base. Sure, generous traces of Regina Spektor, Nina Simone and, their bezzy mate, Kate Nash, go into the PS&P sausage machine but what comes out the other end is stunningly fresh and wryly humorous. This ..double A’ offering reveals the duo’s two sides: the choppy and finger poppy Television and the dreamily melodic ballad, The New Song. Both are laced with characteristically wacky vocal sound effects and beautiful harmonies as these girls’ voices interweave so well together they were obviously made to match. And if you catch them live – they are currently supporting Ms Nash’s UK tour – you’ll find this chemistry is equally evident in their warm natural banter with each other and their fans. I can’t stop playing and smiling at both of these terrific tracks but will the more commercial radio stations find a place for their radically different sound? I certainly hope so.

Band: Sons & Daughters
Title: Gilt Complex
Label: Domino
General release: Oct 29

I get really nervous when one of my new favourite bands release their latest single. But this track from the Glaswegian Sons & Daughters, from their forthcoming 3rd album, reveals the quartet at their riveting, rollicking, rocking best. Produced by former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, I dare anyone to not tap their feet to the tune’s driving rhythm, reminiscent of Dick Dale and the Del-Tones (of Pulp Fiction soundtrack fame) crossed with early Siouxsie and the Banshees. And if that’s not enough Adele Bethel’s cutting, spitting vocals will leave your ears ringing with a lethal and infectious pop sound that hopefully will begin to give S&D the credit they deserve. There’s a cover of Adamski’s Killer on the flip too – so this really is a winning package!

Neal Zetter

Recommended – Kate Nash


“Merry Happy By Kate Nash”

  • Kate Nash

Kate Nash has lazily been described by the music press as the next Lilly Allen or “Mini Allen” but despite them writing about similar themes , their music is quite different . Lilly employs a mix of pop and ska , whereby Kate has an edgier punkier, do it yoursef feel to her tunes. Kate’s first unofficial single “Caroline Is A Victim” was released in February 2007, and was described by Pop Justice as “ one of the worst records of the year – the shocking ‘Caroline’s A Victim’. Even she seemed embarrassed by the whole affair.” Slightly harsh but the single was a double A-side and featured “Birds” which was by far the better track and showcased Kate’s lyrical dexterity and ear for a “killer” tune to greater effect than the rather gimmicky “Caroline” . Her first Official single the brilliant “Foundations ” surprised everybody and rocketed to number 2 in the UK charts and her albums (“Made Of Bricks”) release date has been brought forward due to the success of the single

So Whats It All About ? Music Journos love to categorise musical styles and create new and rather absurd genres . “Chavtronica” is possibly one of the most ludicrous labels attached to Kates music, however she claims to have been more influenced by early punk and female stars such as Regina Spektor ,than say, “God’s Own Chav”, Mike Skinner. So how does Kate describe her songwriting ? “I think telling a story is my strength as a songwriter . That’s because I did an acting course, and I’ve read a lot of plays, and I love films, and the theatre, I wrote a lot of short films and stuff before I wrote songs. So I think I’m good at writing stories. I write a lot of really human, simple stuff, so hopefully it’s relatable to a lot of people”


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“Foundations” By Kate Nash