Single Of The Week – “Go Faster Stripes” By Kat Flint

"Go Faster Stripes" By Kat Flint Okay, so we've all heard it before - hotly tipped young Scottish singer-songwriter with an acoustic guitar is going to be the next big thing - but with Kat Flint it's going to be a serious miscarriage of musical justice if she isn't. The first single from forthcoming album... Continue Reading →

“Apostrophe NOW !” – The Hussy’s Interview

"We Expected" - The Hussy's The Hussy’s are a 6-piece band from Glasgow. Their songs recall the quirkiness and the pop hooks of amongst others, the vastly underrated Supernaturals. It will therefore come as no surprise to learn that head Hussy James McColl indeed used to be The Supers singer and songwriter. The Hussy's however... Continue Reading →

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