Album Review “The Rise And Fall Of Ruby Woo” -The Puppini Sisters

  "Old Cape Cod " By The Puppini Sisters To start an irregular series of occasional album reviews we kick off with the Puppini Sisters second album "The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo". We decided to rope in a guest reviewer, on this occasion we were lucky enough to get forces sweetheart 1992-1995, Ms... Continue Reading →

And Now For Something Completley Different – The Puppini Sisters

"Crazy In Love" By The Puppini Sisters Marcella Puppini, Kate Mullins and Stephanie O'Brien are The Puppini Sisters, but unlike the Scissor Sisters 😉 they are, quite unbelievably, actually not real sisters! But let us not file a complaint under the trade descriptions act just yet, let us first delve further into this murky Film... Continue Reading →

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