Music News we/3/04/2009

News - Kids Love Lies, Manic Street Preachers, Kasabian, La Roux , We Were Promised Jetpacks, Levelload, Sound Of Guns and The Trouble with James Allan _____________________________________________________________________ KIDS LOVE LIES SINGLE LAUNCH 8TH APRIL @ THE LEXINGTON! The 'Power-Pop' quintet play  @ The Lexington in light of their new single 'Count In My Head' released... Continue Reading →

Glasvegas-Liverpool University 29/01/2009

RE: GLASVEGAS 29/01/2009 LIVERPOOL UNIVERSITY After reading Mr Mc Gee’s  usual tedious  hyperbole with regard to Glasvegas and their  gig in Glasgow, (here) I feel,  maybe some balance is needed . His depressingly familiar “Scotland’s  best export  since malt whiskey and Sean Connery ” is becoming  oh, so predictable that it surely hardly constitutes being... Continue Reading →

Viva Glasvegas-Glasvegas album and gig review

"Lonesome Swan" By Glasvegas Alan McGee has described them as “the greatest Scottish band of the last 20 years,” Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand was recently quoted, reiterating,almost word for word McGee’s sentiments, a case of great minds think alike? Or fools seldom differ?  It's is great debut of that there is no doubt, although... Continue Reading →

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