Red White And Blue Peter ..And What Will Be Left Of Them

“Come With Me ” By And What Will Be Left Of Them The Band : And What Will Be Left Of Them The Line Up : Red White -Vocals, Blue Peter -Vocals /Guitar, Chris Wemyss-Drums, Matt Pooler- Keyboards, Joe Beech-Bass If you say the word “Worcester” people will immediately shout back “Sauce”, thats a fact.... Continue Reading →

“All People Who See Us Love Us”-The Svengalis Interview

"Sting In The Tale " By The Svengalis Like most young chaps it would be right to assume that London based band the Svengalis like a good time. Their single "A Sting In The Tale" would indeed appear to confirm this view, it's a gloriously fast paced romp through pop/punk/indie which is guaranteed to put... Continue Reading →

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