Vote “Von Pip In” The Record of The Day Journalisim Awards 2011.

Ok so we've been named in the Best Blog category at The Record of The Day Awards for the 4th year running. Now as we don't have teams of writers to vote for us or our own PR company we thought we'd ask you, our dear readers, to help us out.  You can register below... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn and Sing – Jim Reid And Jesus And Mary Chain Deluxe Albums

"Black And Blues"  By Jim Reid. Jim Reid of the Jesus And Mary Chain has previewed a new song on his soundcloud account and if that's not enough to get fans of the Mary Chain excited  today also sees the first copies  of the much anticipated expanded Deluxe editions of all of the bands studio... Continue Reading →

Tears, Fears and Beers – Help Stamp Out Loneliness Interview.

'Record Store' By Help Stamp Out Loneliness. Help Stamp Out Loneliness formed when  indie popsters ‘Language Of Flowers’ disbanded in 2007 after  Bentley Cooke (guitar) and Colm McCrory (bass) decided enough was enough and maybe it was finally time to seek the more settled life on civvy street. Being stoic chaps they didn’t seek rehab... Continue Reading →

BBC 6 Music Launch New Interactive Radio Show Hosted By Tom Robinson.

As a music lover we  can all  be heard on  occasion, bemoaning  radio play-lists. Our grumbles are often wide and varied covering such topics as 'why isn't my  favourite upcoming artists  featured on the playlist, no fair!? 'Where the devil  is  all the new talent?'  'Yawn, too much plodding dad rock ' (yes Beady Eye... Continue Reading →

Love Is A Wonderful Colour – GROUPLOVE Interview

‘Colours’ By GROUPLOVE. You turn on the news these days and it's like a montage from one of those Apocalyptic Hollywood movies, possibly starring Bruce Willis, or if you’re really unlucky, Jason Statham. It can be quite overwhelming and sometimes you just need to escape, pull the switch inside your head and 'turn on, tune... Continue Reading →

When The Boat Comes In – Tom Williams (and the Boat) interview

'Get Older' By Tom Williams & The Boat. As band names go ‘Tom Williams and The Boat’ may not initially strike you as the most exciting.  You may well imagine this musical collective consists entirely of epically bearded, rosy faced gentlemen adorned in cable knit sweaters, who have an alarming propensity to break into sea... Continue Reading →

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