Shooting From The Hip – Dum Dum Girls Interview

Original Dum Dum Girls photos by Lauren Dukoff "Jail La La" By Dum Dum Girls. Free Download here (Right click here) If you’re a sucker for scuzzy guitars, Spector-esque drum beats and the head down, insouciance of the Ramones, then chances are you will adore Brooklyn’s latest buzz band, Dum Dum Girls. Their début album... Continue Reading →

Two’s Company-Victoria And Jacob

"With No Certainty" By Victoria & Jacob If you have a penchant for pretentious, mystical sounding band names then it’s entirely possible that ‘Victoria and Jacob’ may not be the sort of collective appellation that would immediately grab your attention or appeal to your “inner snob”. However your initial opinion would surely change once you’re... Continue Reading →

Liverpool Sound City 2010

NEW WEBSITE FOR 2010 & LIMITED DISCOUNT TICKET OFFER Wednesday 19th – Saturday 22nd May 2010 “One of the biggest musical events the city has seen” NME “Taking control of Liverpool’s venues and commanding attention with one of the city’s most eclectic line-ups…..the event shows a lot of promise and could certainly become an... Continue Reading →

Stop Making Sense-Cosmo Jarvis Interview

"She's Got You" By Cosmo Jarvis A recent Q&A with the man the N.M.E. have bestowed the title “the coolest man in rock” revealed that Strokes front man Julian Casblancas may indeed be incredibly cool but he also gives interminably dull interviews. He offered precious little insight into his ‘creative process’ and the information he... Continue Reading →

The Illumination Station-Lulu And the Lampshades Interview

"Rose Tint" By Lulu And The Lampshades Free download "Clown Tit Fun" By Lulu And The Lamshades  here A girl called Lulu and her friends the dancing lampshades?? Good grief! It sounds like something that might have been commissioned for kids TV during the 60’s and early 70’s , a time when the counter-culture and... Continue Reading →

“Shine On” – Marina And The Diamonds Interview

"Mowgali's Road" By Marina & The Diamonds As soon as I began listening to Marina And The Diamonds I quickly experienced the same sort of “brain-gasam” enjoyed by Alan Yentob  as featured in BBC arts show “Imagine”. This disturbing spectacle occurred during an episode in which Yentob investigated the core elements of Dr. Oliver Sacks... Continue Reading →

Here’s…Jonny!! Jonny Cola And The A Grades Interview

"Shooting Up" By Jonny Cola & The A-Grades Free Exclusive Downloads here -Right Click Save as (Shooting Up & Disappearing Act Hellbent & Leather Remix) Myspace Jonny Cola & The A-Grades have been making waves in London since late summer 2008. They have performed live sessions for Resonance FM and Earwax Radio, played high profile... Continue Reading →

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