White Light/White Heat – Birdland Return – Interview.

"Hollow Heart" By Birdland. Reunions are very much part and parcel of today’s musical landscape, some work extremely and sometimes things are better left in the past, that “foreign country”: were “they do things differently. " However some bands you sense may feel may have unfinished business. Birdland, that fleeting peroxide riot of white noise... Continue Reading →

Songs To Learn And Sing – Birdland, Mechanical Bride, The Rialto Burns.

Birdland  Return!! “Everybody’s Dreaming” – Birdland. It seems Birdland are back!!  In the late eighties Birdland  burst on to the scene looking somewhat  like a ‘Midwitch Cuckoo’  version of the Ramones or The Stooges replete with a frenzied, amphetamine  fuelled sound. They were quickly called the next big thing by the music press,  alas timing... Continue Reading →

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