“Sheffield’s Loveliest Band?” Monkey Swallows The Universe Interview

"Little Polvier" By Monkey Swallows the Universe Not all bands from Sheffield have a Simeon derived moniker, those that do however, are not all noisy little urchins , take Monkey Swallows the Universe for example with their acoustic indie pop. It's intelligent, its well crafted and its all very lovely and rather moving with songs... Continue Reading →

“We Are Not A Girl Group, Right? ” Slow Down Tallahassee Interview

"So Much For Love" By Slow Down Tallahassee Thank god for digital radio, thank god for the internet. Whilst listening to the radio over a family meal, Steve Lamacq mumbles the intro to a new release by a band whose name he appears to pronounce as Slough Darn Tally Ho Sea. What the......? That can't... Continue Reading →

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